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The Decay of the American Culture

- Anxiety and affluence are terms that are often applied to the post war decades in an attempt to define them. The newfound wealth that Americans enjoyed after World War II wrought changes on the American social landscape that many may not have been able to predict. The push for heavy consumerism that accompanied the sudden upswing of the U.S. economy gave way to concerns about the decay of moral character in the American home. Increasingly filled with anxieties over the ever-present threat of Communism, which most Americans were aware was an issue they themselves could do little about, the population instead turned towards new distractions, such as television, to attempt to reclaim some sense...   [tags: American Culture]

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Hispanic American Culture Dance

- Hispanic American community are rooted from their origins in Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other Spanish speaking countries that have come together and form a culture in the United State of America. The culture is built in different categories; for instance, religion, social custom, health practices their privacy, and birth. They come from a comprehensive familiar culture that has been called the second in America. Because of their pride and affection they feel unsafe to give up their past. Their notoriety in the United State has been their resistance to assimilate; their guarded image of Hispanic-American culture has been the tongue of flame....   [tags: Hispanic, American, Culture, Dancing, ]

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Contemporary American Culture and Materialism

- Throughout the semester we have covered many different topics during our study of contemporary American culture. We studied topics relating to our everyday lives such as, relationships, life habits, work, and school. The various readings, films, and discussions during class have helped me reflect upon my life. I would like to elaborate and focus on the aspects of this class that directly influence the way I see the world today. Before I took this course my mental image of materialism, happiness, and love were entirely different....   [tags: contemporary American culture, culture, USA, mater]

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American Culture's Infatuation with Fast Food

- Near the core of American culture that dearly loves liberty, lies its love for fast food and all that it offers. The fast food industry was initially created as a moneymaking enterprise that marketed itself as a time effective source of food, but over the years it has strayed from its marketing promise to save Americans’ time. Many Americans are regulars at one, or more, of the numerous fast food restaurants in the United States, because they want to save valuable time that otherwise would be squandered in the kitchen....   [tags: American Culture, Health Risk, Marketing]

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The Effects Of Popular Culture On American Culture

- In Stuart Hall’s “What is This “Black” in Black Popular Culture?” the historical implication of popular culture in the U.S is examined and the influence that blackness has in it is deconstructed. According to the text, the departure of European concepts of culture after WWII sparked a hegemonic shift as the United States emerged as a world power. Due to this, the U.S. became the epicenter of global culture production. However, since America has always had a large ethnic population due to slavery, the true face of American popular culture was black American vernacular traditions....   [tags: Black people, African American, Popular culture]

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How Divorce is Affecting the American Culture

- The effects of divorce on the American culture are immense. Social scientists have been studying these effects for many years now. The studies are continuing to confirm that the climbing rate of divorce in the American culture is hurting the society and also frequently devastating the lives of many American children. There are many areas in which divorce has a negative effect in the life of a child or an adult. Many of these effects also directly correlate to the effect on a society. However, there is hope....   [tags: Divorce, American Culture, USA, marriage, children]

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Sara Smolinsky and Cultural Pluralism in Jewish-American Culture

- George Schuyler’s article “The Negro Art Hokum” argues that the notion of African-American culture as separate from national American culture is nonsense. To Schuyler, all seemingly distinct elements of African-American culture and artistic endeavors from such are influenced by the dominant white American culture, and therefore, only American. The merit of Schuyler’s argument stems from the fact that it is practically impossible for one culture to exist within the confines of another without absorbing certain characteristics....   [tags: Literature, American Culture]

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Challenging the Modernity of American Culture: The Howl by Allen Ginsberg

- In the poem Howl, Allen Ginsberg challenges the modernity of American culture, which enforces the “best minds” (1) to give up their freedom to conform to the desired sense of normality. Ginsberg states “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked/ dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix” (9). His expression of Moloch The angry fix is what all of these “best minds” look for after being stripped of their freedom to conform to the new American culture after World War II....   [tags: american culture, freedom]

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Misunderstandings of a Foreigner in American Culture

- I still remember the shock I got when I first moved here. What a terribly superficial culture this country has, I thought. The way people treat each other, especially in conversations. At the beginning they ask you: "How are you?" But beware. They don't really want to know how you are, and if you make the mistake of actually giving them a detailed account of your well-being, they'll shun you for weeks. On the other hand, you're required to immediately embrace all new acquaintances with the standard "Nice to meet you." Maybe you weren't even in the mood to meet somebody at this particular moment, and if she or he turns out to be just another perfectly intolerable human being, then you lied to...   [tags: American Culture]

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Impatience and The Death of American Culture

- Earth, with all of her wondrous splendor and magnificent awe, is a land of patience. It took more than 4.5 billion years for the world to evolve into its current state. Yet, it took only several hundred years for humans to deface and destroy much of that beauty. A logical question would be how can human beings, a product of nature, be so destructive to their own mother. A close examination, however, reveals the root behind the heinously destructive behavior that has so pitifully defined human history....   [tags: Dying American Culture 2014]

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Evil Eye and Curanderismo in the Mexican-American Culture

- Curanderismo or traditional folk healing in Mexican culture is a very ancient belief system. Curanderismo comes from the word curar which literally means to heal. The founding fathers (predecessors) are considered Don Pedrito Jaramillo, Teresita, and Niño Fidencio. These people were not all from the same time period (era) the common belief shared was to rid the patient as he or she is called of an illness whose roots come from evil or evil doing done (performed) by someone else. This system of belief is not to be confused with brujeria or witchcraft as that is an entirely other belief system with its own credos....   [tags: Mexican-American culture, traditional folk healing]

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American Culture and Patriotism after World War Two

- As a result of the war, America felt a new patriotism. As the wealth of the country increased the people were inclined to celebrate their success. They also celebrated having a much easier life than in comparison to the hardship and compromises of the war years. This was evident in the products that were designed to save Americans time and effort. There was advertising particularly aimed at women in the home household products. The consumerist beliefs were perpetuated by the mass media, radio, television, cinema and print media....   [tags: American Culture, World War II, USA, patriotism, ]

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Consumption in American Culture at the End of History

- Consumption in American Culture at the End of History In the novel Brave New World , the denizens of Aldous Huxley’s dystopia live in a rigidly structured consumer culture. From young ages, they are conditioned to hate the outdoors so that as adults they will prefer activities that require large amounts of manufactured products and long trips that utilize the maximum amount of infrastructure. That is what keeps the world humming, and there are important similarities between Huxley’s vision of social control through pleasure and the rigid policing of tastes, activities, and consumption in our own 21st century culture....   [tags: American History Culture Cultural Papers]

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Baseball and American Popular Culture

- Baseball is an integral part of American pop culture. Many Americans grow up with baseball, playing it before they can even count all the bases. It is glorified, taught, and fed to us. When we play baseball, we find a respect for the game. The respect we gain from playing it has turned the game into a tradition of American culture. It has formed itself into the business of professional baseball, namely major league baseball. Professional players have become recognized all over the world. They are sought out and admired by fans....   [tags: Baseball Sports Athletics American Culture Essays]

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The Numbing of the American Mind: Culture as Anesthetic

- ENLIGHTENED SURRENDER How many essays have been written about American culture. How many books dedicated to the intense scrutiny of every aspect of our modern society. Countless thoughts, countless theories—many of them lost in the very chaos that the authors spent 300 pages explaining. There are always solutions, which their creators seem entirely convinced will solve this mess, but the truth is that these ideas are often impractical and unrealistic. But no one writes an entire book complaining without offering us something at the conclusion....   [tags: Thomas de Zengotita American Culture]

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Permanent Impact Of The Counter-Culture On Today's American Society

- "What is not illusionary is the reality of a new culture of opposition. It grows out of the disintegration of the old forms, vinyl and aerosol institutions that carry all the inane and destructive values of privatism; competition, commercialism, profitability and elitism…It's not a "youth thing" by now but a generational event; chronological age is the only current phase". The previous quote was written by Andrew Kopkind in Rolling Stone on the Woodstock festival observing that a new culture was immersing from the roots of the adult American life (1960's 198)....   [tags: American Culture]

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Music and the American Culture

- Music has played a vital role in human culture and evidence based on archaeological sites can date it back to prehistoric times. It can be traced through almost all civilizations in one form or another. As time has progressed so has the music and the influences it has on people. Music is an important part of popular culture throughout the world, but it is especially popular in the United States. The music industry here is, and has been, a multi-million dollar business that continues to play an important role in American popular culture....   [tags: Culture ]

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Canadian Culture vs American Culture

- Although Canada and the United States share the same continent, they are divided by their unique ideas and views. After WWI ,Canada broke its ties with Britain and new independent nation was born with a unique culture. This new culture developed through the Canadian citizens. As a Canadian citizen, Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie helped achieve autonomy from Britain and solidify national unity at home. Canadian inventor ,Fredrick Banting ,maintained his culture as Canadian and contributed to the world through his invention of insulin....   [tags: Culture ]

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Shopping For American Culture

- When James J. Farrell, professor of history, American studies, and American conversations at St. Olaf College wrote his article “Shopping for American Culture,” there were more malls than high schools within the United States. Malls were also generating more than 46.6 billion dollars in sales tax, which is “almost half of all state tax revenue.”1 Farrell recognizes these statements in the introduction of his article. In fact, he uses these statistics and determines that because of the population going to malls, shopping centers accurately reflect American culture....   [tags: Culture]

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Assimilating into American Culture

- Immigration and assimilation is a divisive topic that has been heavily debated in America ever since we became a country. There are two stories that explore the assimilation issue from different viewpoints’; in Mary Pipher’s story; “The Beautiful Laughing Sisters – An Arrival Story”; provides the viewpoint of immigrants leaving a hostile home for America. Elizabeth Wong details her journey to break with her culture and become Americanized in, “The Struggle to be an all American girl.” and (McWhorter, 2010 pp522-529)....   [tags: Culture ]

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Assimilation Of The American Culture

- Assimilation on self-identity Since the creation of the United States of America, the country has been a place that attracts immigrants from all around the world. As a result, The United States became a culturally and ethnically diverse country. This is due to the large-scale migration from many culturally, racially, and ethnically different countries throughout the history of the United States. The recent generations of culturally diverse immigrants see themselves assimilating to the American culture differently than the immigrants who came to the US two or three hundred years ago....   [tags: United States, Race, Culture, The Culture]

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The Culture Of The American Culture

- ... Also, African American family structures usually have a matriarch of the family which is the Great- Grandmother or Grandmother. In addition another name used to refer to the matriarch is Big Momma, Momma, or Grandmother. The big momma’s of African American families are cherished, as they are seen as passing on the family’s legacy from one generation to another. They also provide great insight and wisdom into family and cultural history, giving guidance to younger family members. Knowing the history can help counselors avoid possible conflicts between the culture and the culture of counseling....   [tags: African American, Family, Racism, Race]

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Canadian Culture And Canadian American Culture

- ... This is a case of ‘Americanization’, and would be troublesome to the Canadian Government, who want to preserve culture. There are indigenous families that are less inclined to participate in pop-culture, and are not inclined to read magazines, therefore are preserving culture, but these people are few and far between. This is my opinion. Due to the fact that there are minimal magazine productions in Canada, I don’t believe the dispute was motivated on financial terms. I believe that the government has genuinely become concerned for the preservation of Canadian culture....   [tags: Culture, Canada]

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The American Culture Needs No Excuse

- ... Items such as fruits, chicken and even sandwiches are considered finger foods. Whereas, eating with your hands in France is improper and should be consumed with a knife and fork. Etiquette is the way of life for the French thus proper etiquette is expected at all times. Consequently, it is unacceptable and not tolerated to have your elbows on the table. Additionally, a knife and fork must be used at all times. The knife must be used by the right hand and the fork by the left hand. In the American culture the knife would be used in the non-dominate hand and the fork in the dominate hand....   [tags: Culture, Cross-cultural communication]

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The On The American Culture

- Like many less-informed Saudis, after high school I adopted an already existing paranoia of studying. In 2007, studying in America was kind of a no-no after the events of 9/11. I was exposed to the American culture because of many factors. Therefore, I was unusual in that I had an immediate desire to achieve a goal, as many young people around my age had no such constructive aim. Saudis in 2007, did not want to go abroad, so I was one of few people. In fact, studying abroad it was only for the aristocratic members....   [tags: Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Study abroad, United States]

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Asian American Culture And Culture

- Culture is one of the major stresses for Asian children due to facing their heritage culture and host culture because most of the time a child sometime cannot balance both culture but they often need to fight to keep both culture to connect with the family and the outside world. According to William Ming Liu; “Asian Americans is often related to the interchangeable use of race, ethnic identity, and culture to describe this community. For the purposes of this research study, we define culture to be the “customs, norms, practices, and social institutions, including psychological processes ....   [tags: Education, Culture, Entrance examination, Race]

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American Culture

- America has been known to be a successful and free country. Through popular music, art, film and literature, we can discern that American identity is defined as being based on freedoms within the country, helping others and treating everyone as equals. One means of experiencing American culture is, the movie, The Blind Side, shows what it means to be an American by telling a story of helping others and treating everyone as equals. The movie is about a seventeen year old African-American boy, named Michael Ohr, who is homeless and has drifted in and out of the school system for years....   [tags: Culture ]

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Views of American Culture

- “Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don't fail overnight. Instead, failure is a few errors in judgement, repeated every day” (Rohn1). Viewing pop culture it is common to see people who are being judged. These people are judged and put down in harsh ways, most frequently these stars are doing simple things that the average person would do.Is it so abnormal for a young woman in her twenties to drink. The legal drinking age is twenty-one. Is it so bad that people lose control of things occasionally under stress....   [tags: pop culture, egoism, relativism]

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The Evolution of American Culture

- The American culture has changed so much in the last10 years. People’s moral values are below normal standards, and the older generation is outraged and distributed by the way things are being handling in today’s society. In Chapter 1, Wilson defined popular culture as “the culture of everyone in a society, and the customs and practices handed down from generation to generation” (Wilson, 2001). In order to understand American culture, one must have knowledge of the history and the tradition of the country....   [tags: American History, Sociology, Cultural]

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Reflection On The Latin American Culture

- ... Its too completely different life styles. The one thing that I really admired about his family was that his parents never argued in front of their children. I think everyone should follow that. I never saw my parent fight when I was younger, it really shaped how I treat my relationship now. Kids should never see their parents fighting. It can set bad example for the kids and can lead to misbehaving. One thing I found interesting was how he said that family invests in you and its your responsibly to give back to them....   [tags: Black people, African American, United States]

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African American And Caucasian American Culture

- ... She would work one-on-one or in group of students, if they were all in the same area. She didn’t help one more than another, they were all treated equally. The way she teaches reminded me of the cognitive belief system, since no two individuals have seen things in the same way; this science teacher did a lot of group discussion so everybody 's perspective on the topic was taken into consideration. During other observation in the middle school, the teachers there did a very good job of talking about the material, writing the material up on the board, for a visual, to take notes and then having the student do work, weather was in a pair or individually....   [tags: Education, Culture, Learning styles]

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Slavery And The American Culture

- Slavery was an institution which everyone expected to end but they did not know how it. Thus it expanded and laid its roots deep into the American culture. George Mason may have subconsciously touched an important point which I believe was the primary reason why slavery got completely embedded into American history. Mason “bragged about how Virginia and Maryland had banned the ‘infernal traffic’ of human beings. However, he worried that if South Carolina and Georgia were allowed to import slaves, then the greed of those states would want them to get slaves as well” (Page 10)....   [tags: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States]

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Media 's Influence On American Culture

- Media plays an extremely important role in shaping aspects of North American culture. Mediums such as magazines, television, radio, and film portray stereotypes of men and women while reproducing predominant culture and society. As such, the media has become an important factor in gender inequality; the types of occupations males and females choose, and their relative incomes. Today, in North American popular culture there is unequal gender portrayal with stereotypes pertaining to women as homemakers, dependent on men, or as objects of male attention....   [tags: Gender, Sociology, Popular culture, Culture]

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Japanese Americans And Japanese American Culture

- Japanese-Americans (JA) have an extensive history in the United States. Immigrating in the late 1800s and early 1900s, there were roughly 800,000 Japanese-Americans during the 2000 census. It is estimated that there are more than that, however, and that many of those who identify as Asian typically identify as two or more races (Tanabe, 2000.). The Japanese-American culture has evolved through the decades since their arrival. While some families have remained steadfast in their cultural beliefs, others have experienced varying levels of acculturation....   [tags: Health care, Culture, Patient]

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Cultural Relativism : American Culture And Values

- ... An example a little closer to home would be the Amish. The Amish have been in America for hundreds of years and they have always been a subculture. While much of the dominant American culture has faith in God or a higher power, the Amish also avoid worldly things like most modern technology, while the dominant culture has become addicted to it (D. Kendall 58). In their teenage years, the Amish have “Rumspringa,” which allows them to try things they weren’t allowed to previously. Relating to cultural relativism, Rumspringa is a chance to get an objective look at a culture different than their own; however it is very likely that being submerged in an entirely new culture, they would experi...   [tags: Culture, Cultural relativism, Morality]

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American Culture And Its Effects On American Society

- Americans describe America by our love of liberty, our efforts to reach out with the hands of democracy, and our extensive freedoms of religion, speech, and just about everything else. This is the view that our country wants to promote and the view that our country want all other countries to aspire to be. Our television shows are better, our food is better, our music is better, our lives are better, our pop culture is better, our country is better. Unfortunately, when the pushing of our popular media and culture comes to the shoving of American ideas down the throats of foreign countries that is when American pop culture starts being seen in a more negative light....   [tags: Popular culture, Culture, High culture, Youth]

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Exposing Muslim Youth to American Culture

- Every second of every day, the Muslim American youth is exposed to fashion, music, and entertainment. The American culture glorifies Hollywood and all of this special kingdom’s “stars”; immersed in this environment, Muslim Americans intuitively start to follow these trends as they yearn for popularity and acceptance. When one walks toward Hollywood, Hollywood runs toward this individual, sucking him or her into the utopian paradise through magazines, reality shows, and celebrity news like a high-powered vacuum....   [tags: culture, entertainment, social networking]

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Culture Appropriation Of African American Culture

- Culture Appropriation of African American Culture Have you ever taken offense when you saw someone dressed in traditional garments from your culture. In America, this happens quite often. Some people may not recognize it and some refuse to acknowledge that it even exists. Cultural appropriation is a situation in which a dominant culture steals aspects of a minority culture’s, such as hair, clothing styles, and music. “Cultural appropriation refers to picking and choosing elements of a culture by a member of another culture without permission” (O’Reilly)....   [tags: Black people, African American, Race, Jazz]

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The American Culture

- Culture is defined as the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time. What is American culture. Is it a grab bag of different cultures or something completely different. People within the American society have different ways of defining American culture. John Adams was the son of a farmer, who would become the second President of the United States. His wife, Abigail Adams was the daughter of a wealthy Congregational minister. In 1774, he was elected a delegate in the First Continental Congress and thus begun his journey away from his family....   [tags: United States]

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The American Culture

- Have you ever noticed the different policies and influences that have affected you and the generations before you. The American culture and influences have changed greatly over time. I believe that the policies and influences of American culture have changed since John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton John F. Kennedy or as many people called him “Jack” was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts in a large and wealthy family with 9 other brothers and sisters. Growing up John was very sick and was in the the hospital for a long period of time....   [tags: republicans, kennedy, clinton]

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The American And Native American Culture

- If you have been living in the Coastal Virginia area for any amount of time, you have heard the cheer of, “Hail to the Redskins.” Recently, controversy has been swirling over schools, universities, and professional sports with team names and mascots related to Native Americans heritage. Such team names as the Redskins, Seminoles, Braves, Indians, and Apaches are now facing criticism over team names and they represent the Native American culture. Differing world-views are apparent with the controversial use of Native American names and logos; however, each of the opposing views is a result of spate culture realities created by both history and tradition....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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American Culture And The Slave Culture

- As we look back on American Culture, each individual has a different point of view. What I took from the readings and lectures was that there are multiple American Cultures throughout history. The autobiographies of Benjamin Franklin and Harriet Jacobs are proof of this notion. American Cultures are created through the slave culture and popular culture proving there is more than one American Culture. People can argue though that these cultures make one American Culture instead of many making this decision very difficult. American Culture was greatly impacted by the slave culture....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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The Culture Of Mexican American Culture

- ... The guest list usually consists of the couple’s parents, siblings, cousins and aunts and uncles. Friends and co-workers are sometimes invited, depending on how intimate the couple wants to make the event. Food in our culture is what varies between events. For baby showers, typical foods consist of some type of protein, whether it is meat or chicken, Mexican rice, which is rice made with tomato sauce, and tortillas. Games played during a baby shower are games like having 4-5 males try to suck a beer out of a baby bottle....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Roman Catholic Church]

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The American Culture And Latino Culture

- “Ya de viejo uno no serve. Uno ya pierde la razón de viver. Es muy importante que nos cuides. Nunca nos dejes,” are the words my mother says to me every day. Little does she know, that I never plan to leave her side; I do plan to cater both my parents as they age. They both have sacrificed and invested enough time and money to get where I am now. However my parents don’t understand the purpose of my job title. Let me take you back to kindergarten. A time where we all entered to the first steps of building an education....   [tags: Family, Mother, Nursing home, Parent]

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Haitian Culture And American Culture

- The two cultures that I identify myself with Haitian culture and American culture. The American culture is more dominant and I identify myself most with this culture. Although I was born in Haiti and Haitian culture was once my dominant culture, it is now my co-culture. Nonetheless, a combination of these two cultures would be Haitian-American culture. People who are part of the Haitian-American culture, like myself, are either born in Haiti and moved to the U.S. and have assimilate to the American culture or were born in the U.S....   [tags: Haiti, Haitian Creole language, Dominican Republic]

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Filipino American Culture : Filipino Americans

- Popular culture has given people the opportunity for people to have a chance to shine, and many have had their lives changed. For example, when American Idol had launched in 2002, the winner, Kelly Clarkson, had her chance to shine for the entire time she was competing and eventually won the competition. Her success provided her with the ability perform not only nationwide, but also worldwide. But how exactly does popular culture enable Filipino Americans to have a chance at success. In order to answer that question, one must look for the means which drive them to popular culture....   [tags: Filipino American, Philippines, Hip hop music]

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American vs. Japanese Culture

- Psychological anthropology is the study of individuals and their personalities and identities, within particular cultural contexts. In this paper I will identify two different cultures in the world which are the American and Japanese. Then, I will examine their traditions through various life cycles. Based on the behaviors, customs, and beliefs of each of the two cultures, I will discuss how personalities and identities are formed and shaped within the two different cultures. Finally, I will be giving two specific examples for each of the selected cultures....   [tags: Culture]

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Mexican Culture And American Culture

- Introduction Culture is customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group. It includes behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, values, and norms that is shared by a group of people to sustain their lives. Mexican culture is influenced by their familial ties, gender, religion, location and social class, among other factors....   [tags: Health care provider, Health care, Patient, Family]

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American Culture And Mexican Culture

- Rebecca Block and Lynda Hoffman-Jeep. “Fashioning National Identity: Frida Kahlo in ‘Gringolandia’.” Woman 's Art Journal, Vol. 19, No. 2 (Autumn, 1998 - Winter, 1999), pp. 8-12 Block and Hoffman-Jeep’s journal article served as the inspiration for the thesis concerning Frida Kahlo’s fashion and persona as opposed to the one crafter by mass media, imperialist magazine producers. Due to the in depth analysis of photos taken of Frida through the 1930s, and analysis of her paintings which portray Frida between America and Mexico shows the influential imaginary wall between American culture and Mexican Culture; and the divergence in historic paths....   [tags: Mexico City, Mexico, Diego Rivera, Mask]

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The, Individualism, And The American Of American Culture

- The Unites States was established as a result of a struggle between autonomy and autocracy, and from this fight for freedom emerged a new idea that became vital to the American identity- individualism. According to Robert Bellah, “Individualism lies at the very core of American culture”, and it is absolutely basic to the American identity. Americans value and preserve the individual, and condemn anything that would undermine or violate the rights of the individual. Even though, as Bellah points out, individuality is the foundation of our aspirations, it is also the root of some of our greatest difficulties as individuals and a society....   [tags: Individualism, Individual, Individual rights]

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America 's Influence On American Culture

- From the United States to Hispanic countries like Spain, the countries share their love for the same sports even though they are oceans apart. While they have their similar interests, sports interests differ in each of the countries as well. Without sports in the world, our cultures we know and love would be completely different and dull. They help shape our cultures and the people within them. Sports like soccer, football, and baseball are sports that we know and love in Hispanic and American countries....   [tags: United States, American football, Mexico]

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The Impact Of Swing Dance On American Culture

- ... 32 . ) . Like the swing era , racism was also booming through the 1920 's-1940 's . African Americans were brought into a world of a white supremacist society . During this time period , that slowly started to change . Because of how popular Jazz was becoming and Swing Dancing , racism slowly started to fade away . Because of the Jazz industry America was emerging out of depression and American culture was becoming rich and fertile . " Before the swing boom , dance musicians were more or less in the same cate-gory as the waiters in the locations where they appeared - necessary but unglorified ." ....   [tags: Jazz, African American, Swing, Swing music]

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Influence of Jazz on American Culture

- Influence of Jazz on American Culture Now a days, many believe that jazz is not that important of music genre, but with our history, jazz plays a big role. “Jazz does not belong to one race or culture, but it is a gift that America has given to the world.”, quoted by Ahmad Alaadeen. Jazz in the 1920’s opened the eyes of whites and invited them into African American culture; it evolved Americans to where we are today since it brought a change to the music scene, an acceptance of African Americans, and a change of lifestyles....   [tags: music, african americans, genres]

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Racial Relations And African American Culture

- August Wilson’s famous 1983 stage play Fences explores African-American lifestyle in the 1950s. It tells the story of racial relations and African-American culture during that era. The main character in Fences is Troy, a mid-age African American man struggling to take care of his household. In August Wilson’s plays, the characters are developed to reflect the struggle of African American people, especially black males. These men are struggling for a power that is out of reach to them because the power is held by others....   [tags: African American, White people, Black people, Race]

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Asian and American Culture in an American Society

- The United States of America is a ‘melting pot’ of diverse cultures. Though primarily Western in nature, due to the large-scale immigration of variant ethnicities from other countries, as well as differing birth and death rates of natives, settlers and immigrants, the ‘white’ American culture has taken on the hues of a rainbow. Within this society, the Asian-Americans, are often perceived to be at the highest stratum due to high income and good education. These people have almost successfully integrated themselves into society thus resulting in a blurring of lines....   [tags: western, large-scale immigration]

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Women Of Native American Culture

- Women in Native American culture had a very prominent role in intercultural relationships; they held far more power and influence than their European counterparts. Europeans have long used treaties written and signed by men to govern how relationships, trade and land are developed. Indians have sought to develop kinship ties to to develop those same traits and since many Indian cultures are matrilineal, women maintain a high status. Women have been revered in Native American culture, perhaps this is most evident among the Cherokee Nation....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States, Cherokee]

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Resistance To The Modernity of American Culture

- In the poem Howl, Allen Ginsberg challenges the political modernity of American culture that enforces the “best minds” to give up their freedom to gain the desired sense of normalcy that is glorified. He states “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked/dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix” (Ginsberg 9). That angry fix that he describes is what all of these “best minds” look for after being striped of their freedom to conform to the new American culture after World War II....   [tags: literary analysis, howl, allen ginsberg]

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The Effects of MTV on American Culture

- ... With death-defying stunts and crazy antics, Knoxville and his crew fashioned the ideology that pop culture was no longer satisfied with live TV shows and music videos. Shows such as Jackass promote instability in subscriber’s minds (which happen to be early teens to young adults) by portraying idiotic acts of pure suicidal dangerousness. This instability has become increasingly evident in today’s culture in the show Ridiculousness, also an MTV sponsored production mimicking America’s Funniest Videos....   [tags: reality TV, promotion of iappropriate content]

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The Effects Of Advertising On American Culture

- No one can escape advertisements. Whether sitting down in front of a television, a computer screen or driving on the highway. Most are harmless ploys by a company promoting their products. But some try specifically to target a group of people, weather that be a race or a gender, leaving them feeling alienated or offended. The problem is that advertisements are so prevalent in today’s culture that stereotypes can easily be broadcasted to millions worldwide. Over all, advertisements are a perfect vehicle to reinforce stereotypes in American culture....   [tags: Gender, Male, Super Bowl, Female]

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The Influence on the Beatles on American Culture

- The Beatles were more than their music. They influenced the lives of millions of people unlike any musicians before them. They were the first and most popular band in one of the most important music movements in American history, the British Invasion. The year 1964 was the year both the British Invasion and “Beatlemania” came to America and forever changed the landscape of music in the United States by introducing the genre of pop, as it is today. The Beatles changed the rules of music....   [tags: The British Invasion]

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The Effects of Divorce in American Culture

- The effects of divorce on the American culture are immense. Social scientists have been studying these effects for many years now. The studies are continuing to confirm that the climbing rate of divorce in the American culture is hurting the society and also frequently devastating the lives of many American children. More often than not people decide to get a divorce before they really think about the effects of divorce. People usually decide to get a divorce based on emotion rather than logic which can hinder their long term happiness....   [tags: child and family studies]

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The Importance of Nursing in American Culture

- The Importance of Nursing in American Culture Nursing is a field of work that so many people find themselves fascinated with, as well as harboring a degree of respect. We look to nurses with a sense of admiration and reverence, and look to them for security in times of need. What makes nursing such a desirable and enthralling field to other people. Despite the fact that doctors are normally under the spotlight, nursing is of profound importance in American culture. Nurses provide comfort and security, as well as a knowledge of medical aid....   [tags: healthcare, nurses, comfort, security]

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The Effects Of Food On American Culture

- The Fuel to the Body They love to eat. They have to eat. Eating just makes them feel good. Who. Americans. The urge to consume food must be satisfied every single day, in fact a few times a day. American food brands and products are patronized by its consumers. Although America has a cultural mix of cuisines they are Americanized. Food in American represents a culture, in which can reflect the lifestyle and socioeconomic status of one. Here one is inundated by food. Food is profoundly in American’s culture it is like a social essential necessity....   [tags: Fast food, Restaurant, Eating, Food]

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Tobacco As A Part Of American Culture

- ... Due to this stress people desire a release from the tense situations and usually resort to tobacco products. Most tobacco products are inexpensive as well which leads to an easy choice for those with little financial success. I feel classifying people in a demographic by what they consume is absurd, especially if it is believed to be the cause of millions of deaths. Hopefully, in the years to come, those who are against smoking will realize why people smoke and consider that into their arguments instead of placing blame on the poor....   [tags: Tobacco, Cigarette, Nicotine, Passive smoking]

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The Danger of Homophobia in American Culture

- Homophobia has been a problem for a very long time, all across the world. For example, during the Holocaust, in which homosexuals were forced to wear the “Pink Triangle”, a pink, upside down triangle, on his or her coat for identification. Of course, the pattern of homophobia is not only shown throughout world history, but American history as well. For example, sodomy laws, laws that rule certain sexual acts as crimes, were established as early as 1963. The penalty for these laws varied from state to state....   [tags: encouraging bullying and hate crimes]

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The American Culture of the 1950s

- As World War Two came to a close, a new American culture was developing all across the United States. Families were moving away from crowded cities into spacious suburban towns to help create a better life for them during and after the baby boom of the post-war era. Teenagers were starting to become independent by listing to their own music and not wearing the same style of clothing as their parents. Aside from the progress of society that was made during this time period, many people still did not discuss controversial issues such as divorce and sexual relations between young people....   [tags: U.S. History ]

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The Philosophical Establishment For American Culture

- the philosophical establishment for American culture, which considers and supports differential accomplishment by people. Government 's chief quality uniformity is regularly exceeded inside of this structure. Americans of the establishing period lived, as we twenty-first century Americans do, in a request loaded with the strain between the liberal and the democratic traditions. This chapter expresses that the constitutional structure that was set down amid the establishing period was framed more from the standards of radicalism than those of vote based system....   [tags: Ethics, Sociology, Liberalism, Policy analysis]

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The Cultural Norms Of American Culture

- ... Upon returning to the advertisement to put together the pieces, deciphering the point they were trying to convey, the ideals of being powerful and standing out in the crowd combined with makeup were simple. The advertisement was implying that woman, specifically African American women, needed to be vivid, powerful, and to stand out in a crowd to truly be considered a woman – however without Maybelline’s makeup, you are simple too boring and plain to achieve any of your goals. The second makeup advertisement that I looked at was one by Revlon....   [tags: Woman, Gender, Advertising, Masculinity]

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Gender Roles Of The American Culture

- ... Men are taught that they should be aggressive and able to defend their family. This includes being able to provide financially for their family. When this is not achieved men are quickly judged and scrutinized. Our society places a debilitating stigma upon men who are stay at home fathers; it makes them appear weaker and more feminine, which is a quality that is frowned upon in men. There are many reasons why men are more heavily scrutinized for being stay at home fathers. The number one reason seems to be buried in the fact that men and women are told from a very young age that it is not the father’s job or responsibility to be the primary caregiver for their children, even if they are...   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Sociology, Heteronormativity]

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Effects Of Media On American Culture

- ... When I turned on the TV to watch the news, I discovered that Fran had become a hurricane, made landfall, and North Carolina was taking the brunt of it (Thank you Florida weatherman for lying to me). The serene blue skies I experienced was the eye of the hurricane that I unknowingly drove through. Bad information put me in a situation that could have turned tragic, so it is vital that our media take the time to research things thoroughly before they report to the public. Anyone who publishes information over any media type should be responsible for providing truth and facts, not bias or opinion....   [tags: Mass media, News media, Journalism, Media]

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The Oldest Generation Of American Culture

- ... It is because of this, that this generation tends to value a family life more so than previous generations. They want to avoid broken homes and financial mistakes (Haynie, 2013). For the last few decades, Generation X have been subordinates to Baby Boomers. However, a shift is now taking place since many Generation Xers are stepping into leadership roles. Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the largest generation in the workforce since Baby Boomers. They are the most tech savvy generation....   [tags: Generation Y, Generation X, Demographics]

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The Russian And American Culture

- ... But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Although the United States does have a far superior education system, Ukraine has more opportunity for those who are uneducated. Jobs are easily sought out, and little experience is required in the Ukraine. In Ukraine most of the time people are taught the job only on job experience. Many times no license is required to perform many jobs. In the United States however professionalism is key, and experience is always preferred....   [tags: United States, Russia, Soviet Union, World War II]

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Television, Television And American Culture

- Television has always been an industry whose profit has always been gained through ads. But in chapter 2 of Jason Mittell’s book, Television and American Culture, Mittell argues that the rise of the profit-driven advertising television model can be traced back through American television history, and that the rise of the profit-driven advertising model of television actually helped to mold American culture both from a historical standpoint and from a social standpoint. In the first part of chapter 2, Mittell goes into the history of television advertising....   [tags: Advertising, Broadcasting, Television]

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The Values Of American Culture

- As many would agree, America has been coming undone for quite some time. The values that were put into place at the start of an era that are considered what made our country so great, have been changing radically in the past few decades. However, as many people would agree America is coming undone just as many might say that it 's going through a vast change for the better. Learning and growing as a child, to better itself and make more opprotunities. One of the main values of American 's was based on their 'culture '....   [tags: Middle class, Working class, Social class]

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Jeans And The American Culture

- Jeans: A Garment that has Endured in Fashion Blue jeans have been part of the American culture for over 100 years. Why is it that this piece of clothing has not lost its trend from the moment it got here. Well, we can begin by acknowledging that jeans were made for labor. The majority of Americans are working-class people and this piece of clothing symbolizes this group of people. Additionally, in the mid-twentieth century the youth wore them as a symbol of protest against conformity. This being said, it lies in a revolutionary era in American history....   [tags: Jeans, Denim, Levi Strauss, Trousers]

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Entertainment that Shape American Culture

- Reading and writing. Painting and drawing. Dancing and singing. Just a few of the many forms of entertainment that shape American culture. Many people seek various outlets in their leisure time, both active and passive; and whether it be sports, TV, music, etc. most can agree that entertainment is a fundamental aspect of today’s society. Although its influence is undeniable, some people (like those that Neal Gabler writes about in his book Life the Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality) may argue that this is bad for our society, only leading to corruption....   [tags: reality t.v., gladiators]

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Superheroes in North American Culture

- Look at any youthful youngster's shirt or lunchbox, and there is a great chance it is the substance of some kind of superhero. Take a gander at the motion picture theaters and there is a great risk that a film around a superhero has been discharged as of late. These superheroes are all over in American culture, so what effect do they have on mainstream society, TV, silver screen, and the adolescent of America. The response to this inquiry might be found through an investigation of the histories of Batman and Superman, two of the best superheroes ever....   [tags: Society, Batman, Superman]

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Monogamy and the American Culture

- Currently, by definition and tradition, we are living in an American society that sees itself as predominantly monogamous. However, this monogamous society has increasingly been filled with cheating, unfaithful, and overall promiscuous individual. As of today, 57% of American males and 54% of American females, admit to committing infidelity in any relationship they’ve (Glass) So what exactly happen to the ideology of monogamy in America. What has happen to the system of having only one partner at any specific time....   [tags: monogamy, relationship, dying]

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Democracy And The American Culture

- Democracy in the American culture is defined as “a system of government in which power is vested in people, either directly or through freely elected representatives.” Which is stated in Webster dictionary. Many Americans to me do not advantage democracy we live in. I feel as though too many people in authority have a substantial amount of power, and end up making the wrong decision. Which is not of the best interest for the people. The Government has devised a way for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer....   [tags: Democracy, Government, Working class, Autocracy]

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American Culture: The N Word

- Words hold great weight and hold histories that span many people and many generations. No word has been more notorious in American culture than the word nigger. The word was first introduced in 1442 when the Portuguese arrived in sub-Saharan Africa and referred to the people as “Negros”. This simple thought experiment might bring the effect this word has had to light: take the amount of people this word has affected in a negative way and multiply it by the amount of time they lived. The product will be the amount of total years this word has had a collective negative effect on society....   [tags: transformation, history, skin color]

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