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Feminist Perspective of A Sicilian Romance and The Castle of Otranto

- A Feminist Perspective of A Sicilian Romance and The Castle of Otranto   In eighteenth century novels, a common means of discussing the role of women in society is through the characterization of two good sisters. The heroine of such a novel is a pure, kind young woman who also has a streak of spunkiness. Her sister may be more good and kind, but she is more submissive and reserved. I would like to look at these sisters (and their mothers) in Ann Radcliffe’s A Sicilian Romance , and The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole....   [tags: Feminism Feminist Women Criticism]

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True Romance

- Once again, Quentin Tarantino outdoes himself. The movie True Romance was excellent. It presented real issues that some people are forced to deal with in their lives. The title of the movie is misleading. You would think this was going to be a love story. Actually it is, but unlike any love story I've ever seen. It's filled with violence, action, blood, guts and gore. Like most other Tarantino movies it revolves around the violence we rarely see or experience in our lives. He also incorporates drugs and racism, hate and love and his usual corny way of portraying them....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Vicissitudes Of Romance and Love

- Love is not always what one expects it to be. Shock, disillusionment and renewal are sometimes the eventual outcome of relationships gone wrong. Dorothy Parker, Mary Coleridge, and Robert Browning, all demonstrate these common themes, as well as others, through the use of romantic motifs in various tones, in the poems “One Perfect Rose”, “The Poison Flower” and “Porphyria’s Lover.” In the first poem, Dorothy Parker's "One Perfect Rose", she describes the high expectations the speaker has towards suitors....   [tags: romance, love, dorothy parker, one perfect rose]

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Romance Movies and Real Life Relationships

- ... “A survey of 335 undergraduate students in the Midwest found a significant relationship between reporting watching romantic films often and belief in the ideals “love conquers all,” “one and only” love (soul mate) and “love at first sight” (Riskind). These findings compliment the expectation that watching romantic movies is a major source leading to the unrealistic expectations among viewers. In addition, romantic comedies also give the wrong impression on relationships. If viewers are getting the wrong idea about love itself, then that leads them into expecting more out of relationships as well....   [tags: movie genre, romance, love, reality, effets]

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The Sicilian Mafia in America

- During 1869-2014 the Sicilian mafia in America evolved in a number of ways such as: the change in rules, leaders, how it is run, the change in code and power over American society. These topics will be covered throughout this essay and will give you a detailed explanation furthermore the history of the evolution that took place. The Sicilian Mafia started in poor Sicilian ghettos in America and spread into the cities striking fear into the American society. With around 2,500 members it is seen as the most powerful and the most active Italian organized criminal group in the United States of America....   [tags: american society, power, organized crime]

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Blithedale Romance By Nathaniel Hawthorne

- Coverdale or Cover-up. Blithedale Romance is one of Nathaniel Hawthorne's splendid works which tells the story of a group of utopians who set out to reform their deteriorating, meaningless existence. They went to live in Blithedale community overlooked by the famed Zenobia. They started out with noble aims but the story ended in tragedy. In the story, careful analysis of the story would show that what really happened and what Miles was saying could actually two different things. Miles in his narrations seem to be holding back some important details and sugar-coated the truth by telling a version of his own....   [tags: Hawthorne Blithedale Romance Summary Review]

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The Fate of the True Woman in The Blithedale Romance

- The Fate of the "True Woman" in The Blithedale Romance The female characters in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Blithedale Romance, Zenobia and Priscilla, differ in their representations of womanhood. Zenobia begins as an independent character, whom later surrenders to Hollingsworth's control, whereas Priscilla is ever submissive to his desires. This determines how the male characters, Coverdale and Hollingsworth, view both women. Coverdale and Hollingsworth are first enamored by Zenobia's charm, but both fall for Priscilla's docility....   [tags: Blithedale Romance Essays]

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Gender in Hawthorne’s Blithedale Romance

- Gender in Hawthorne’s Blithedale Romance The Blithedale Romance, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is a story of a twisted utopia. This perfect world is twisted in that the roles of gender have a traditional utopian representation, only with a more contemporary take. Of course, this is interesting because this book was written and published in the 19th century when such ideas were beginning to establish a form for the genre of writing. Hawthorne combines fantasy, philosophy, mystery, gothic, and even [what would be called today] science fiction....   [tags: Blithedale Romance Essays]

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Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Blithedale Romance

- Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Blithedale Romance In the penultimate chapter of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Blithedale Romance, Coverdale offers a “moral” at the end of the narrative that specifically addresses Hollingsworth’s philanthropic and personal failures: "…admitting what is called philanthropy, when adopted as a profession, to be often useful by its energetic impulse to society at large, it is perilous to the individual whose ruling passion, in one exclusive channel, it thus becomes. It ruins, or is fearfully apt to ruin, the heart, the rich juices of which God never meant should be pressed violently out and distilled into alcoholic liquor by an unnatural process, but should render lif...   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorne Blithedale romance Essays]

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The Sicilian Expidition

- The Sicilian Expedition is the decisive event in the Peloponnesian war, and in his account, Thucydides makes sure the reader is aware of this fact. Thucydides conveys the importance of this event through direct statements and also literary and narrative techniques in his writing. In the beginning of book six of his history, Thucydides makes an allusion to Troy, which stresses an air of historical importance for the narration of the Sicilian expedition. Although the Trojan war and the campaign in Sicily are very different in respect to time period and outcome, they do contain several similarities....   [tags: Politics]

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Romance in Percy Bysshe Shelley's Plays

- To think of something romantically is to think of it naively, in a positive light, away from the view of the majority. Percy Bysshe Shelley has many romantic themes in his plays. Educated at Eton College, he went on to the University of Oxford only to be expelled after one year after publishing an inappropriate collection of poems. He then worked on writing full-time, and moved to Italy shortly before his death in a boating accident off the shore of Leghorn. He wrote many pieces, and his writing contains numerous themes....   [tags: Percy Bysshe Shelley Romantic Romance Essays]

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Consequences of Passion Exposed in The Romance of Tristan and Iseult

- Consequences of Passion Exposed in The Romance of Tristan and Iseult The story of Tristan and Iseult celebrates the triumph of adultery. When looking vaguely at this romance, readers may think the potion of love that they both drink is the one that makes them to commit adultery. However, this is only a representation of the power of passion and lust Tristan and Iseult have for each other. To better understand this love story, one must realize that Tristan is a marshal hero who volunteers to take a battle against the King of Ireland, in order to redeem the people and the monarch of King Mark....   [tags: The Romance of Tristan and Iseult]

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Romance is in the Air

- The Romance Era consists of classic literature based on love, society, rank, gender, and its complicated structure. Jane Austen, notorious for her love stories in which most are based on class ranking and how it affects lovers shows this in her novel Pride and Prejudice. In this novel characters deal with situations in a way that fits the time frame. Her conclusions are not what most predict, overcoming the important standards of the time period making it one of a kind in a genre of many works. The mixture of aristocracy, rank, and gender makes Pride and Prejudice fit into the era....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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A Romance Of The Republic

- A Romance of the Republic, written by Lydia Maria Child, is an intriguing novel which reflects certain predominant 19th-century views about racism, patriarchy, and class status. One aspect of this story that is unique is the constant use of a flower motif, through which the reader is drawn into a Paradise that is fantastically created, an Eden that is not limited in its range of vision due to the wealth, class, nationality, and color of its individuals, but rather embraces the many hues and varieties of life that any beautiful and perfect garden must possess....   [tags: Social class, Sociology, Slavery, Color]

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Quest for Paradise in Lydia Maria Child’s A Romance of the Republic

- Quest for Paradise in Lydia Maria Child’s A Romance of the Republic A Romance of the Republic, written by Lydia Maria Child, is an intriguing novel which reflects certain predominant 19th-century views about racism, patriarchy, and class status. One aspect of this story that is unique is the constant use of a flower motif, through which the reader is drawn into a Paradise that is fantastically created, an Eden that is not limited in its range of vision due to the wealth, class, nationality, and color of its individuals, but rather embraces the many hues and varieties of life that any beautiful and perfect garden must possess....   [tags: Romance of the Republic Essays]

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Chretien De Troyes's Romances

- The romance genre is centered around many themes, the most famous being love. The protagonist is almost always the one character that is receiving love or working towards obtaining love. The Romance genre began around the 12th century in Europe. The most famous author of that genre and time was none other than Chretien De Troyes. Troyes is the author of seven poems, four of which were completed by just him. The other three have been worked on and finished by other authors. In this essay the themes from two of his works will be discussed....   [tags: Romance Genre, Falling In Love, Literary Analysis]

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A Cruel Romance

- Released in 1983, Eldar Ryazanov’s A Cruel Romance remains the most compelling adaptation of Alexander Ostrovsky’s nineteenth century play about a beautiful but poor young woman desperately seeking love in an inherently selfish world. As in Without a Dowry (1879), the film centers on the dramatic conflicts between not only Larisa Ogudalov and her various suitors but also amongst the aspiring men themselves. Through its representation of Ostrovsky’s themes, Ryazanov’s production depicts the ramifications of humanity’s obsession with money, leading to misery, jealously and even death....   [tags: Film Critique]

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A False Romance

- Generally speaking, romance is something most people consider as crucial element in a relationship. It’s the feeling that comes upon two individuals that can grow into an everlasting relationship. People have dreamed of having an everlasting passionate love at least once in their lifetime. However, if they expect to have it for a long period of time, they are in trouble because such things do not exist as they do in movies. People have dreams of this false perception of love all the time due to Hollywood movies about love, romantic poems, and television shows....   [tags: movies, fantasy, perception, love, Hollywood]

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The Restaurant Romance

- The Restaurant Romance Many people meet their other half in a classified, at a party, or simply walking down the street. I never would have guessed I would meet the love of my life at the Newburg Inn. I was working as a Line Cook, when I first saw the gorgeous blue-eyed, blonde walk into my life. This was the story of how I fell in love and married the new waitress, with the help from a friend. It reminds me of Sandra Pei’s story, “Switched Bride,” because I found myself saying “I do,” with someone I never would have expected....   [tags: Love]

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“A Scientific Romance”

- Many people wish they could change past decisions to improve their present lives. Ronald Wright’s “A Scientific Romance” discusses various themes that develop his character’s emotional and psychological states. One of the main themes of this novel is time travel because it impacts the main character, David Lambert. David’s selfish nature is illuminated as the novel progresses because his motives are to change the past to work out in his favor. Although David’s intensions for traveling time seem loyal and admirable on the surface, his true intensions are selfish because David’s motives for time travel only benefit himself....   [tags: Literature Review]

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The Divine Romance

- INTRODUCTION Referred to by Martin Luther as “a divine wedding ring with six precious stones,” the prophetic words penned by the prophet Hosea in verses nineteen and twenty of the second chapter of the Old Testament book that bears his name are the epitome of true romance. “I will betroth you to me forever; yes, I will betroth you to me in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion. I will betroth you in faithfulness, and you will know the Lord.” The text speaks of the everlasting betrothal of the believer to God accomplished through Christ....   [tags: Scripture Analysis ]

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The Divine Romance

- Referred to by Martin Luther as “a divine wedding ring with six precious stones,” the prophetic words penned by the prophet Hosea in verses nineteen and twenty of the second chapter of the Old Testament book that bears his name is the epitome of true romance. It speaks of the everlasting betrothal of the believer to God accomplished through Christ. God’s steadfast love for His children is illustrated through the marriage of Hosea to Gomer, an adulterous woman and prostitute. However, the relationship between the prophet and his unfaithful wife are not the primary theme of the book, rather their marriage is symbolic of the covenantal relationship between the Divine Husband (Yahweh) and His...   [tags: Martin Luther, Wedding Ring]

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Thucydides Sicilian Expidition

- The Sicilian Expedition is the decisive event in the Peloponnesian war. In fact that is what motivated Thucydide's to record it in his historical records. Thucydides prophesized that it would be `the greatest in all Greek history' and "it was a major turning point for Athens',moreover, it was the `most glorious victory for the winners, and the worst calamity for the loosers.' The outcome was that Athens lost the war which lead to the eventual collapse of her empire and dignity. The Athenians lost the war due to their ill preparedness for the expedition, illogical and hasty decisions, and poor leadership during the expedition....   [tags: World History]

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Romance and Tragedy in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale

- Romance and Tragedy in The Winter's Tale      In The Winter's Tale, the line between romance and tragedy runs thin and almost blends together. The romantic ending would not be possible without the tragic beginning. For example, how could the romance between Leontes and Hermione take place in the end without the almost tragic mistake that Leontes makes in the first three acts of the play. Specific characters are responsible for the way the play turns out, with or without the help of the Fates....   [tags: Shakespeare Winter's Tale Essays]

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The Role of Laurana as a Surveyor into Sicilian Culture in Leonardo Sciascia's To Each His Own

- Dishonesty is an evil of various forms. More often than not, it sullies understanding in the form of a simple lie: short, deliberate, yet easily enough deductible. However, say the lie is taken into acceptance. Say the lie garners a foothold and establishes roots; thus, growing like a weed in persistence, say the lie institutes a sort of ‘myth.’ A myth, although unrealistic, becomes indulgently persuasive. In To Each His Own, Leonardo Sciascia weighs the battle for integrity in an ethically empty society against the oppression of falsehood within a Christ figure whose faith in morality likens to madness....   [tags: literary analysis]

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The Form of Romance Novels

- Kensington Cluff Mrs. Miller English 12 11 November 2013 The Romance Novel "It is a truth universally acknowledged..." that romance novels are one of the most popular genres, especially among women. Romance was the top-performing category on best-seller lists in 2012, generating 1.438 billion dollars in sales. The genre that began with Pamela, was epitomized by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and has become one of the top-selling genres in the United States, has changed only slightly over time, remaining basically true to its original form....   [tags: History, Classics, Modern Literature]

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The Compass Of Romance : Social Progress

- In the Compass of Romance, there are six key elements: social progress, self- creation, dilettantism, reactionary idealism, lotus eating, and spiritual aspirations. All of these elements are portrayed in today’s contemporary global culture. Through historical background one will be able to determine the fate of the future for the element of reactionary idealism. Reactionary idealism entails the idea of authority, authoritarian ideologies, and the worship of power. Throughout history people have generated this idea of power to help create the society we have today....   [tags: Government, Form of government]

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Romance Novels and Today's Woman

- Romance and Todays Woman Romance novels have been a place where women have been allowed to fantasize about the perfect and the ideal life. The novels are usually based on super sexy women who are only missing one thing in their life, the perfect man. The hero is also sexy, self-assured, and single minded in their pursuit of the leading woman. In current times, the romance novel has allowed women to step out of heteronormative behavior and explore their sexuality, where anything goes and their actions are perfectly acceptable by their partners....   [tags: sexual, fantasy, love]

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His Bromance Is Killing the Romance

- It’s great that your man has a best friend he can share all that boy stuff with, but this friend is becoming your love rival, how do you deal with this ‘significant other’. By Wairimu Gikenye Women are aware that men do have a best friend too, the guy in his life he just cannot let go off - his most trusted ally and confidant. A more fitting term used in Kenyan colloquial would be “his boy”. This is the unique phenomenon that is a ‘bromance’- a purely platonic relationship between 2 heterosexual males bonding over common interests and life experiences....   [tags: friend, interests, feeling, relationship]

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Friend Zone: Dating and Romance

- Dating and romance are nebulous, universal concepts, and are therefore very common subjects for dialogue. This makes them perfect themes for comedy, as they provide the opportunity to highlight humorous differences apparent in men and women. In recent years, however, one popular attitude towards relationships has emerged, namely the “the friend zone.” This refers to the situation a person (typically male) finds himself in when a friend rebuffs his attempts at sex or romance. The label of “the friend zone” is a frame for this predicament, which is only humorous from the perspective of the “friend-zoned,” when it is actually a very narrow-minded and demeaning concept....   [tags: sexist and degrading gender roles]

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Techno-Romance in the Film Her

- ... Samantha is not just an artificially intelligent operating system, “it’s a consciousness,” with a rapidly evolving personality whose seamless interactions belie her digital origin. Samantha, with Theo’s permission, begins efficiently reorganizing his inbox, sorting and deleting his old emails, making him laugh, and developing a human-like consciousness. The plot thickens as Theo and Samantha commence an unusual psychosexual relationship and he begins to introduce Samantha as his girlfriend. She (it) ushers in a breath of fresh air into Theo’s life, draws him out of himself and helps him get back to being the optimistic schlemiel he once was....   [tags: love, ai, relationship]

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Romance and Anti-Romance in Shakespeare's The Tempest

- Romance and Anti-Romance in The Tempest       The specific genre classification that one may give to a piece such as The Tempest is often thought to be highly confusing. This is because so many of the qualities of a romance and a realism can be applied to it's words and actions, but at the same time pull away from the very sense of the genre that it is trying to achieve. A romance has many specific qualities, most of which rely on the fancy and imagination of the viewer or the reader. In some circles, it is even known as escapist....   [tags: Tempest essays]

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Comparison of Federico García Lorca's Poems, Romance de la Pena Negra and La Aurora

- Comparison of Federico García Lorca's Poems, Romance de la Pena Negra and La Aurora Romance de la Pena Negra (Ballad of the Black Sorrow) was written by Lorca on the 30. July 1924 (Catedra:80). It was one of a collection of poems he entitled the Romancero Gitano (Gypsy Ballads) that, when published, was a huge success, among academics and the general public alike, making this book one of his most well known pieces of work. There are many reasons why the poems received such wide acclaim in terms of Lorca’s wider audience: It is clear that the ballad, with its simple, eight-syllable line rhyming structure makes for uncomplicated reading, in addition, the subject matter would have sparked ge...   [tags: Romance de la Pena Negra La Aurora]

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The Romance of Travel

- The Romance of Travel Romance, as it confirms human agency with regards to understanding the world and organizing one's existence, is an enabling genre. Northrop Frye identifies "romance" in its questing, adventurous, persistently nostalgic, and "perennially child-like quality" as the "nearest of all literary forms to the wish-fulfillment dream" (186). Arguably, many of the texts that we have examined over the course of the term can be understood as (more or less) participating in the affirmative conventions of romance in the ways that they show men and woman turning travel into a journey....   [tags: Manfred Byron Essays Papers Traveling]

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The Romance Of Lace

- The Romance of Lace Perhaps it's the touch of romance it adds. Or the way light filters through it, suffused and softened. For others, it reminds them of the home of a beloved grandmother or a gentler time. The delicate threads, twisted and knotted, become a work of art, whether they are draped over a table or hanging in a window. In its broadest definition, lace actually refers to any openwork techniques that could include weaving, crochet or knitting. However, there are some needlework techniques that create only openwork....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; A Romance?

- Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a poem which tells the tale of a knight who undergoes trials-testing the attributes of knighthood-in order to prove the strength and courage of himself, while representing the Knights of the Round Table. One of King Arthurs most noblest and bravest of knights, Sir Gawain, is taken on an adventure when he steps up to behead a mysterious green visitor on Christmas Day-with the green mans’ permission of course. Many would state that this tale of valor would be within the romance genre....   [tags: literary analysis, english chivalry]

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My Chemical Romance

- My Chemical Romance is a pop/punk band. It is debated however, what genre of music it truly belongs to. Some people argue it belongs into the "emo" genre, others say "pop". Whatever genre of music it truly belongs to, My Chemical Romance sure has changed the lives of everyone who listens to them. From their first album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, to their last, May Death Never Stop You, fans all around the world have supported them in their 12 years of music. It all started when lead singer, Gerard Way, was doing animation in New York City....   [tags: pop/punk band]

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Duffy Presentation of Love and Romance in ' Valentine '

- Carol Anne Duffy presents love and romance in a unique way that differentiates valentine from any other love poem. Throughout this poem carol expresses love though the original metaphor of an onion. This essay analyses how she does this so effectively and how she presents a range of ideas about love and romance. The idea of using an onion to represent your love for someone may be laughed at. However, the onion could metaphorically speaking represent the many layers of love or how love is bitter sweet....   [tags: Poetry]

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The Truth of a Young Boy’s Romance

- Many men are naïve when it comes down to them being in love. Men begin their experimental stage with women when they are young. Most boys learn or get an understanding of male and female relations from observing their parents, guardians, movies, or even reading books. In the story “Araby” a young boy has a crush on his friend Mangan’s sister. His crush on the girl is typical with young boys of his age. The young boy is hesitant to approach her or even speak with her because of his shyness. The young boy's idea of romance quickly begins to fade after his delayed trip to Araby....   [tags: relationships, ]

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Adversity : The Classic High School Romance

- Adversity It was the classic high school romance: she was the cheerleader, gymnast, and a sprinter. He played football, basketball, and baseball. She was a junior and he was a freshman, but that didn’t matter. They spent countless times together- he used to either come watch her during gymnastics or call her immediately after practice. She went to all his games. Neither of them worked, but they had each other. Their relationship was exceptional. On Valentine’s Day, he cooked her chicken for dinner, and it made her throw up....   [tags: High school, Mother, Parent, Family]

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A Fairytale Romance Like Cinderella Or Pocahontas

- Everyone dreams of a fairytale romance like Cinderella or Pocahontas in which a mere stranger falls madly in love with the main character. The movie Leap Year fulfills this yearning desire and much more. Anna, the lead character goes to Dublin to surprise her long-time boyfriend with a majestic leap year proposal. Along the way she is confronted with numerous obstacles such as extreme turbulence that reroutes her flight as well as having to travel by foot on her way to her destination at times. As if fate is trying to forewarn her, yet she is seemingly oblivious to all of these telltale signs....   [tags: Marriage, Love, English-language films]

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Casablanc An American Romance / Drama Film

- Casablanca is an American romance/drama film that was created in 1942. This movie was created during World War II to depict many events that were going on at that time. The Germans, who were trying to keep Laszlo in Casablanca, unfortunately in the end Rick allows Ilsa to escape the hand of the Germans with victor therefore leaving the audience with a broken heart. The film Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942) is the perfect example of “Hollywood perfection” in many ways than one. In The Limitless Potentials and the Potential limits of Classical Hollywood Cinema....   [tags: Classical Hollywood cinema]

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Romance de la Luna, Luna

- Federico Garcia Lorca’s “Romance de La Luna, Luna” is a Spanish poem that tells the story of a young gypsy boy and the moon. His love and infatuation with the moon leads to his death. This poem not only tells the story of this young child’s demise, but also shows the effects when someone is lured in by an appealing temptation. The poem uses many literary devices to enhance the meaning the words provide. The poem starts at the beginning of the story as the moon comes to visit the forge. The moon is said to be wearing “her skirt of white, fragrant flowers” (Lorca 2) as its bright light penetrates the scene....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Federico Garcia Lorca]

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The Effects of the Sicilian Code of Honour in A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller

- The Effects of the Sicilian Code of Honour in A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller 'A View from the Bridge' is a play set within the New York in the Red Hook area just after the years of the Great Depression in 1941. America was desperately in need of laborers and other countries were desperately in need of work. This lead to many immigrants transporting themselves to America. This brings us to the play which centers on two characters that enter the country illegally in search of money....   [tags: Papers]

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The Last of the Mohicans as an American Romance

- The Last of the Mohicans as an American Romance   In the 1820s, the Romantic Movement emerged in the United States as an embodiment of the American spirit after a second war with Britain. Although the Romantic Movement, or the American Renaissance, began to emerge decades after its European counterpart, elements of Romanticism can be traced to the chronicles of the first explorers who wrote about the beauty and mystery of the New World. Thematically, Romanticism is characterized by its longing for the past, and its idealization of nature....   [tags: Last of the Mohicans Essays]

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How Romance Is Celebrated In Literature

- The course of time has opened many doors in terms of romance. The present age not only consists many different forms in which love can be expressed, but exhibits the essence of romance that dates back to the dawn of time. Love has existed in many forms throughout time. There is no better example than in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. In this tale, when love is most apparent, the most crucial events occur to develop this "tragedy." Firstly, the lustful romance of Mercutio and Benvolio, Romeo’s comrades have never been in true love, their ideas of love is based merely on physical attributes, whereas ‘love is skin deep’.Mercutio, in contrast with Romeo knows not of true love...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Romance in Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors

- Comedy of Errors - Romance What is so interesting about Shakespeare's first play, The Comedy of Errors, are the elements it shares with his last plays. The romances of his final period (Pericles, Cymbeline, The Winter's Tale, The Tempest) all borrowed from the romantic tradition, particularly the Plautine romances. So here, as in the later plays, we have reunions of lost children and parents, husbands and wives; we have adventures and wanderings, and the danger of death (which in this play is not as real to us as it is in the romances)....   [tags: Shakespeare Comedy of Errors Essays]

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Identifying with Romance-Based Reality Show Characters

- Television viewers have more viewing choices than ever before in deciding how to spend their time with television. In recent years, reality television has become a popular genre for viewing audiences. According to Nabi (304), reality television programs, "film real people as they live out events (contrived or otherwise) in their lives.” One popular subgenre of reality television is romance-based competition shows. These shows typically follow a contestant on their search for love and as they choose between a group of attractive suitors....   [tags: Television Review]

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Romance Conventions

- Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Romance Conventions In Chrétien de Troyes’ Yvain, Calogrenant relates his ‘adventure’ in Broceliande. He meets a monstrous herdsman in a forest, who asks who Calogrenant is: “‘I am, as you see, a knight looking for something I’m unable to find: I’ve sought long and can find nothing.’ – ‘And what would you want to find. – ‘Some adventure, to put my prowess and courage to the proof.” As John Stevens observes, these lines “could serve almost as a classic definition of chivalric romance.” The first part of Calogrenant’s answer could have come from the mouth of Gawain in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, as he searches for the Green Chapel to fulfil his pac...   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Myth and Romance in Star Wars

- Myth and Romance in Star Wars Pure science fiction is rarely written. Science fiction is often blended with elements of other genres from horror to fairy tales. The movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is one example of this. It contains a combination of science fiction with mythical and romantic elements. Contributing to this combination are the main characters Luke, Leia, Han, and Obi-wan, the movie’s setting in a galaxy far, far away, and Luke’s great quest. Luke Skywalker is a mythical character....   [tags: Star Wars Film Movie Movies Essays]

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Romance in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

- Romance in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley The Romantic Movement in England, and subsequently in America, occurred in the late 18th to the early 19th centuries. In her novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley conforms to many literary trends that were used by the romantics. One literary trend of the romantic era is for the story to be set in a very remote or foreign place. Possibly, the purpose of having a story set in a foreign place was to create a realm that is entirely different from the known world of the reader....   [tags: Papers]

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Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul

- Fear Eats the Soul is a German film directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder , starring Brigitte Mira and El Hedi ben Salem. It is certainly a movie ahead of its time in portraying inter-racial marriages and the complex reality of living in a foreign country. The 1955 movie All That Heaven Allows My was the real inspiration towards the making of Angst essen Seele auf , both projecting a struggling love between an widow and a younger man. Yet, Fear Eats the Soul embarks on a much more complex and a bit disturbing tale....   [tags: movies]

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The Power of Women in Sundiata and The Romance of Tristan and Iseult

- In a patriarchal society men normally have the power. This power is generally handed down generation to generation as seen in Sundiata where the lineage of the first kings of Mali is explained generation by generation (Niane 3). It can also be seen in The Romance of Tristan and Iseult when “[T']he barons, Andret, Guenelon, Gondoine, and Denoalen pressed King Mark to take to wife some king's daughter who should give him an heir...”(Bedier 26). In these examples men generally have the primary power....   [tags: Mali empire, patriarchal society]

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Can a Romantic Movie Relate to Modern Romance?

- Can a Romantic Movie Relate to Modern Romance. Have you ever watched a movie about people falling in love. If so, you have watched a romantic movie. Romantic movies can be defined as a genre wherein the plot revolves around the love between two protagonists (“The script lab”, 2013). There are many romantic movies, but, the one that will be discussed in this essay will be the movie “The Vow”. So, how does this movie portray modern romance. These questions will help answer that question: 1) What is the Movie Description....   [tags: the vow, love story]

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Summary Of ' Gone : An Historical Romance Of A Civil War

- Kara Walker’s piece titled Gone: An Historical Romance of a Civil War as It Occurred b 'tween the Dusky Thighs of One Young Negress and Her Heart represents discrimination on basis of race that happened during the period of slavery. The medium Walker specializes in using paper in her artwork. This piece is currently exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art. Even though this artwork depicts slavery, discrimination is still an issue today in America, the country where people are supposedly free and equal....   [tags: Black people, Race, White people, Slavery]

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Analysis Of Madison Johns 's ' The Sweet Romance '

- Madison Johns is USA Today bestselling author and writer of many novels that span different genres. The many different series that Madison Johns has written include: “Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths Mystery” series, “Agnes Barton/Kimberly Steele Cozy Mystery series, Agnes Barton Paranormal Mysteries, and the “Sweet Romance” series. Some of the series starring Agnes Barton are really a part of the main series, but Johns put them in their own series so that if readers wanted to sit those other installments out, they could....   [tags: Novel, Fiction, Literature, Character]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Romance ' By Thomas Hart Benton

- Romance by Thomas Hart Benton is made with mediums of tempera and oil varnish glazes on gesso panel on board and is 45 1/4 inches by 33 1/4 inches. In this essay, I am going to discuss Benton’s use of composition, color, and texture to create a tranquil mood. When I first looked at this painting I pictured it taking place during the civil rights era, because of the clothing that the people in this painting are wearing. To me, this painting tells the story of a man and a woman taking a casual walk at the end of a work day....   [tags: Color, Blue, Painting, Composition]

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Fine Romance - Original Writing

- Fine Romance - Original Writing It was Ali’s first day of the final year in school, when he first fell in love. He was determined to fall in love even if it killed him. The new and old students arrived in the assembly and that’s when he saw her, the most beautiful among all the girls and her name was Haley. She was as beautiful as rainbow, it seemed bright wherever she stood. He kept staring at her like he won’t see her again if he stops looking at her. He stopped looking at her for a moment and started to talk to his best friend Julie, whom he was very fond of....   [tags: Papers]

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The Egg And The Sperm : How Science Has Constructed A Romance

- Stereotypes in Scientific Language Over the years in American history, women have fought for the rights and freedoms that men were born with. For a while now after all this hard work women have put in to get these rights, you would think there wouldn’t be any more hoops to jump through, but you would be unquestionably wrong. Emily Martin wrote “The Egg and The Sperm: How Science Has Constructed a Romance Based on Stereotypical Male-Female Roles” to show the world that there is gender stereotyping not only in our culture but also scientific language as well (Martin 39)....   [tags: Gender, Male, Female, Sex]

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The Egg And The Sperm : How Science Has Constructed A Romance

- The article, “The Egg and the Sperm: How Science Has Constructed a Romance Based on stereotypical Male - Female Roles,” is written by Emily Martin, an anthropology professor at New York University. The author explores how scientists have imposed gender-biased stereotypes through the use of scientific language and terminology. Martin suggests that biological scientists have influenced the way our culture views gender and the stereotypes imposed by society based on male and female roles. When reading this article I gained the perspective of how science has been influenced by our cultural definitions of male and female....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Reproductive system, Male]

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Enemy At The Gates : Romance, Propaganda, And Historical Accuracy

- Enemy at the Gates: Romance, Propaganda, and Historical Accuracy Jesse Turnbull History 12: Mr. M Wuerch December 15, 2014 A. Introduction The 2001 film Enemy at the Gates is a World War II film set during the Battle of Stalingrad. The movie, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, is based on war stories told by a Soviet sniper named Vasili Zaitsev. The title of the film is taken from a 1973 nonfiction novel written by William Craig. Set in 1942, the film follows Vasili Zaitsev (Jude Law), a Red Army soldier on the front lines in the Battle of Stalingrad....   [tags: Soviet Union, World War II, Battle of Stalingrad]

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The 's Talking Is A Comedy, Family, And Romance Film

- The Non-Traditional Family Look Who’s Talking is a comedy, family, and romance film that features Bruce Willis, who plays the voice of Mollie’s son Mikey as the main character, John Travolta as James, Kristie Alley as Mollie, and George Segal as Albert, the dishonest father of Mikey. Look Who’s Talking is a film related to the physical development in infancy. Mikey uses his inner voice to express how he feels and observes life as a baby. This film is an outlook on how most babies who cannot express themselves vocally might view and perceive society....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Infant]

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Chivalric Romance in Sir Gawin and the Green Knight

- ... In “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” the chivalric code - or rather, the human ability to abide by it - is challenged by nature in a number of different ways. The challenges that nature presents to the chivalric code are characterized by the Green Knight. The insignificance of the code is revealed in the reactions of the people of the court to the Green Knight's challenge. His proposition reduces "the noblest knights known under Christ” (Part 1) “to cowering, quaking men.”(Part 1) In spite how the court reacted to the Green Knight's challenge, Arthur still insists, "No guest here is aghast of your great words" (Part 1)....   [tags: bravery, honor, humanity, knight]

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I Hate Romance Novels

- I Hate Romance Novels Let me get one thing straight from the start: I am a huge believer in romance---in the sex you can't get enough of and the person you can't stop thinking about, in fantasies about sharing the dominatrix whip and then some ice cream afterwards, in being turned on by arguments about Lacan and Freud and fights about existentialism and religious doctrine. That's my idea of romance. I prefer the "give and take" to the "giving of the soul." I prefer the knowledgeable lover to the frightened virgin....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Romance and Drama Fiction

- Romance and Drama Fiction There is an enormous quantity of categories in which fiction books fall into. Romance and Drama are just two of the many categories there is. So the question is what makes a good romance book. Or a good romance story. First of all, romance books should always relate to the human experience. They should integrate words and actions that people say to their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and lovers. But those are just basic essentials of making a good romance story....   [tags: Papers]

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The Romance Novel Marriage

- The Romance Novel Marriage From the moment they saw each other they knew they were the perfect pair. They knew instantly that the other was their soul mate. It was love at first sight. This knowledge is followed by amazing sex. Then the ecstatic couple gets married and lives "Happily Ever After." I'm talking about the modern day adult fairy tale, also known as the romance novel. I've been reading these novels since I was in the seventh grade. My first one was titled Bitter Sweet, written by Laverle Spencer, and was found in my mom's closet....   [tags: Marriage Married]

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Online Romance

- "Oh, what good will writing do. I want to put my hand out and touch you. I want to do for you and care for you. I want to be there when you're sick and when you're lonesome" (Wharton). The internet is a great source to yield romance yet it proves futile when an honest love is what is sought. The search for true romance is world-wide, it feeds the dreams of young boys and girls and of older, wiser adults; it permits their fantasies to steadily burn deep within their hearts. Despite the wisdom of these men and women, the call to romance is too captivating to dismiss....   [tags: World Cultures]

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The Winters Tale: The Tragedy Within A Romance

- The Winter's Tale: The Tragedy Within A Romance In 1623, the complete works of Shakespeare were published in the First Folio. Within this Folio were the works of Shakespeare categorized by their genre. There were tragedies, histories, comedies, and the final four were romances. Prior to this time, romance was not a widespread genre in anyone's writings. We can see by means of the "genealogy" of writing, that the romance we know today was created through the combination of the Greek novels and Shakespearean comedies....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Introduction to Reading the Romance by Janice A. Radway

- Janice A. Radway Janice A. Radway teaches in the literature program at Duke University. Before moving to Duke, she taught in the American Civilization Department at the University of Pennsylvania. She says that her teaching and research interests include the history of books and literary production in the United States, together with the history of reading and consumer culture, particularly as they bear on the lives of women. Radway also teaches cultural studies and feminist theory. A writer for Chronicle of Higher Education described Radway as "one of the leaders in the booming interdisciplinary field of cultural studies." Her first book, Reading the Romance (1984) has sold more than 30,00...   [tags: Gender Sexual Politics]

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Interracial Intimacy: The Regulation of Race and Romance

- Interracial Intimacy: The Regulation of Race and Romance Works Cited Missing Regardless of our social rhetoric of color-blindness, when it comes to choosing a spouse we seem to be remarkably aware of color, at least we were legally for more than 200 years and despite legal permission, society still exacts a social opinion on the matter. Law professor Rachel Moran examines this issue in Interracial Intimacy: The Regulation of Race and Romance and argues that the promise of racial justice is tied to integrating our most personal relationships....   [tags: Racial Marriage Love Essays]

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The Unexplained Romance Between Life and Death

- The Unexplained Romance Between Life and Death Humans have always been fascinated with the unexplained, life and death being two of the most popular. Much of the culture of the United States, as well as the cultures of other countries, is devoted to these two themes. Television shows, books, poems and even movies have fueled our romance. In T.S. Eliot’s most famous poem The Wasteland, he says, "I will show you fear in a handful of dust" (l. 30). Our romance with death does not just include the finality of the process, but also the realization of our need to improve our lives, because we finally realize just how precious they are....   [tags: Eliot Wasteland Death Essays]

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Romance of the Southwest: A City Different Kind of Chip by Doug Mattson

- The Romance of the Southwest The Southwest is a region known for the unique cultures that it holds. Some may describe it as majestic place with such beautiful historic buildings and cultures. This is just one way to describe this region of world. Early tourism has had such a dramatic outcome for the region. It has become a romantic place for people to settle and to just visit for the weekend. The Southwest has a sense of excitement that comes from within the land, culture, and the people that live there....   [tags: culture, magestic places, tourism]

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Birth of a Nation and The Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan

- "If history bore no relation to life, this motion picture drama could we be reviewed and applauded as a spectacle. As a spectacle it is stupendous" (Hackett, 1914). The Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan was adapted into the single most defining film in American cinematic history. The Birth of a Nation is most advanced piece of cinematography of its time, pioneering storytelling and techniques in its three hour long epic. However, America's first and unprecedentedly successful feature motion picture spectacle is regarded as one of the most offensive films in history....   [tags: racism, black, African-American filmmaker]

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Drama Romance Based On The Life Of A Business Man Named Ryan Bingham

- The movie Up in the Air is a Drama-Romance based on the life of a business man named Ryan Bingham. The film, like the one seen in class Intolerable Cruelty also stars actor George Clooney as Ryan. Ryan’s life consists of constant travelling due to business. At the beginning of the film, Ryan’s goal is to travel and reach 10 million miles. He tends to refer to other people as baggage in his backpack theory, the less attachment people have the lighter the backpack. Ryan’s job title is “corporate downsizer” which is practice is person hired to lay-off or “let go” of individuals from companies that are downsizing....   [tags: Economics, Unemployment, Supply and demand]

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Romance and Tragedy in F. Scott Fitzgerald´s The Great Gatsby

- Is love simply a feeling or is it something more. If everyone has there own unique interpretation of love, then how are we supposed to know what someone is saying when they say 'I love you'.... In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald we watch a romance tragedy between the graceful Daisy Buchanan and mysterious Jay Gatsby through the eyes of the narrator Nick, a friend to everyone and growing businessman. Their love story could make anyone question what love really means. Fitzgerald wrote this novel to show that when in relationships, compassion or love doesn't certainly imply a sense of commitment to someone, and vice verse....   [tags: Marriage, Affair, Commitment]

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The Border Chronicles By Bertrice Small

- "The Border Chronicles" is a series that was written by Bertrice Small, an author of historical romance and erotica, that has appeared on many different best seller lists in her long career. She is also considered the queen of historical fiction, and writes with an erotica and earthy style. The series takes place in the English and Scottish borderlands before and during the Tudors period. The main character of the first book is Adair Radcliffe, stubborn, beautiful, the bastard daughter of Edward IV and countess of Stanton....   [tags: Love, Romance, Romance novel, Romance]

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Analysis Of ' Grand Theft Auto '

- 1.Catherines reading of gothic novels cause her to have nightmares, and to be on edge the whole time she is in the castle. It causes her to think that something bad is always present, like the General murdering his wife, and causes her to always be worried about what 's around the corner. I think that certain parts of pop culture are particularly harmful because they can produce a message to young adults that it might be correct to say or do certain things. I believe this because we are beginning to see some start to this generation 's pop culture affect....   [tags: Love, Romance, Romance, Romance novel]

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Eudora Welty's The Ponder Heart: A Romance Parody

- Eudora Welty's The Ponder Heart: A Romance Parody Jennifer Lynn Randisi's book, A Tissue of Lies, explores several of Welty's works. Chapter III of this book takes a close look at the Southern Romance in Welty's novel, The Ponder Heart. In her essay Randisi writes that Welty's novel can be seen as an "ironic myth or romance parody" (57). This idea of ironic myth or romance parody comes from Northrop Frye's definition of"myth as an imitation of ritual (e.g. plot)" (57). Randisi continues to say that the events of the story comprise a quest, but one that recounts events leading to isolation rather than reconciliation, revealed through what the reader comes to know and what Edna Earle c...   [tags: Eudora Welty The Ponder Heart]

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Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights - Not a Romance Novel

- Wuthering Heights - Not a Romance Novel Emily Brontë, author of Wuthering Heights, grew up in isolation on the desolate moors of Yorkshire, knowing very few people outside of her family. In the book, Brontë contradicts the typical form of writing at the time, the romance, and instead composed a subtle attack on romanticism by having no real heroes or villians, just perceivable characters, and an added bit of a Gothic sense to the whole thing. Brontë accomplishes this by presenting us with the anti-romantic personalities of Heathcliff and Edgar, main characters who are brutal and immoral monsters, who eventually die in the end....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Contrasting Romance Novels and Pornography: Male and Female Preferences

- Contrasting Romance Novels and Pornography: Male and Female Preferences I don’t think I’ve ever read a romance novel, not for school, and certainly not for my own enjoyment. Although I’m not much into pornography either, I get much more excited looking at visual images of attractive women than if I were simply reading about them. Growing up, I remember the opposite to be true for my older sister, who often had romance novels lying around in her room. The contrasts between romance novels and pornography underscore how different female and male erotic fantasies are....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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