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Fragments of A Painful Case and Paper Pills

- Fragments of "A Painful Case" and "Paper Pills" Although James Joyce and Sherwood Anderson situate their subjects in very different milieux (Joyce's in Dublin; Anderson's in Winesburg, Ohio), two of their subjects speak the same language of idiosyncrasy. In Joyce's "A Painful Case," Mr. Duffy keeps on his desk "a little sheaf of papers held together by a brass pin. In these sheets a sentence was inscribed from time to time and, in an ironical moment, the headline of an advertisement for Bile Beans had been pasted on to the first sheet" (Joyce 103)....   [tags: Painful Case Paper Pills Essays]

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Mr. Duffy in James Joyce's "A Painful Case"

- "Mr Duffy abhorred anything which betokened physical or mental disorder." This is notion is quite evident when examining Mr. Duffy's living arrangements, occupation, and daily routine. It is quickly evident that Mr. Duffy is a very independent sort, he seems the type that requires order and structure in everything aspect of his life. When examining Mr. Duffy's room we learn that his furniture is minimal, ranging from a bed, washstand, chairs, clothes rack, and a table with a desk on top of it. His room is not colorful or cluttered; rather it is made of white bedding, a white lamp shade, white book case, and lofty walls with no pictures....   [tags: A Painful Case]

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The Erotic in Joyce's A Painful Case

- The Erotic in Joyce's A Painful Case       The characters whom inhabit Joyce's world in "Dubliners," often have, as Harvard Literature Professor Fischer stated in lecture, a "limited way" of thinking about and understanding themselves and the world around them. Such "determinism," however, operates not on a broad cultural scale, but works in smaller, more local, more interior and more idiosyncratic ways. That is, the forces which govern Joyce's characters are not necessarily cultural or socioeconomic in nature, but rather, as Prof....   [tags: Painful]

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Analysis Of James Joyce 's ' The Dead ' And ' A Painful Case

- ... The most obvious similarity is the conclusion they both come to. By the end of the stories, both men realize that up until that point, they were never able to truly love someone. The ending of both stories leaves the reader with the impression that neither man is interested in changing. In the final scene of “The Dead,” the narrator says, “It hardly pained him [Gabriel] now to think how poor a part he, her husband, had played in her life,” (Joyce, 240). “A Painful Case”, on the other hand, ends with the comment that Mr....   [tags: Dubliners, James Joyce, Epiphany, The Dead]

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Pain - Merely A Response To A Painful Stimulus?

- Critically evaluate the view that pain is merely a response to a painful stimulus.   Pain Essay: unit 3 There are various definitions of pain. The most commonly agreed upon seems to be “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience arising from actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage” The most appropriate definition of pain within clinical practice was suggested by Margo McCaffrey in (1968). His definition was ‘whatever the experiencing person says it is, existing whenever he says it does’ Pain is an abhorrent feeling that is transported to the brain by sensory neurons....   [tags: Pain]

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Case Study : The Case Of Anna

- ... Relating the Evolutional Model to Anna’s Case Events occurring during a person’s childhood tend to become embedded in his or her foundational perspectives of the world. The manner in which a person views parents, the maintenance of the home, traditions, the closeness or distance of family, affection, relationships inside and outside of the home, etc., all become the norm in which he or she believes things should be. From birth, we are all born innocently into this world; helpless and reliant on our parents or guardians....   [tags: Family, Mother, Child, Father]

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The Conflict Between Conformity and Individuality in Willa Cather's Paul's Case

- The Conflict Between Conformity and Individuality in Willa Cather's Paul's Case Willa Cather’s “Paul’s Case,” displays the conflict between conformity and individuality through the main character, Paul. On a number of occasions, Paul is forced to lie and steal to escape the conformists who wish to control him and stifle his unique imagination. However, his lying, stealing, and attempts to escape the conformists, only force Paul into isolation, depression, and feeling a sense of shame for his individuality....   [tags: Willa Cather Paul's Case Society Essays]

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Classical and Modern Anti-Semitism in the Mortara Case

- According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, anti-Semitism is hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group. There are two main types of anti-Semitism: classical anti-Semitism and modern anti-Semitism. Classical anti-Semitism is the hatred and intolerance towards Jews because of their religious differences. According to, “Modern anti-Semitism, in contrast to earlier forms, was based not on religious practices of the Jews but on the theory that Jews comprised an inferior race....   [tags: Anti-Semitism]

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Physician Assisted Suicide Case study

- Diane: A Case of Physician Assisted Suicide Diane was a patient of Dr. Timothy Quill, who was diagnosed with acute myelomonocytic leukemia. Diane overcame alcoholism and had vaginal cancer in her youth. She had been under his care for a period of 8 years, during which an intimate doctor-patient bond had been established. It was Dr. Quill’s observation that “she was an incredibly clear, at times brutally honest, thinker and communicator.” This observation became especially cogent after Diane heard of her diagnosis....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Case Of Sickle Cell Disease

- ... Sickle cell anemia is caused by a very small change in the structure of one protein. Even though the change is very small, the altered protein severely affects how the body functions. These changes can be seen in many symptoms that can be caused by sickle cell anemia. The health of the human body requires balance. A failure in any one of the body’s systems can cause ill health. In sickle cell anemia, the circulatory system does not perform its role therefore causing other problems to arise in many other systems in the body....   [tags: Red blood cell, Hemoglobin, Sickle-cell disease]

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Case Of Individualized Decision Making

- ... Kant said, “Act always on such a maxim as thou canst at the same time will to be a universal law” (Kant, 593a). In Diane’s case, the maxim is “If my sufferings are in greatness, I should terminate my life”. If that maxim become a universal law, nobody will be alive because of all the struggles and obstacles faced daily thus it is morally incorrect. To illustrate, if at any point in our live that we feel that we have a problem and its outcome will be more painful than unjoyful, we should commit suicide to avoid the pain, nobody will remain alive....   [tags: Morality, Categorical imperative, Immanuel Kant]

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The Case for Medical Marijuana

- Medical marijuana is an often-misunderstood subject—some people simply cannot understand why an elderly woman should puff away on marijuana to “cure” her emphysema. Overall public opinion leans toward keeping this mysterious drug away from pharmacy shelves. However, rare medical cannabis research studies show that marijuana alleviates pain from a plethora of debilitating diseases. All in all, the use of medical marijuana does have drawbacks, but marijuana is still a reliable course of treatment for those who suffer from chronic diseases....   [tags: Illicit Drugs]

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A Case For Pro-Choice

- Right now, thousands of women face a life changing decision, whether to follow through with a pregnancy or going through the process of abortion. An abortion is the process of removing an unborn offspring, known as a fetus, from the woman’s uterus in order to terminate the pregnancy. The confrontational topic is divided between the views of pro-life and pro-choice. Advocates for pro-life strongly believe that the unborn baby should be protected. Whereas, pro-choice supporters believe the decision of what happens to the unborn baby is completely a right of the woman....   [tags: types of abortion, legal/social issues]

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Case Study: Lorenzo Carcaterra

- Case Study: Lorenzo Carcaterra Identifying information Caracterra is a white male around the age of 30 years-old. During his childhood, around the ages of 13-15, he had three close friends that he considers a huge part of childhood. He grew up in Manhattan in a community called Hell’s Kitchen. His parents are still together but displayed domestic violence in the home. Loyalty means everything to him, he would do whatever he can for his friends or family. At this moment, Caracterra currently resides in Hell’s Kitchen alone and struggles with letting go of his past childhood....   [tags: therapy report, overcoming PTSD]

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Case Study of a Patient with Periodontal Disease

- ... Recurrent aphthous stomatitis is characterized by recurrent occurrences of one or several shallow, rounded or ovoid, painful ulcers that recur at intervals of a few days or up to 2-3 months. (Field, Allan, Review article: oral ulceration-aetiopathogenesis, clinical diagnosis and management in the gastrointestinal clinic 2003). The patients are usually healthy but there are occasional associations with familiar bases such as trauma, dietary sources and food allergies, stress –related factors, non- tobacco use or smoking cessation, genetic predisposition, immunology, haematinic deficiency (iron, folate and vitamin B12), underlying systemic disorders, skin disorders or autoimmune diseases....   [tags: dental health]

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Persistent Cough Case

- “A 60 year old man that enters your community pharmacy and asks to speak to you about his cough which he has had for more than three weeks” A cough is a troublesome symptom that is frequently presented to clinicians in both primary and secondary care. A cough is caused by a reflex that occurs by an irritation of the respiratory mucosa in the lungs, bronchi and pharynx. It allows for the removal of foreign particles and secretions from the respiratory system (Irwin & Madison, 2000). A cough can be classified according to it’s duration, a cough of threes weeks is acute, and a cough that lasts longer than 8 weeks is classified as chronic....   [tags: subacute cough, sputum, infection]

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Case Study of Gestalt Play Therapy

- Gestalt therapy is a type of therapy used to deepen our awareness of ourselves. According to O’Connor and Braverman, (2009) “Gestalt" implies wholeness. Gestalt can also be considered as the essence, or shape of a complete form. A theoretical opposite of structuralism, the entity constitutes more than the sum of its parts. Gestalt therapy is comprised of a complex psychological system that stresses the development of client self-awareness and personal responsibility through a process-oriented, experiential and phenomenological modality that addresses the totality of an individual in terms of senses, body, emotions and intellect.” In an active process, suppressed feelings can be explored i...   [tags: Gestalt Therapy Approach to Children]

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The Case Of Mr. Jock, And When The Dsm 5 Criteria

- Giovanna Eynaudi Considering the information provided in the case of Mr. Jock, and after aligning all symptoms and signs to the DSM-5 criteria, the patient should receive the diagnosis of Bipolar I, current episode manic, severe severity, with mood congruent psychotic features, with catatonia. As mentioned in the DSM-5, to receive the Bipolar I diagnosis, and individual must meet criteria for at least one manic episode, which may (but not required) have been preceded by or may be followed by hypomanic or major depressive episodes (Criterion A for Bipolar I), and should not be better explained by the presence of schizophrenia, schizoaffective, schizophreniform, or delusional disorder, or othe...   [tags: Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Psychosis, Mania]

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A Medical Case Study on Charlotte Wyatt by the BBC

- According to the BBC, Charlotte Wyatt was an infant born three months premature in October 2003. This premature birth has caused complications including severe brain damage. The medical professionals caring for Charlotte acknowledged this, predicting that she would live no more than a few months, regardless of medical care. Charlotte remained living under hospital care as she received medical treatment, including things like constant oxygen supply, and at this point, she did not respond to stimulation but appeared to be suffering significant pain....   [tags: premature, brain function, resuscitate]

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Analysis of Michael Levin´s Article The Case of Torture

- Michael Levin's article on "The Case for Torture." is an article which mainly discusess the use of torture as necessary and important in order to safeguard the lives of the many innocents and society and, is justifiable. In one of his examples, he verbally states that the mass murder of millions of an innocent crowd by a terrorist justifies the use an act of torture to stop such a brutal and barbaric act. This is a question of ethics on the action of wreak havoc. We need to look at the scenario of a war....   [tags: safeguard, innocents, torture, ethics]

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The Legalization of Euthanasia: The Case of The influence Chantal Sebire

- Imagine a person goes to the doctor and finds out that he or she has inoperable or advanced stage cancer, AIDS or some debilitating disease like Lou Gehrig’s or Multiple Sclerosis. Death is an inescapable fact of life, but in scenarios with cancer, AIDS and other fatal diseases, it is closer and might be more painful than one hopes. Recent developments in Belgium pertaining to the legalization of euthanasia in terminally ill children , as well as the coverage of the case of French citizen Chantal Sebire, who was s suffering from esthesioneuroblastoma( a rare, incurable cancer of the nasal cavity which would progressively damage her brain and eventually kill her) remind us of the top...   [tags: Death, cancer, euthanasia]

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Health: The Case of T.N., a Twenty Year Old Male

- ... III. Learning Objectives: 1. T.N. will learn how to properly care for his burn by demonstrating the care procedure three times without help from the nurse while explaining what he is doing in his words by the end of the day.  This objective is the most important objective because it takes top priority for the client and the nurse. It is the client’s top priority because he wants to learn how to bandage his hand, so healing can occur swiftly. It is the nurse’s top priority because she knows the importance of proper burn care in preventing infection and restoring the full function of the affected area....   [tags: deficient knowledge]

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Surgical Management of Mucocele by Using Diode Laser

- Introduction Mucus extravasation cyst or mucocele is commonly occurring lesion in oral mucosa containing mucin that may result from trauma to minor salivary glands. It is a well‑defined tissue swelling composed of pooled mucus that escaped into the connective tissue from a severed excretory duct. The incidence rate is high and it is the second most commonly occurring lesion after irritational fibroma in the oral cavity, prevalent in second decade of life with no sex predilection. Commonly involving lower lip, followed by tongue, buccal mucosa, palate, and retromolar area....   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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Patient With Panic Disorder and Identity Problem

- Rob wants to confront his mother who never embraced him as a child. Willing to talk about his past in order to move on with his life. 5-Axis Diagnosis Rob shows a pattern of the following disorders: panic disorder: he has palpitations of the heart, sweeting and fear of losing control or going crazy. Dysthymic disorder: insomnia, overeating, low self-esteem, difficulty making decisions and feelings hopelessness. Identify Problems: Rob patterns fit the syndrome of identity problem. He is uncertain about friendship patterns, sexual orientation and behavior, moral and religious values and group loyalties....   [tags: Psychology Case Study]

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Tina's Story

- Mood Disorders are the result of severe or manic depression that occurs past a normal state of depression. When one has a normal depressed mood, he or she responds to the quandary of news or event in his or her own life however, are usually able to return to their normal state within a short time. Those who are diagnosed with a Mood Disorder are not able to return to their normal state. The DSM-IV segregates and identifies the distinctiveness of the mood disorders into axes that are then utilized in classifying the disorders to ensure the proper treatment associated for the sufferer....   [tags: Case Study]

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Making the Case for Right to Die

- The right to life that has been stated in the Declaration of Independence brings up controversial debates about the morality of war, self-defense, capital punishment, abortion and euthanasia. Euthanasia is the ending of a life to escape suffering and pain. Although many believe that assisted suicide, also known as physician-assisted death is morally wrong, I think that under certain, strict circumstances, people should have the choice whether or not they want to suffer towards the end of their lives....   [tags: euthanasia, mercy killing]

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Case Analysis : Binder & Patel

- Binder & Patel (2004) state that, “In contrast to the rigid adherence to the notion of termination as a final ending, our guidelines reflect the increasing heterogeneity of views regarding the meaning and role of termination…” (p. 238). A heterogeneous view on termination is that it isn’t always one of the most crucial challenges for a therapist and client (Binder &Patel 2004). It is said that the impact of termination is lessened if the therapeutic relationship, between the client and therapist, isn’t seen as very significant....   [tags: Therapy, Psychotherapy, Family therapy]

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A Case Against Abortion

- ... Women who go through an abortion have the emotions of a solider afterwards they have no expression and cannot even feel their emotions. Few weeks after the abortion many women have negative feelings, later they experience guilt, and some have sleeping problems, then they have regrets, and finally they are given medication from a doctor. Women have a load of guilt for having an abortion; some women want to be pregnant to recover from the loss of their first. Girls at the age of seventeen have many psychosocial problems; they either have withdrawal, depression, self-reproach, obsession to become pregnant again, and fast marriages (“The Psychological Effects of Abortion”)....   [tags: Pro-Life, religious views and beliefs]

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The Duality of Human Nature in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

- Crusaders returning home from their battles in the Middle East as early as 1100 were accused of worshipping what the Roman Catholic Church deemed a false deity, Baphomet. This creature enigmatic to the people of Middle Age Europe represented equilibrium of "black energy" and "white energy" in the soul, as well as in nature. There is indeed an apparent duality in the human subconscious. The misconception that these two sides are simply good and evil is commonly accepted by the majority of western society because of Christianity and its tales of seraphs casting down demons intent on committing foul acts....   [tags: evil, disguise, society]

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Symptoms And Consequences Of The Concept Of Pain

- ... The cases presented here are taken from work situations, and they are real. Elements related to the cases had been change, such as the names, to protect privacy. Model Case and Discussion Susan is a 52 year old female that is admitted to the telemetry floor after a colectomy with colostomy placement. Susan was diagnosed with colon cancer four weeks ago. Susan lives with her boyfriend in New York, and she was visiting her daughter here in Florida. Susan was getting tired more frequent than usual, otherwise, she was feeling healthy....   [tags: Pain, Suffering, Case study, Scientific method]

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A Case Related to Death, Dying and Bereavement

- Introduction Death, dying and bereavement would bring different memories and emotion to bereaved person. There were different manifestations of grief (Strobe, Schut, & Strobe, 2007). In the grieving process, we would experience depression, anxiety and fear about death and dying. We also felt loneliness, shock and numbness during death and dying. In addition, there were also some common grief reactions to the bereaved person too. They lost their appetite, sleeping disturbance, being exhausted and many complaints about somatic and physically (Worden, 1991; Stroebe, Schut, & Stroebe, 2007)....   [tags: grief, loneliness, grieving process]

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Case Study Review - Reviving an Ancient Therapy to Manage Chronic Pain

- Title: Reviving an Ancient Therapy to Manage Chronic Pain Reference: Podiatry Today, December 2003, pg. 46-53 Author: Nicholas A Grumbine, DPM Rating: 4/5 Abstract Objective: This article was written to increase people’s awareness of leech therapy in healthcare to manage chronic pain. Case studies on were designed to determine whether leeching would improve chronic pain in a safe and effective manner. Background: Chronic pain results when there is delayed healing. Grumbine claims that chronic pain ‘produces a fear in the patient and a panicked feeling that the pain will return or increase’....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Legal Issues In Reduction Of Workforce

- For the last decade, employer practices and the laws enacted by Congress have established guidelines that address employee/employer relationships. As a result, employment regulations and compliance laws, at times, make it difficult for a business to operate. However, on the bright side, employees are protected in every aspect of employment and employers have some guidance to help them administer employment. The simulation is about the workforce reduction or downsizing of Fast Serve, Inc. Whatever the trend may be, it still means that employees are being relieved of their jobs....   [tags: Case Study, solution]

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Brown Vs. Board Of Education

- Years ago, children of different races could not go to school together in many places in the United States. School districts could legally segregate students into different schools according to the color of their skin. The law said these separate schools had to be equal. However, many schools for children of color were of lesser quality than the schools for white students. Separate schools for blacks and whites became a basic rule in southern society. Within time, all of that was about to change....   [tags: Legal Case Study, solution]

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A Case of Sensitive Staphylococcus Aureus Infection

- ... I found it very difficult to assess Janice at today's clinic visit. She is slightly tangential. I can gather that she feels significantly better. She is not having any significant pain. She does have some ongoing bogginess to the right knee, however, it is not painful and she is able to move the knee with a relatively preserved range of motion. She did have ischemic-looking right toes during her hospitalization and these have not progressed. They are nonpainful in nature. She denies fevers, chills, anorexia or night sweats....   [tags: therapy, clinic, intervention, skin]

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Art Spiegelman's Maus - Prisoner on the Hell Planet - A Case History

- Art Spiegleman's comic book within the comic book Maus is titled "Prisoner on the Hell Planet: A Case History." This text within a text describes, in horrific detail through pictures, Artie's failed effort to get through the painful loss of his mother due to suicide. This text also in a way, represents a part of Artie's mind where he expresses his feelings of loneliness, doubt, fear, anger, and blame through the form of a dark, gloomy, depressing cartoon. In the first frame on page 100 nest to the title "Prisoner on the Hell Planet: A Case History," including this picture of Artie and his mother at Trojan Lake in 1958 (ten years before his mother killed herself)....   [tags: Art Spiegelman's Maus]

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The Significance of Legacies in The Things They Carried,

- In life, stories are an essential component of human survival and success. Stories enable people’s legacies to continue even when they pass away. Also, stories allow the storyteller freedom to share what he chooses to. The significance of stories is demonstated throughout literary works. Some works that show the significance of stories include, The Things They Carried, The Big Fish, “The Evolutionary Case for Great Fiction” and “For Better Social Skills, Scientists Recommend a Little Chekhov.” Stories are an essential aspect to human life because of their ability to keep memories alive as they aid man in coping with death and post-traumatic stress....   [tags: Big Fish, Evolutionary Case for Great Fiction]

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Community Health Nursing Case Review

- Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that affects the nerve cells, in a part of the brain that controls the movement of muscles. Symptoms of this debilitating disease include trembling of hands, arms, legs, jaw and face, stiffness of arms, legs and trunk, slowness of movement, poor balance and coordination. As symptoms get progressively worse, people may experience depression, sleep problems, swallowing and speaking problems. Till now there is no cure for this disease. Viewpoint of Client- This client lived her entire life very actively....   [tags: Medical Ethics, Parkinson’s Disease]

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Case Analysis : ' The Great Gatsby ' By Marshall Mathers

- Tzitlaly Chavez Mr. Domino Honors English IV 1 May 2015 Eminem Research Paper Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem has succeeded against all odds, growing up in a multitude of broken homes in the ghettos of Detroit, and fighting to rise to the top of African-American dominated art form. Eminem was constantly bullied and victimized, being told that he did not belong just for being white and that he was not going to succeed. He has proven that with desire, drive, and dedication anyone can accomplish their greatest goals no matter their background....   [tags: Eminem, Rapping, Rakim]

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Using the Strengths-Based Model for Social Work Practice

- Utilizing strengths based perspective with clients enables social workers to focus on the client and family strengths and abilities instead of focusing on the client and family’s problems, bad behaviors and pathologies. The strengths based perspective applies six principles that guide the social worker professional in assisting client’s with the strengths based model; we all have areas of strength, but sometimes it takes an unbiased third party to notice and help others clearly see what they are capable of achieving, even in the midst of their crisis....   [tags: Strengths Perspective of Case Management]

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Effects of Corporal Punishment on Children

- Discipline is one of the basic things a child learns from his parents before he or she faces the outside world to learn more about life as a whole. Teaching this trait can depend on how the parent shows it to their child and how they explain the importance of having this trait both in and out of their homes. Misbehaving children cannot be avoided as they are curious little beings and they have a tendency to explore. But there are some parents, even teachers, who do not tolerate misbehaving and they resort to corporal punishments such as spanking to make sure the child never forgets how painful it is to misbehave as they will remember the punishment entailed to it and become more disciplined...   [tags: Case Against Spanking]

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The Painful and Emotional Effects of Divorce

- Divorce is an emotionally painful experience for everyone involved, especially toward the children in the family. But yet, the law officials continue fabricating laws and devising regulations to make it harder for spouses seeking a divorce or separation to get one. The family has to deal with child custody and support, spousal support such as counseling, property distribution, and a possible name change. Divorce is not only a financial struggle for the families involved, but it is also a nuisance between family relationships....   [tags: changes, couples, family]

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Endometriosis : A Painful Disease

- Endometriosis Endometriosis is a very painful disease where tissue that usually grows inside the uterus grows outside the uterus. Because this tissue is endometrial tissue it still breaks down and bleeds during the menstrual cycle. Once the tissue breaks down there is no way for it to leave the body. This can cause severe pain. Endometriosis can also involve the ovaries and cyst can form called endometriomas. There are several symptoms from endometriosis, severe abdominal pain, pain with intercourse, pain with bowel movement, extremely painful periods, and excessive bleeding....   [tags: Menstrual cycle, Endometrium, Pregnancy, Uterus]

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The Case of Lena

- The Case of Lena Lena, a community college freshman, has stopped by to discuss her plans for spring enrollment. Lena was a good student in high school graduating with a 3.2 cumulative grade point average and was actively involved as her senior class treasurer. Lena was confident that she would be successful in college and was excited to be the first person in her family to attend college. With her experience working in her family’s Latina grocery store and as class treasurer, Lena was certain that she would excel as a business major....   [tags: Case Study]

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The Consequences of Addiction

- Treating a person suffering from the illness of addiction presents a complex psychotherapeutic problem which is further confounded when the illness includes a sexual addiction (Wilson, 1999; Virshup, 1985). According to Wilson, “83% of sex addicts report multiple addictions” (1999). The focus of this paper will be about Joe, whose substance addiction was the presenting problem, yet the severity of his illness was confounded by a vast array of co-existing trauma, loss, mental illness and sexual addiction....   [tags: Sex Addiction, Therapy, Case Study]

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Use of Symbols in Paul's Case

- Symbols are one of those most important things to a story. They share the meaning of themselves, as well as the meaning for something else. Symbols usually make the important ideas stick out as well as make the reader have different ideas of what is actually being said. One of the many symbols in “Paul’s Case” is flower’s. From violets to carnations, the flowers Paul talks about are ones of many meanings. The flowers represent a continual motif, expressing Paul’s character. The narrator expresses the teacher’s views towards Paul’s flowers, “…his whole attitude was symbolized by his shrug and his flippantly red carnation…” (Cather)....   [tags: Paul's Case]

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Rare But Incredibly Painful, Bone Cancer

- Bone cancer is a very rare aggressive cancer that makes a considerable amount of pain in the bones of the patients. Bone cancer is a disease that occurs on or inside a bone. In most cases, bone cancer involves a tumor filled with abnormal cells that will usually appear on the exterior of the bone. Similar to other types of cancer, bone cancer causes much pain and can be life-threatening. My mother was diagnosed with primary bone cancer last year and it has been a very long, hard process for her and the whole family....   [tags: symptoms, tumor, radiation]

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Beauty Is Painful, By Today 's Society

- ... Many women believe, “The underlying premise within such programming is that beauty must be publicly judged and regulated in order for participants to win societal acceptance” (Bordo 18). There are women who thinks no one will accept them for who they are because they are not like the women that are seen on magazines or television screens. In today’s society majority of the women that are famous in the media industry are labeled as picture perfect. A lot of women have idols they look up to as the ideal role model, or even body goals....   [tags: Eating disorders, Anorexia nervosa]

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The Setting of Paul's Case

- The setting of the short story “Paul’s Case” is clear and appropriate for the story. This is because Paul's feelings in the story happen to have a direct connection to the setting of the story. The East Coast of the United States is where the story takes place. From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Newark, New Jersey, and then on to New York, New York, the exact setting differs throughout the story. “…the dull dawn was beginning to show grey when the engine whistled a mile out of Newark” (Cather)....   [tags: Paul's Case]

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Gifted and Talented Case Study

- After reading Eduardo’s situation I believe that his instruction that he has been given does not cater to his interest such as role playing such as he would do in the Hispanic drama club. I would need to incorporate Eduardo’s strengths in my 9th grade history lessons. If there is a gifted and talented program in the high school that I am teaching in, I would refer him to the gifted and talented program. Students who are labeled as gifted and talented in the classroom face challenges of acceptance from their peers....   [tags: Case Study]

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Southwest Airlines Discrimination Case

- Southwest Airlines Discrimination Case Recently, a Southwest Airlines discrimination issue surfaced resulting from comments expressed by a Southwest pilot during a private conversation. The two minute conversation transpired on March 25, 2011 and was inadvertently broadcast over a Federal Aviation Administration air traffic control frequency in the Houston, Texas area during a flight from Austin, Texas to San Diego, California. According to the accusations, the comments were perceived as demeaning and derogatory with regard to the Southwest Airlines flight attendant employee group....   [tags: Case Review ]

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Tax Exemtion Case Analysis

- Article Analysis: Hospitals use tax exemption as a way for facing financial burdens. This allows hospitals to continue their operations by providing high quality care and providing free or discounted care to poor individuals. The implications for denying tax exemption can be financially detrimental to many non-for-profit hospitals and subsequently for many uninsured individuals who need access to care. Although I truly believe that there should be very strict regulations to rule tax exemptions for hospitals and healthcare organizations and I totally agree with the Supreme Court ruling in this case, I feel that this case is very controversial and leads to many fundamental arguments in regards...   [tags: Case Review ]

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Pancreatic Cancer Case Study

- Introduction In this essay I’m going to discuss about a patient named Mr. Valdez who has been diagnosed of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is often not diagnosed until it is advanced because the cancer usually causes no early symptoms, leading to metastatic disease at time of diagnosis (Brown & Edwards, 2008). I am going to focus on the adverse patient events that may occur in the oncology department during the course of treatment and nursing care for Mr. Valdez, and the evidence based nursing practice to improve patient outcome....   [tags: Case Study]

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Social Work Case Study

- Ms. Apple is a 45 year old African American woman who has been a widow for about 4 years. Ms. Apple has three children, whose ages range from 5-12 years old. Ms. Apple has been struggling to keep her family afloat since the death of her husband. Ms. Apple convinced herself that she would not require the extra assistance. However, she realized in attempting to provide alone has not only become very strenuous, but also quite costly. Expenses have become overwhelming for Ms. Apple to maintain, since her husband took care of the finances and was the breadwinner for the family....   [tags: Case Study ]

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Rosebud Reservation Case Study

- After traveling to Rosebud Reservation, I found it eye opening of the cases that presented in the outpatient clinic at Indian Health Services. One patient that was out of the ordinary to me was a man that came in with a fractured tibia or fibula, as he had a cast that was put on within 72 hours of being seen at Indian Health Services Outpatient Clinic. I was unable to gather the required information due to fingerprinting not being approved. The patient presented with common signs of compartmental syndrome....   [tags: Case Study]

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Under Armour Case Study

- In order to beat its competitors, Under Armour Company can engage in market sensitive fresh product invention. New products are more likely to draw curiosity amongst the populations especially if they commensurate well with the prevailing trends (Hill & Jones 2009, p. 308). UA concentrated on the outside-in (market responsive) approach to carry out its strategies. It is reported that it sourced unique synthetic materials and employed on field product development. This enabled it to create the performance apparel segment in the athletic apparel market....   [tags: Case Study]

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Case Study: The Mind of Alias Grace

- In Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood, Doctor Simon Jordan is a psychologist that is analyzing and talking to convict Grace Marks with the ultimate goal of unlocking the truth behind the murder case of Thomas Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery. Parts of Grace’s memory are missing completely, and through constant discussions with Doctor Jordan about her dreams and memories from the past, Doctor Jordan is trying to find a way around the memory blocks while examining the validity of Grace’s claims and psychological state....   [tags: Case Study]

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CareGroup IT Case Study: The Network Collapse

- The CareGroup Case Study was comprised of various components. The core concepts were broken down into the history of CareGroup itself, CareGroup’s IT, the collapse of the network, dealing with the collapse of the network, and the lessons learned from the entire situation (McFarlan, F. Warren, and Robert D. Austin, pg.1). CareGroup was formed on the basis of three major Massachusetts hospitals; Beth Israel, Deaconess, and Mount Auburn (McFarlan, F. Warren, and Robert D. Austin, pg.1). After a surprising merger of Mass General and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, all three hospitals in CareGroup suffered great financial losses (McFarlan, F....   [tags: IT Case Studies]

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Case Commentary - PNJ v DPP

- Case Commentary – PNJ v DPP Introduction Victoria and New South Wales (NSW) take a similar approach in relation to tendency and coincidence evidence (‘the Evidence’). However, until the case of KJM (No 2) , they took different approaches in reviewing rulings of the Evidence . This case commentary discusses the different approaches used to be taken in Victoria and NSW, presuming that the admissibility of the Evidence in ss 97, 98 and 101 is of the same decision, not separate decision . Facts PNJ v DPP is an appeal case with regard to sexual assault against teenage boys by the applicant....   [tags: Case Review ]

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Case Study: Effective Managerial Leadership

- Case Study: Effective Managerial Leadership The successful implementation of a public policy to solve a social problem will greatly depend on the abilities of a public administrator. Furthermore, numerous case studies can show examples of how a successful public agency administrator can achieve goals through dedication and commitment. The following discussion will present a thorough analysis of main political, social, and economic forces that affected Dr. Gayle in establishing legislation to fight the AIDS epidemic as is presented in the case study Managing Across Boundaries: A Case Study of Dr....   [tags: Case Study]

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Case Study

- Case Study: A thirty six year old male has developed severe muscle weakness throughout the body. The condition began fifteen months ago with a left foot drop and within a year, he described difficulty with speech and swallowing, muscle twitching and cramping, and muscular atrophy throughout the upper and lower limbs. Within the last two months, his breathing has become more difficult, and there has been a noticeable difference in his voice. Prior to the fifteen months, he presented little to no symptoms....   [tags: Case Study]

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Aditya Birla Group Case Study

- Question 1: Critically analyze the growth strategy adopted by the Aditya Birla Group. What are your views on the business portfolio adopted by the group. (7 marks) Aditya Birla Group is one of the first multinational corporations in India. Its headquarter is located in Mumbai with many others operations in different parts of the world such as in Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, China…), Europe (UK, Germany, Hungary, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland…), America (US, Brazil…)....   [tags: Case Study]

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The Case of the Balding Client

- Exploratory Essay The Case of the Balding Client I have heard it all, from “ the last stylist fried it” to “The cat licks it out when I am sleeping.” I specialize in hair extensions and believe it or not these are the explanations I received from a client who brought me a handful of extension tips with tufts of her own hair dangling from the end, root bulb intact, to be reattached. I have been an extension specialist for 5 years and had never seen this....   [tags: Case Study, solution]

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The Toyota Uncontrolled Acceleration Case

- This report presents the legal and ethical issues that one of the world’s largest automakers, Toyota, encountered due to uncontrolled car acceleration in several of their car models. These issues resulted in millions of recalls due to injuries and deaths. The case was an issue of whether the accidents were a result of sudden acceleration, bad drivers, or faulty floor mats. There were several legal issues involved in this case, including charges of negligence as well as possible charges of obstruction of justice because they knowingly hid these defects from U.S officials but did not attempt to correct these issues....   [tags: Toyota Liability Case]

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Medical Case Studies With Diagnosis

- Case One This 20 year old female patient is presented to you with complaints of excessive urination and extreme recent weight loss. In addition to excessive urination, the patient is experiencing unusual perspiration and anxiety. Finally, the patient’s skin tone is uncharacteristic pale. Hormone involved: Thyroxine Diagnosis: The diagnosis is, the 20 year old female patient, has excessive Thyroxine, because as we suspect, Thyroxine has in their symptoms weight loss, and the patient is losing weight a lot, and the anxiety is the same, but this is a disease called Hyperthyroidism, is the reason for all of this....   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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Case of Kirk Noble Bloodsworth

- DNA is the blueprint of life. It stores our genetic information which is what is in charge of how our physical appearance will look like. 99.9% of human DNA is the same in every person yet the remaining .1% is what distinguishes each person (Noble Prize). This small percentage is enough to make each person different and it makes identifying people a lot easier when its necessary. DNA not only serves to test relationships between people it also helps in criminal cases. DNA testing in criminal cases has not been around for many years if fact it was not until the early 1990s when the use of DNA testing for criminal cases was approved and made available....   [tags: Case Study, solution]

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Apple & Foxconn Case Study

- Foxconn: Impact of globalization on labor conditions. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd which trades as Foxconn Technology group or as the media calls it Foxconn has been in media limelight recently due to labor problems that have surfaced from the organization. Foxconn is a major equipment manufacturer supplier to electronics giants like Blackberry, Apple, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and the Nintendo Wii. The internet has several articles and controversies regarding the deplorable worker conditions and cases of suicides by the workers....   [tags: Foxconn Case Study]

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The Case of Valentine Shortis

- Before the eighteenth century it was very common for a guilty person to try to escape harsh punishment under the plea of impulsive insanity after committing a crime. However, by the early eighteenth century it was more difficult to prove that an individual was insane after committing a vicious crime. The case of Francis Valentine Shortis was one of such cases. His lawyers had a very difficult case on their hands and the only option they felt could help their client was to use the insanity defence....   [tags: Case Study, solution]

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Fraud Case Study

- Embezzlement has become more common in the last few years. No one knows for sure whether the problem has increased due to the bad economy, less ethical behavior among employees or other attitudes toward the government or businesses in general. Charleston, South Carolina is no exception to the rising number of fraud cases. Every year more cases are being discovered and exposed to the public. One such case is the embezzlement of cash from a county owned garage. The embezzlement case of Martina Moultrie Richardson will be discussed as well as types of evidence desired in this case, methods/procedures for gathering the evidence and procedures for cataloging and maintaining the evidence....   [tags: Case Study ]

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Dennis Maher Case

- Today in criminal convictions, it is prevalent and necessary that there is evidence collected in order to hopefully find and put away the people who committed the crimes. Serology is an important factor that allows this to occur. Serology is the study and identification of bodily fluids such as blood salvia and semen in order to proceed in criminal investigations and legal processes. Blood, saliva, and semen can be readily found in sexual assault and homicide cases. In the case of Dennis Maher, serology is something that should have been considered in order to make a conviction....   [tags: Case Review ]

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TEGAN Case Study

- Introduction: In the year 1971, TEGAN was founded by Dafydd Lloyd in the town of Mumbles and was known as the second largest distributor of educational toys in Europe. Lloyd’s company got listed on London Stock Exchange as per its deep down interest in the electronic revolution where his company earned £5bn. Tegan by the year 2008 employed 3,000 people across its headquarters and 15 warehouses. Integrity, speed and a spotless reputation were Tegan’s principles which were followed even after his retirement....   [tags: IT Case Study]

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Gore Case Analysis

- Gore Case Analysis Bill Gore is a primary example of a unique, yet successful, approach on structuring his business using a lattice system. Lattice systems are organized to promote ingenuity and performance without hierarchy of authority (Grant, 2010, p. 412). Gore’s intent was to create an environment with self-managed associates pursuing personal commitments and working together to achieve diverse innovations (p. 412). The success of W.L. Gore & Associates exercising a lattice system structure has been admirable but this system has adverse effects including confusion of how an associate is paid for his contributions....   [tags: Case Study ]

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Tim Smith Case Study

- Congresswoman Giffords was shot in through the head in Tucson, Arizona. After the shooting, a panel of legislators passed the Elected Official Safety Act, a law to protect the safety of elected officials in a public (Skrentny). Governor Jerry Brown in Los Angeles was to give a public speech. However, it was interrupted by a young man named Tim Smith. He chose to attend the speech that day and make his way to the front, close in proximity to where Governor Brown was publically speaking. Secret service agents, at an undisclosed time, spot him and see that he is wearing a T-shirt that proclaims, “GOVERNOR BROWN IS IN OUR SIGHTS!” Additionally, under it there is a statement which “shows a pictur...   [tags: Case Study, solution]

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Case Studies in Nursing

- Case Study #1-Mr. Garvey We would tell Mr. Garvey that the normal cells in his lungs have been replaced by more mature cells within the epithelial lining because of damage caused by smoking. This process is called metaplasia (McCance & Huether, 2010). Stratified squamous epithelial cells are considered the thickest so they have formed to protect the bottom layer of his lung tissue. These type of cells are more conducive to constant friction and irritation that is caused by smoking. These mature cells lack the protection that the normal lung cells have which can produce mucus and have cilia that help move the mucus with its harmful substances out of the lungs and to the throat via a cough (Mc...   [tags: Nursing Case Studies]

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Principal Miller Case Study

- Leaders in the school have hard decisions to help make on a daily basis. They need to evaluate their decisions to make sure they are ethical and effective. Administrators need to listen to all sides of a situation and evaluate all options before they make a decision. This process is difficult because administrators need to make sure that all parties involved are satisfied with the decision that was formed. The Requested Change case study In the case study with Principal Miller, he had to make a decision to change the instruction program or to keep it....   [tags: Decision Making Case Study]

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Case Study: Office Depot

- (1) What marketing orientation or approach does Office Depot appear to be using now. How does Office Depot create value for its customers. Describe two things it could do it move it more toward implementing the marketing concept. After the situation has been addressed by Steve Haines, Office Depot appears to be using a societal marketing concept approach. A societal marketing approach is carried out by making good marketing decisions through considering consumers’ wants, the company’s requirements, consumers’ long-run interests, and society’s long-run interests....   [tags: Business Case Study ]

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Three Medical Case Studies

- Introduction This module of study has focused on many aspects of human health, anatomy, and the disease process. It has included such topics as the human organ systems, the mechanism of disease and the resulting disruption of homeostasis, the integumentary system, and the musculoskeletal system. The following case studies explore how burn classification will affect treatment, how joint injuries can disrupt mobility, and last, how a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to a decline in a person’s health status....   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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A Painful Lesson in Staying Calm

- A Painful Lesson in Staying Calm Oh boy, was I ever furious. I was cursing up a storm. “Damn ball. Where the hell did it think it was going. Who the hell ever let me learn how to golf. They obviously were one damn stupid bastard to think I could ever golf!” I briskly stormed away from the tee-box, enraged that my ball was completely out of control as it had flown through the air a few minutes earlier. “Just go damnit. Hit your fricken ball!” I sounded like a small pathetic child yelling at her mother because she had not gotten her way in an argument as I screamed angrily at my brother who was now standing on the tee-box ready to send his ball to the ends of the earth....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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The Second Coming: A Painful Truth?

- "The Second Coming: A Painful Truth?" For hundreds of centuries, man has pondered what revelations or spiritual awakenings will occur in future's time. Poet William Yeats, has written, "The Second Coming," which foretells how the Second Coming brings horror and repression to the world. Yeats takes into speculation that the future will certainly bring further darkness than is already present in the current world. He employs various symbols and allusions to assert his claims of the world's ultimate demise....   [tags: Poetry]

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Nursing Case Study: HIV

- HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus; this virus can lead to acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS. Accoring to Avert, 2.6 million people became infected with HIV in 2009, there are now an estimated 33.3 million people around the world who are living with HIV. HIV is transmitted by the exchange of bodily fluids via sharing contaminated syringes, from infected mother to the child, and sexual contact. Contact with blood, semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk, or saliva that is contaminated with HIV, puts an individual at higher risk for contracting HIV....   [tags: Nursing Case Study]

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