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Communist Allegory in Animal Farm

- According to William C. Foster's book, How to Read Literature like a Professor, “Nearly all writing is political on some level.” (111). In Animal Farm, George Orwell sends a clear message to his readers, showing that greed and hypocrisy can turn a whole society upside-down. Using allegory and symbolism, Orwell exposes the true nature of Stalinist Russia; where the populace was manipulated by various means, including propaganda, violence, and false promises. If examined closely, the many characters, events, and ideas of Animal Farm all have something to do with Soviet Russia and Communism in general....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Foster]

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Fairy Tale or Epic Allegory

- Goblin Market is one of the masterpieces of Christina Georgina Rossetti, composed in 1859 and was published in 1862 in Goblin Market and Other Poems. She was an English poet in Victorian era, a period when Bible was chiefly and frequently read and people were too religious. Also, it was the time of sexual repression, to enjoy or to talk about sexual passion was considered a sin. Moreover, women were confined to their home and education was denied, it was an era of male dominance. The poem might seem to be a fairy tale about two sisters, Laura and Lizzie, and their misadventures with the goblin men, but it is very complicated....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Fairy Tale or Epic Allegory

- Goblin Market is one of the masterpieces of Christina Georgina Rossetti; composed in 1859 and was published in 1862 in Goblin Market and Other Poems. She was an English poet in Victorian era, a period when the Bible was chiefly and frequently read and people were too religious. Also, it was the time of sexual repression; to enjoy or to talk about sexual passion was considered a sin. Moreover, women were confined to their home and education was denied; it was an era of male dominance (Mitchell 150)....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Cave Paintings

- Creating art is one of the single defining factors that set humans apart from animal species. Through art, humans are able to express their innermost ideas and feelings, without having the difficulty of trying to find the correct words to accurately describe their thought processes. Works of art can help us to understand the people who have come before us. This is evidenced by the knowledge humans have discovered of prehistoric men and their symbolic cave paintings. The expression, style, and meaning vary and archaeologists put in much effort to uncover these works....   [tags: Art]

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Alighieri's Use of Allegory

- Every famous author has something that makes them “special” or “unique.” Some are great at personifying inanimate objects. While others, find strength in their use of metaphors. Through studying Dante Alighieri, there is one particular writing tool he utilizes often. The tool that he uses throughout the entire Divine Comedy is allegory. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as: “a story in which the characters and events are symbols that stand for ideas about human life or for a political or historical situation” (Merriam-Webster, 2013) The ways in which he uses allegory is inherent throughout the entire tale....   [tags: The Divine Comedy]

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Examples Of Ochre, Slabs, Engraved With Patterns Carved Into The Surface

- examples of ochre, slabs, engraved with patterns carved into the surface.” See K. Kris Hirst “Sibudu cave” The earliest known use of ochre is nearly 300,000 years old, in the site of GnJh-03 in the Kapthurin Formation of East Africa, and at Twin Rivers in Zambia. Often associated with religious ceremonies, ochre is was and still is, a popular pigment choice for artists. In Europe, Neanderthals were using red ocher as paint 250,000 years ago – at least....   [tags: Cave painting, Ochre, Cave, Cave of Altamira]

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Hawthorne’s Use of Allegory

- Hawthorne’s Use of Allegory "The Minister's Black Veil" by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a short story that was first published in the 1836 edition of the Token and Atlantic Souvenir and reappeared over time in Twice-Told Tales, a collection of short stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The short story narrates the events following Reverend Mr. Hooper's decision to begin wearing a black veil that obscures his full face, except for his mouth and chin. Mr. Hooper simply arrives one day at the meeting house wearing the semi-transparent black veil and refuses from then on to take it of, leading to the loss of his fiancée and isolation form the world....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Something about an Allegory

- The well-known novella Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Louis Stevenson, describes a monster created by science. Dr. Jekyll concocts a potion in attempt to isolate the good and evil sides of human nature. When he drinks the concoction, he is transformed into a human with a beastly nature. He becomes all that we can imagine as evil and physically appears just as misshapen. In the narrative we find the ghastly appearance a symbol for something more. This creature referred to as Mr....   [tags: Story Analysis, Wrongness of Character]

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Hawthorne’s Use of Allegory

- "The Minister's Black Veil" by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a short story that was first published in the 1836 edition of the Token and Atlantic Souvenir and reappeared over time in Twice-Told Tales, a collection of short stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The short story narrates the events that follow Reverend Mr. Hooper's decision to start wearing a black veil that obscures his full face, except for his mouth and chin. Mr. Hooper simply arrives one day at the meeting house wearing the semi-transparent black veil and refuses from that moment on to take it off, which leads to the loss of his fiancée and isolation from the world....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Two Solitudes Allegory

- “Two Solitudes” is a term that has turned into a significant part of the vernacular of many Canadians. It is used to describe the relationship between the anglophones and francophones in Quebec and the rest of Canada. The metaphor became more popular, though, through MacLennan's seminal work titled Two Solitudes, about an intercultural family trying to maneuver themselves in and around the cultural undertow of Quebec during the 20th century. In Quebec's reality the historical term “two solitudes” has still been used today, and one can blame it on the exclusiveness of francophones and anglophones plus the way Quebec is still divided up in a “two solitude” fashion....   [tags: Canada, segregated, francophones]

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Augustine 's Emergence From The Cave

- Augustine 's Emergence from the Cave Augustine’s Confessions is the story of his search for ultimate truth. Out of the Greek and Roman scholars that influence Augustine, Plato 's iconic imagery of the Cave is one of the most influential works apparent in Confessions. Much like the man emerging from the cave and adjusting to the sunlight, Augustine has to emerge from his life of sin to acquaint himself with the truth, the light of the Gospel message. According to Plato, people are chained up inside a dark cave....   [tags: God, Jesus, Augustine of Hippo, Truth]

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Truman Show Research Paper

- Greek philosopher Plato’s most famous work, The Republic, commonly known as book VII, presented what came forth as “the allegory of the cave.” Plato wrote “Men live in illusion.” (Plato). “Was anything real?”(Nicol). This is a quote that directly came from The Truman Show, which was published in 1998. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, is a story that describes how prisoners would mistake appearance for reality. The Truman Show is a movie centered around a reality television show of a man that is living a so called “fake” life....   [tags: film analysis, Plato's Republic]

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How Anthropologists Interpret Cave Art

- Anthropology 1AA3 – Critical Analysis Two A prehistoric archaeologist’s goal, as per Scupin and DeCorse (2013:5), is to decipher the beliefs and mindset of past societies, particularly early inhabitants of Europe and America, through their material culture, such as the cave art found in Lascaux. This cave, located in southern France, contains what is believed to be one of the oldest artistic representations of wild animals and art; it has captured the interest of numerous scientists, philosophers and historians, all of whom wish to make sense of these enigmatic images (Lippit 2002:20)....   [tags: Lascaux, primitive paintings]

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Sneetches Allegory

- The Sneetches is a children’s book written by Theodor Seuss Geisel, Dr. Seuss, in 1961. The story tells about a group of creatures that seem to be the same in appearance. All of the creatures are yellow, shaped similar to a large bowling pin and basically identical. There is one difference that separates the Sneetches, some have a green star on their bellies and some do not. This small physical difference ends up dividing the community of Sneetches. The group of Sneetches with star-bellies thinks they are better than the group with plain bellies....   [tags: Theodor Seuss Geisel, children, inequality]

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Odysseus Vs. Homer 's Cave

- Homer shows a lot of things that homer uses to get home, but the most important is craftiness. Odysseus not only had to use divine intervention, hospitality of others, and his love for family but also his own cunning ability to return home. Even though Odysseus is strong, handsome, and brave, the trait that Homer believes is the most important is intelligence. While trapped in Polyphemus’s cave, Odysseus is angry and frustrated, but instead of charging in blindly, he takes not of the situation and creates a plan to succeed....   [tags: Odyssey, Greek mythology, Trojan War, Cyclops]

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The World of Narnia: Allegory or Fairy Tale

- Religion influences every aspect of a true devotee’s life. After the year 1931, C.S. Lewis was a devoted Christian and member of the Church of England. This means his faith when he wrote The Chronicles of Narnia was influential in what went into the writing of these stories. This influence was noticeable throughout all of the books in this series however it does not make the story automatically anything more then a great story. There are several basics of the Christian faith that C.S. Lewis believed and that are demonstrated in his writing....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Analysis Of ' Of Killadelphia Through An Allegory Lense '

- Reexamination of Killadelphia through an allegory lense Introduction : “The fall in Killadelphia. Outside is the color of corn bread and blood” (Asante pg3).Corn bread the color of yellow and blood the color of red. These two colors are what your typical green leaves turn once they have lost their chloroplast. The purpose of this essay is to examine BUCK a MEMOIR by MK Asante and his use of Allegories to help give the reader a visual on what it like to be a young Buck. While reading this book there are many things that are typically seen to be “good” that is often colored with a paintbrush and dipped in pain....   [tags: African American, Family, Writing, Mental illness]

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The Movie ' The Matrix '

- Depersonalization, the feeling that you are always trapped in a dream, one may think that they have a full grip on “reality”: but how do you decipher between reality and a forged reality. The matrix is a captivating Sifi that seems to break the boundaries of what we as humans see today. In the movie Thomas Anderson or as he is known in the computer world Neo finds himself to be perplexed unable to depict the difference between his dream world and so called reality. This all changes when he is contacted by an unknown user via his computer....   [tags: Morpheus, The Matrix, Redpill, The Matrix Reloaded]

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The Truman Show A Film Centered On The Life Of Truman Burbank ( Jim Carrey )

- Section One The Truman Show is a film centered on the life of Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey). Born to a mother who did not want him, Truman Burbank was legally adopted by a major television network at the time of his birth. Truman unwittingly is the star of a television show. is the story of his life; now a 29 year old insurance salesman, residing in the town of Seahaven. Ever since Truman was born his life has been filmed and broadcasted for an audience twenty four hours a day. Everything that he has grown to believe is his life: his family, marriage and friends—were scripted by the creators of the show....   [tags: Reality television, The Truman Show, Jim Carrey]

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The Use of Allegory in The Metamorphosis by by Franz Kafka

- “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka is an interesting and extremely allegorical tale. The story starts out by introducing the main character, Gregor Samasa, who is a traveling salesman. One morning Gregor awakens to find that his body has been transformed into something unusually horrifying, a large insect with many tiny legs. As Gregor struggles to get up and prepare himself for work he realizes that he is already late. As he looks around his bed room he thinks that’s he is just dreaming and attempts to go back to sleep....   [tags: transformation, alienated, imprisonment ]

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How The Crucible Is an Allegory for the McCarthy Era

- A very famous man once said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” (Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933). This is certainly true when it comes to Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible. Arthur Miller lived through the Red Scare, also known as McCarthyism. After living through this era and being one of the accused communists Miller wrote the book titled The Crucible in 1952. This book told the story of the Salem witch trials with some modifications to make it more relevant to the current situation. The book ultimately became an allegory devoted solely to McCarthyism....   [tags: Arthur Miller play, witch hunt]

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The Allegory Of Men Painted By Frans Francken

- Title The Allegory of Men painted by Frans Francken in 1635 perfectly depicts the impact of religion during that time period. Francken was a devote Catholic during the 1600s when the church had a lot of influence on the community and government(“Frans Francken the”) . The painter’s intention was to capture the people’s awareness of the church’s power on one’s afterlife. The painting instills good catholic values by reminding people how important it is to make proper decisions to be granted entrance into heaven....   [tags: Seven deadly sins, Sin, Heaven, Pride]

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Animal Farm: An Allegory of Russian History

- Animal Farm is an allegory of the period in Russian history between 1917 and 1944. It is a satirical story written in the form of an animal fable. In writing Animal Farm as a fable, George Orwell is able to present his subject in simple symbolic terms by treating the development of communism as a story that is taking place on a single farm with talking animals. The characters of Animal Farm represent figures in Russian history during the Russian Revolution. Places, objects, and events of the Russian Revolution are also symbolized in Animal Farm....   [tags: Animal Farm Essays]

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Dante 's Inferno : Allegory And Imagery

- People in today’s world are more open-minded and opinionated than ever before. This has changed the way literature is viewed today. There are many social groups with different ideologies all who view works of literature in their own way. Although authors express their ideas in their own words the different types of readers can interpret it with their own meaning. In one piece of literature, Dante’s Inferno, the author’s trip through hell can be viewed and interpreted in many ways. An individual can perceive different meanings from Dante’s Inferno based on their beliefs and background....   [tags: Divine Comedy, Inferno, Virgil, Dante Alighieri]

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The Allegory Animal Farm By George Orwell

- Different pieces of literature use literal meanings or interpretive meanings to convey a message. The allegory Animal Farm by George Orwell uses interpretive meaning to tell a message about communistic governments. On the contrary, The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels uses literal meaning to tell how communism works. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury utilizes both literal and interpretive writing to convey a message about totalitarian governments. Animal Farm by Orwell, The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels, and Fahrenheit 451 by Bradbury utilize literal or interpretive meaning in order tell about totalitarian governments....   [tags: Communism, Marxism, Karl Marx, Totalitarianism]

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Comparing Beowulf 's Gory Allegory

- Beowulf’s Gory Allegory In the dark ages people were always looking for a deeper meaning in everything and rightly so, seeing as the authors of that time often wrote in allegories. Lacking technology and education, information was best spread through stories that could be easily recited. Different groups would use different influences, full of deep symbolism, to better illustrate their message. The monks flooded the pagan epic Beowulf with christian influence and reserved the last books as an allegory of Christ’s crucifixion....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of John, Crucifixion of Jesus]

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How Plato Views Human Knowledge And Ignorance

- The central theme of this text is an extended metaphor for how Plato views human knowledge and ignorance. Plato uses the metaphor of people in a cave as most humans, and people who leave the cave as those who are enlightened. The metaphor serves as an explanation of ignorance and how it relates to knowledge and how that knowledge is treated in society. There is a special mention of how people come to gain knowledge and how those with knowledge are perceived in society at large. Plato writes, “Next then,” I said, “make an image of our nature in its education and want of education, likening it to the condition of the following kind” (Plato)....   [tags: Truth, Plato, Knowledge, Logic]

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Symbol and Allegory

- The use of symbol in poetry and in literature as a whole is commonplace because it is an outlet for the author’s creative psyche. A symbol is a creative use of metaphor, using a comparison but not just a direct comparison. The author attempts to achieve the effect that there is much more than just the reader’s initial reaction creating a want to delve deeper into the true meaning, leaving a vast space of interpretation. Allegory on the other hand is a specific comparison, a symbol that is set in its meaning....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Media's Influece On Our Perception

- Many times people do not like to get out of their comfort zones and try new things. Many years ago Plato created an experiment which would not be possible to recreate; he wrote a story called the Allegory of the Cave. In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave prisoners are chained together facing a wall only to see the shadows created by the prison guard and only to hear the echoes of their own voices. One prisoner was let out of the cave to observe the reality and inform the other prisoners who were in the cave....   [tags: Media]

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The Study of the Dunbar Cave in Montgomery County, Tennessee

- ... The article define pictographs as images that are drawn in black pigments and the petro glyphs is define as images that are engraved into the limestone of the cave wall. In one of the circle glyphs there were many circles involved and some were more complex than the others. It is believed that circles are one of the most common design elements in prehistoric art in the southeastern US. The authors hypothesized that the charcoal was use to produce the pictographs because all of the pictographs were black....   [tags: pictography, early man]

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Animal Farm by George Orwell

- Published in 1945, the book,” Animal Farm”, by George Orwell, an allegory of stalinism, had an enormous impact on the world of literature, even decades after it was written. However, like all controversial books, “Animal Farm” drew both praise and heavy criticism, causing one man, John Reed to write a book called,” Snowball’s Chance” in response to Orwell’s criticism of communism, However, like all controversial books, “Animal Farm” drew both praise and heavy criticism, causing one man, John Reed to write a book called,” Snowball’s Chance” in response to Orwell’s criticism of communism....   [tags: allegory of stalinism]

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The Unwritten History of Cave Paintings

- Religious stories and scientific theories have tried for thousands of years to accurately date the formation of man. However, in the 1860s, a new art was discovered that changed the view of human creation forever. This new insight was cave painting. Cave painting is a form of prehistoric art that dates back hundreds of thousands of years. Analysts are unable to specify the reasoning behind these paintings of objects on cave walls, but many theories have been formulated to surmise the rational behind the art....   [tags: Art History]

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A Good Example Of Plato 's Divided Line

- A good example of Plato’s divided line is represented in the Cave Allegory, which is one of the core messages of his philosophical works. Plato used a line as an illusion to divide human knowledge into four levels, which differ in degree and clarity. Taking a line and dividing the line into two sections not equal in length; the upper level equates to knowledge, this is the realm of intellect. On the lower section of the line equates to opinion and is the world of sensory knowledge. Then cut these lines into two sections, this produces four line segments....   [tags: Truth, Epistemology, Logic, Knowledge]

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How the divided line relates with the cave and the light of the sun.

- In one of Plato’s most famous three analogies, that of the divided line, which was perfectly, rather clarified in the book The Republic. It is one of the most articulate stories. Plato brought out these models of truth, knowledge, and the natural world of truth along his analogy of the divided line. However, Plato’s analogies are over 1900 years old, I believe but they can still play a big role in today’s world. Plato believes that his manner of knowledge produced in his divided line, can be a significant part in creating a healthier culture and community....   [tags: Plato's Analogies, The Republic, Analysis]

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How the Divided Line Relates with the Cave and Light of Sun

- In one of Plato’s most famous three analogies, that of the divided line, which was perfectly, rather clarified in the book The Republic. It is one of the most articulate stories. Plato brought out these models of truth, knowledge, and the natural world of truth along his analogy of the divided line. However, Plato’s analogies are over 1900 years old, I believe but they can still play a big role in today’s world. Plato believes that his manner of knowledge produced in his divided line, can be a significant part in creating a healthier culture and community....   [tags: The Republic Essays]

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Great Poets And The Cave, Homer And Mumford And Sons

- The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines perseverance as the continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. In today’s society, there are so many walls and barriers that prevent humans from achieving their dreams and goals and people begin giving up. However, great poets such as Homer and famous music groups such as Mumford and Sons have used the strife of humanity to compose works that can be used to inspire and institute hope for humanity. With perseverance, there are three key aspects, struggle, loyalty, and strength....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Homer, Ithaca]

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Short Story Comparison: "The Cave" and "The Hammer Man"

- A society often reveals its own perversity in the way it treats those who stray too far away from its mainstream. In Jean McCord's story, "The Cave", the leader of a small-town gang beats up the narrator after he befriends a homeless man. In "The Hammer Man", two disgruntled policemen harass the narrator after she admires the basketball skills of a disturbed boy on her street. In both cases, the violence of the characters who represent mainstream society -- the gang and the police -- forces us to question our underlying assumptions about what is normal and what is not....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Prisoner 's Cave Is Being Released As Well

- 1. • Neo is dragged out of the Matrix by Morpheus; similarly, the prisoner in Plato’s cave is being released as well. They have the similar situation since they are both forced to see the truth, and are told what they used to believe in is all an illusion. They need to adjust themselves both physically and mentally to adapt the real world. Then Neo goes back to the matrix and tries to shut down this artificial world. This is similar to when the prisoner went back to the cave and shared the “truth” with his friends, and it also can be compared to when Socrates tried to convince the Athenians the Truth....   [tags: The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions]

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A Modern Version of The Cave

- A Modern Version of The Cave Bobby Jones was born in the outskirts of Jackson, Mississippi in 1948. He was the third son of a white couple. His family was well known in their town and his father was actually the sheriff there. The ancestry of his family could be brought back all the way to the beginning of the 19th century. His great-grandfather, in the years of the Civil War, owned a cotton plantation. Soon after the war ended he went bankrupt and sold most of his property. The main reason was because of the freedom given to the slaves at that time....   [tags: Papers]

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The Cosquer Cave Discovery

- The Cosquer Cave Discovery A long, long time ago, 27,000 years ago to be exact, during the glacial period, glaciers over a kilometer deep spanned the country of France from the Alps to the Haute Provence. These glaciers held so much water that they caused the sea level in the Mediterranean Sea to drop well over 100 meters. Prehistoric humans found the entrance to Cosquer cave not far from the seashore and some entered to paint inside it. During this time, men created wonderful pictures on the walls of the cave....   [tags: Antrhopology]

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The New York Times By Damien Cave And Julie Hirschfeld

- Globalization includes the concept of how countries interact and form relationships. The better the relationship, the more likely they are to share ideas and cultural beliefs. The New York Times published an article on March 21, 2016 titled, “As Obama Arrives, Cuba Tightens Grip on Dissent” by Damien Cave and Julie Hirschfeld. This article speaks about President Obama’s trip to Cuba where he met and spoke with the people of Cuba in hopes of building a relationship between their nation and the United States in hopes of eliminating hostility that was built up over the course of many years....   [tags: President of the United States, United States]

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A Study Investigating Group Conflict : The Robbers Cave ( Sherif )

- Numerous cases in history show that identification with a particular group can lead to dreadful outcomes. Together, with historical evidence, classic psychological studies tell a very powerful story. Decent people can take on oppressive roles and succumb to oppressive leaders. However, people often resist tyranny, and their resistance tends to be most effective when it is collective. Sherif argued that intergroup conflict occurs when two groups are in competition for limited resources. This theory is supported by evidence from a famous study investigating group conflict: The Robbers Cave (Sherif, 1954, 1958, 1961)....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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Mine in Chile Suffered a Cave-In on August 2010

- On August 5, 2010 the San José mine, a small copper operation in northern Chile owned by Minera San Esteban Primera, suffered a cave-in leaving 33 workers trapped underground at a depth of 300 meters. The following Saturday a second cave-in forced rescuers to suspend works for several hours. Some brief background on the accident. It was revealed that accidents in major mines are rare, but local organizations, such as the federation of Chilean mining workers (FMC) and the confederation of copper workers (CTC) questioned Minera San Esteban's safety record, where several fatal accidents were previously reported at the small company....   [tags: copper mine,rescue,FMC]

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The Cave - Original Writing

- The Cave - Original Writing Averting attention had always been far too easy for Deft. Imperial transponder codes, too easy to attain, to forge... or have forged. "Commander Derivan, you have permission to proceed to sector 478. Please sir, do be careful, it is a savage world.", the comm officer pleaded. "Thank you for your concern officer, it is duly noted.", Deft arrogantly replied as he steered his Oppressor towards the planet. The small clearing was easy to see through the lush vegetation....   [tags: Papers]

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The Unholy Trinity as a Reverse Allegory

- Edward Spencer celebrated allegorical writing with his classic romantic epic "The Faerie Queen." Even as Milton criticized the use of allegory, he indubitably implemented the use of it in "Paradise Lost." Although Milton does use allegory, his use of the form tremendously differs from that of Spencer. His application of allegory is a reversal of the typical Spenserian allegory. Milton uses a reverse allegory as an abstract representation of the Holy Trinity of God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit by an Unholy Trinity of Satan, Sin and Death....   [tags: World Literature]

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The Allegory of Young Goodman Brown

- The Allegory of Young Goodman Brown      Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” is an allegory, though an allegory with deficiencies, with tensions existing between the reader and the story.   Peter Conn in “Finding a Voice in an New Nation” explains Hawthorne’s style of allegorizing and how it creates unwanted tensions for the reader:   He once planned to call a group of his stories “Allegories of the Heart,” and in that unused title he summed up much of his method and his subject....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown YGB]

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Symbolism and Allegory in "Sun and Moon"

- The poem, "Sun and Moon," written by Jay Macpherson (b. 1931) is an excellent example of a great poem that its idea is expressed by the author using symbolism and allegory. The true meaning the author tried to get across to his audience was that a man and a woman or a brother and sister that are in love, can only be together when the time is just right. Characters that are in this poem, although they may not be very dynamic are very important to the theme. The two main, physical characters in this poem are the "sun," a.k.a....   [tags: Poetry]

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Ariel and Allegory in The Tempest

- Ariel and Allegory in The Tempest       The temptation to regard The Tempest as an allegory has proved irresistible to critics, although opinions differ on what it might be an allegory of, and what the principal figures might represent. In this essay I wish to discuss the character of Ariel, who has received less attention than either Caliban or Prospero. If The Tempest is an allegory then each of its characters should fulfil some representative function. Prospero is generally associated with the playwright (or even, which amounts to much the same thing in some views, with God) as he controls the action on stage....   [tags: Tempest essays]

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The Extended Allegory in The Power and The Glory

- The Extended Allegory in The Power and The Glory       Graham Greene pieced together The Power and the Glory from his own personal memoirs in 1940 after a three-year trip to Mexico.  Drawing from his own observations of a small town torn between the anti-religious laws of the secular government and the people's religious beliefs, Greene created the story of a Catholic priest being pursued by the police to illustrate the conflicting relationship between the church and state (Greene 2-4).  Greene used his experiences in Mexico to create an extended allegory that illustrates the conflict between the two world views and, in turn, reveals his own values and philosophy....   [tags: Power and The Glory Essays]

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The Allegory of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

- The Allegory of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner According to Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia, an allegory is described as a fictional literary narrative or artistic expression that conveys a symbolic meaning parallel to but distinct from, and more important than, the literal meaning. This is true in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner." "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is an allegory that symbolizes the inherent struggle of humans facing the ideas of sin and redemption....   [tags: Papers]

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The Matrix As an Allegory of Christ

- The Matrix As an Allegory of Christ "All I am offering is the truth." Is he the one. Is Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, the savior. Could he be the messiah sent to save humanity from imprisonment. "The Matrix" is an allegory. Many of the characters represent the biblical story of God sending a savior, Jesus Christ, to free people from their imprisonment. Early in the movie the intent to set the story up to symbolize Jesus' mission to earth is established. A person comes to Neo's door seeking something....   [tags: Papers]

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Lord Of The Flies: A Religious Allegory

- Since its publication in 1954, the Lord of the Flies has amassed a prodigious cult-following for its blunt truths. Depicting the savagery of marooned school boys, William Golding's story presents a gruesome vision of post-war humanism in the mode of action and allegory. The Nobel Laureate's novel seems to many critics a striking analogue to the Bible (in certain aspects). Through its biblical parallels in settings, content, and overall meaning, Lord of the Flies becomes, in essence, a religious allegory....   [tags: William Golding]

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Symbolism and Allegory in To Kill a Mockingbird

- Symbolism and Allegory in To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee uses symbolism extensively throughout To Kill a Mockingbird,, and much of it refers to the problems of racism in the South during the early twentieth century. Harper Lee's effective use of racial symbolism and allegory can be seen by studying various examples from the book, namely the actions of the children, of the racist whites, and of Atticus Finch. One of the more effective allegories in the novel is the building of a snowman by Jem and Scout....   [tags: Kill Mockingbird essays]

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The Peary Expedition as Allegory in Ragtime

- The Peary Expedition as Allegory in Ragtime   E.L. Doctorow’s novel Ragtime is primarily concerned with the illustration of broken dreams. Drawing on the tradition of the Muckraker novels of such authors as Upton Sinclair, Doctorow shows the shadow side of the Jazz Age. The beginning of the novel deals with Father’s preparation for and participation in William Peary’s expedition to the North Pole. The theme of disillusionment that runs throughout the novel is foreshadowed and represented by the Peary expedition....   [tags: Ragtime]

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The Awakening as an Allegory of Existentialism

- The Awakening as an Allegory of Existentialism        Kate Chopin's The Awakening as the title suggests is just that‹the story of a young woman's awakening to life.  Even though it is a work of fiction, the character of Edna undergoes such a radical change one cannot ignore the psychological depth of the work.  The story could almost be seen as a case study.  In order to analyze the work psychologically, it is important to decide which psychological framework to use.  I chose the critic Cynthia Wolff who uses a Freudian framework for analysis.  Wolff feels that Edna's problems are a result of oral conflicts, while I see the work as more of an allegory of existentialism, and Edna's proble...   [tags: Chopin Awakening Essays]

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Political Allegory in Gulliver's Travels

- Gulliver's Travels is a great novel written by Jonthan Swift. It is about voyages of Gulliver-main character-to different countries. Gulliver's Travels is a political allegory of England at Swift's time. the word allegory means a simple that can be objects, characters, figures or colors used to represent an abstract idea or concepts. Swift uses this novel to criticize the political condition of England at the 18th century and to make a satire of the royal court of George 1 . Gulliver's Travels has established itself as a classic for young people....   [tags: Free Example Essays]

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Symbolism, Allegory and Plot in The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson

- The Lottery, Unlocking the Secrets Of the many intriguing varieties of literary methods used to write most short stories, the author of The Lottery, Shirley Jackson, uses symbolism, allegory and plot to make this story stand out. Of the many literary methods of writing, Jackson used symbolism and allegory to her advantage. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary classifies symbolism as “the particular idea or quality that is expressed by a symbol” and Allegory as “a story in which the characters and events are symbols that stand for ideas about human life or for a political or historical situation”....   [tags: Human Nature, Village]

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Cosque Cave

- Cosque Cave Many, many years ago, a cave was in use, and many paintings, drawings, and engravings were put on the walls of the cave. About ten years ago, a man was diving in the Mediterranean and came across something that no one would ever think about finding. It was a prehistoric painted cave with an underwater entrance. It is known today as the Cosquer cave. Jean Cosquer, a professional diver, discovered the cave. He was diving for no particular reason, and found a wealth of prehistoric art in the cave....   [tags: Place Essays]

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A Christmas Carol as Allegory

- 'A Christmas Carol' as Allegory The novel 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens can be represented in different ways. It can be represented as a simple story with a moral, where a man named Scrooge is visited by four ghosts who give him a chance to mend his ways. However Dickens also gives the novel a more profound meaning by using symblosim and so it can be represented as an allegory. The four ghosts are repeated symbols that give structure to the novel. The book is divided into chapters that end after each ghost has left Scrooge....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Allegory Of Young Goodman

- In Hawthorne's 'Young Goodman Brown,'; the characters and settings are used to show allegory. The characters and setting are used in metaphor to represent something else. The whole story of 'Young Goodman Brown,'; represents the journey of everyman. It's path that everyone follows, or so Hawthorne seems to believe. The main character, Young Goodman Brown represents the sense of everyone. His last name, Brown, is a common name and therefore could be taken to mean everyone because it is so common....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Imagery and Allegory in the Seamus Heaney's Poem, The Skunk

- Seamus Heaney uses imagery and allegory to enhance the theme of memory in “The Skunk”.  The poem focuses on the image of a skunk and compares a brief image of the speaker's wife preparing for bed. The poem examines the speaker’s longing for his wife while he is away.  Near the end of the poem, the first three stanzas are revealed as having been a scene from the speaker’s memory, when living away from his wife in California. The reader is introduced to the skunk in the first stanza. It is an intruder in the speaker’s California garden....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Cosquer Cave

- Cosquer Cave Around 27,000 years ago it is believed that large glaciers were spread across the Alps. These glaciers were so large and held such a large quantity of water that the sea level of the Mediterranean dropped some 100 meters. When the opening of the cave was revealed, men entered the cave and drew amazing paintings and drawings along the walls. When the earth became warm again the glaciers melted, and the sea level rose. The cave entrance was once again covered up by 37 meters of water....   [tags: Anthropology Research Papers]

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Cosquer Cave

- Cosquer Cave Lying 125 feet below sea level, an historic treasure hid unseen to humans for thousands of years. Prehistoric humans first left their mark there nearly 27,000 years ago, but it was not until 1985 that modern humans discovered these treasures. This ancient landmark is now known as Cosquer Cave. It is a unique cave not only for the images found there, but also because of its unusual entrance. The cave is located on Cape Morgiou, in the Calanques, which is near Marseilles (“The Cosquer Cave”)....   [tags: Place Descriptive Essays]

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Cave Paintings

- The Cave of Lascaux and Cave Art Cave paintings might possibly be the oldest known form of communication that exists today. Cave paintings date back to a period of time called the Paleolithic Age. The Paleolithic Age took place from 40,000 to 10,000 B.C. Prehistoric Age is divided into three parts: Paleolithic being the earliest, Mesolithic being the middle at 10,000 B.C. and Neolithic Age being the latest at 8,000 B.C. During the Paleolithic Age it is believed that the cave paintings at Lascaux, France were created....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Animal Farm, by George Orwell: An Allegory to the Russian Revolution

- In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the pigs take over Manor Farm and dominate the weaker animals by using a combination of strength, fear, and trickery. This book is an allegory to the Russian Revolution, which led to Josef Stalin’s rise to power and the beginning of his dictatorship. In the novel Farmer Jones symbolizes Czar Nicholas II and Napoleon symbolizes Josef Stalin. The animals overthrow their dictator, Farmer Jones, and eventually end up replacing him with another dictator, Napoleon the pig....   [tags: Strength, Fear, Trickery]

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Metaphysical Allegory in His Fith Woman by Vijay Tendulkar

- ... The woman died and after the post-mortem of body, Sakharam wants to deny the responsibility to make a claim of the body. Later Dawood’s sentimental appeal makes him to own the claim of the dead body for funeral rites of the fifth woman. The Third Scene of the play opens at the burning ghats of Hindus, where the couple of dead bodies waiting for the last rites to be performed. In the conversation of the different group of people waiting for the last rites, Tendulkar presents a fine mockery of the growing commercial attitude against the immensity of death and the power of human sentiments....   [tags: ]

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Interpretations through Boccaccio´s Allegory, The Decameron

- Interpretations through Boccaccio’s Allegory, the Decameron Chaos struck all-over Europe in the 14th century; no social class or individual was immune from this bizarre mysterious death. Historians estimated that this unidentifiable disease killed a total of one-third of Europe’s population by the 1350’s. Now in today’s society scientists classify the unidentifiable disease as the bubonic plague also referred to as the Black Death. During 14th century European-society, there was no logical medical knowledge; instead, people resorted to supplementary explanations, such as God punishing the sinners, or other religious groups outside of Christianity misbehaving (Black Death 1)....   [tags: death, disease, plague, tradition]

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George Orwell 's Allegory Of The Russian Revolution

- George Orwell’s allegory to the Russian Revolution addresses the question if power corrupts those who possess it. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is a quote by British historian, Lord Acton, which supports Orwell’s answer to the question. Lord Acton’s statement means that a person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases. This is directly relevant to Animal Farm because Napoleon is quickly corrupted by power. He begins with good intentions of freeing the farm from the tight restrictions and hardships under Mr....   [tags: Animal Farm, Political corruption, Leon Trotsky]

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Cosquer Cave

- Cosquer Cave In 1985, while scuba diving in Cape Morgiou, near Marseilles, France, Henri Cosquer discovered a narrow 175-meter, air-filled tunnel 37 meters below the sea (“The Cosquer Cave”). The tunnel, unbeknownst to him, lead to one of the world’s most treasured Paleolithic art-filled caves. During the Paleolithic age, Cosquer cave was much more accessible than it is today. Researchers say that at the times the art was created, the cave was probably only 11 kilometers from the coast and 80 meters above sea level (Jaobs)....   [tags: Place Descriptive Essays]

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Cave Art

- At the foot of a cliff in the Ardèche Gorges, in south-eastern France, amateur speleologists discovered the world's oldest painted prehistoric cave. Discovered on December 18, 1994, this cave features art that dates back thirty-one thousand years. Jean-Marie Chauvet, Eliette Brunel-Deschamps and Christian Hillaire, were the amateurs who discovered the cave that has come to be known simply as the Chauvet cave. The explorers were in Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, France some thirty feet below ground. While exploring a cave, they were intrigued by a draft of air....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Education in The Republic of Plato

- The educated have a duty to help the less educated in a respectful way. Education, Every society throughout history has respected their scholars and scientists, but what responsibilities do the educated have. Some might argued that the educated must take care of the less educated or that they have no civic duty, however according to the famous Greek philosopher Plato this is simply not true. Plato was born around the year 428 BCE in Athens and was one of Socrates students; Socrates being another very influential Greek scholar laid the foundations for many of Plato’s theory’s that appear in his famous work “The Republic” (   [tags: analogy of the cave, death]

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Cave Exploration

- Cave Exploration The worst day of my life began innocently enough with my small group of friends preparing to explore a cave. Each month the four of us, I, Jill, John, and Ted, would choose two or three caves and spend our weekends engrossed in exploring them. Today’s cave was a special one; it afforded just a small window of opportunity for exploration because it flooded completely with each high tide. As we checked our packs and made sure all our spelunking and survival gear was in order, a rather jovial, but sizable, fellow by the name of Scott Porker happened by and asked if he could join our group....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Promoting Successful Hunting and Fertility with Paleolithic Art

- Paleolithic Art Paleolithic Art was primarily used as a part of rituals that were intended to promote successful hunting and fertility. In Europe about 30,000 years ago Paleolithic Art was one of the early Arts. Several of the earliest know arts were cave paintings, rock and engravings and decorative objects (Knopf, 4). Paleolithic Art tells us about the early ways of art and life, it shows the artists artistic abilities when creating pieces of work and showing their artistic abilities. Paleolithic artists understood and practiced perspectival drawing....   [tags: cave paintings, sculptures, rituals]

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Analyzing Golding's The Lord of the Flies

- Conforming to societal norms and following the hierarchy plays an important role in daily group dynamics that people participate in. The Robbers Cave study proved that along with the formation of these groups, ingroup hierarchy structures were formed. When certain members of this hierarchy did not live up to what was expected of them, they were replaced. This parallels Jack’s overthrow of Ralph in Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies. After Jack’s group stabilized, they formed a set of norms. This closely correlates with the findings in Sherif’s study, where the groups developed norms, and specific places and objects became associated as “ours”....   [tags: The Robbers Cave Study]

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The Graphic World of Graphic Designers

- Have you ever heard of the wondrous occupation of graphic design. The background of the career is interesting, especially since it dates back to the cave men era. There are classes in our own high school that can prepare us for this very special and amazing career. Although, with every amazing career, there is a down side to it, so I am going to also tell you the pros and cons of this very occupation. I’m interested in graphic design because I am in love with technology, I am a very creative and artistic person, and I know I can make a new advertisement that everyone would love....   [tags: cave man, industrial revolution]

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The Information Processing Theory Of Leadership

- The information processing theory to leadership, as defined by Hackman and Johnson “works to shift the focus of leadership to interpersonal communication” (65). To be success from an information processing theory leadership perspective, Hackman and Johnson lay out a number of implications which aspiring leaders must work at refining to become successful. Some of the key components which they identify are building a knowledge base, utilizing the power of categorization, getting to know your audience, demonstrating personal commitment, and getting followers to adopt a we not me mindset....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Cave, Skill]

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The Mind Body Problem Of Dualism

- The Oxford Dictionaries define dualism as “the division of something conceptually into two opposed or contrasted aspects, or the state of being so divided.“1 Dualism is the essentially the notion within a belief or theory that there lies two extremities. Dualism can be thought of as the two sides of an idea like justice and injustice. However, with dualism there are many branches that stream from it, be it in the philosophical, the psychological or the religious sense. In  the philosophical sense, dualism is more so the distinction between both the body and the mind....   [tags: Mind, Philosophy of mind, Perception, Dualism]

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Dialogue Essays: Home Again

- Home Again In the morning a campfire was blazing before hardly anyone had got up. But the smell of coffee and bacon cooking brought many out of their sleeping bags to face a new day. Everyone had a great breakfast and then said their goodbyes. Soon the hikers were back on the trail and headed for home. They were in good spirits knowing soon they could take off their boots and relax. Sampson flew overhead ... the silent watchman. About 3:00 pm they arrived at Ambur’s house. They had dropped off Jake, Jam and Dominic as they went by where they lived and continued on....   [tags: hiking, dreams, cave]

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The Connection Between Plato’s Cave Theory and Three Films

- Plato’s Cave Theory justifies prisoners being held in a cave since childhood. While the prisoners are confined in the cave, the only thing that they can see is the wall that they are in front of. Behind the prisoners is a giant fire; between the fire and prisoners is a walkway where puppeteers can walk. The puppeteers, who are behind the prisoners, hold up puppets that cast shadows on the wall of the cave. The prisoners are unable to see these puppets, the real objects that pass behind them. What the prisoners see and hear are shadows and echoes cast by objects that they do not see....   [tags: prisoners, puppets, shadows]

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The Song Carry On My Wayward Son By Kansas

- The song Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas contains insights into what Plato believes to be a philosopher as is found in his allegory of the cave in the Republic. Found in the second verse of the song, it describes how “Once [he] rose above the noise and confusion/just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion” which is a direct correlation to the journey which one takes to become a philosopher as described by Plato in The Republic through his Allegory of the Cave. This is similar in the sense that the philosopher separates himself from the distractions of normal life to search for what is the reality behind these distractions that cause illusions....   [tags: Plato, Mind, Existence, Ontology]

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