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Development of the Personal Computer in the 1970’s

- Development of the Personal Computer in the 1970’s Personal Computers (PC’s) are everywhere. I am sitting at my desk right now writing this report on my PC. It seems like these days we take computers for granted. Almost everyone has one. Teachers assign projects that almost completely require the use of a computer. Where did this explosion of PC’s come from, though. Just a few short years ago you were lucky to have a computer. About 25 years ago people would have called you crazy if you said you had a personal computer....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Struggles in America During the 1970's

- America has a special role in the world that is philosophically and morally grounded in the principles of human liberty and its logic of liberty. In the 1970s, America had a dreadful, disturbing and terrible time as it had retreats on almost all fronts and were held hostages for some time. There was the Vietnam War and the economic crisis including inflation, high taxes, oil shortage and the lives of Americans was not good as children never attended schools leading to high criminal activities on the streets....   [tags: economy, politics, taxes]

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Jamaican Politics, Reggae and Rastafarianism in the 1970’s

- Jamaican Politics, Reggae and Rastafarianism in the 1970’s "In the last election Prime Minister X went to Ethiopia and met with the King of Kings and had a conversation with him. He came back to Jamaica and showed the people a Rod, which he said was given to him by the King, Haile Selassie the First, to bring freedom to the Black People of Jamaica. He carried that Rod all around during the campaign. The Rastafarians heard this; the Dreadlocks heard this; and this rod caused him to win a landslide victory for the Party....   [tags: Essays on Politics]

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Educating Rita By Willy Russell and The Social, Historical And Cultural Context Of Britain In The Late 1970's

- "Educating Rita" By Willy Russell and The Social, Historical And Cultural Context Of Britain In The Late 1970's 'Educating Rita' by 'Willy Russell relates to the social, historical and cultural context of Britain in the late 1970's throughout the play and this extremely strong and believable reference to these three subjects contribute to a good piece of drama. 'Willy Russell' makes these references in everything, from the smallest detail, Rita's hair colour to the extreme stereotyping of each of the two classes....   [tags: Educating Rita russell Essays]

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French democracy 1970- future

- A comparative chronology of democracy/election and how it has and will influence politics in France between the time period of 1970-2020. In 1958, the highly centralized Fifth Republic was created, which lasts to the present day. Its constitution is characterized by the strong executive powers vested in the presidency. This constitution was approved by popular vote, and direct elections every seven years elect a President. The President presides over a cabinet of members headed by a Prime Minister of his or her choosing....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Market For Oil And Gasoline

- The Market for Oil and Gasoline Question 1: OPEC stands for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. OPEC's eleven member countries include Venezuela, Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, and Indonesia. In the fourth quarter of 2003 OPEC will produce 30.5 million barrels per day of the worlds projected total of 79.9 million barrels per day giving OPEC thirty-eight percent of the world's total production. The United States will produce 9 million barrels per day in the fourth quarter of 2003, which is 11 percent of total global production....   [tags: Oil Gas Petrol]

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The Incredibly Usable Cattail

- The Incredibly Usable Cattail Is it possible that cattails were the reeds in which baby Moses was hidden. Their range does include nearly all the continents. And even though cattails are wide ranging, commonly known plants, few know of their versatility. Nearly the entire plant can be eaten, excluding the leaves. Cattails were used many different ways medicinally, from a topical ointment to an internal remedy. The plants have also been used in a wide variety of miscellaneous purposes. Mostly, they have been used for weaving, but they also have been used for filling and more (Coon 1960)....   [tags: Botany]

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Kent State

- Thirty Years Later- Kent State Thirty years later, just after noon, the Victory Bell again rings through the green grass of Kent State University's Commons. The bell rings twenty-seven times; one toll for each of the four students killed and nine wounded by the Ohio National Guard May 4, 1970, and 14 times in solidarity for the two students murdered and twelve wounded by Mississippi Highway Patrol at Jackson State University May 15, 1970 Kent State University officials stopped holding Commemoration ceremonies in 1975, but dedicated students have kept the ideals represented by the Kent State shootings alive....   [tags: essays research papers]

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people of 1970s

- The 1970’s are a decade of finding your self. In this decade, there were scandals, sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. The years between 1970 and 1979 were very crazy. In this paper are people that helped shape the 1970’s Richard Milhous Nixon was born in 1913 in Yorba Linda, California. In 1946, Nixon was persuaded by the republicans to be their candidate, to challenge the democratic congressman, Jerry Voorhis. As a new member of the United States congress, Nixon gained valuable experience in international affairs, as well as serving on the committee that he committed, the “European Recovery Program”…aka the Marshal plan....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Watergate Chronology

- January 20,1969 Richard M. Nixon elected the thirty-seventh president of the United States 1969 Ehrlichman suggests to Caulfield that he leave the White House and set up a private security business that would provide security to the 1972 Nixon campaign. This project, Sandwedge, would be similar to the Kennedy security firm, Intertel. June 5, 1970 With the goal of increasing cooperation between various intelligence agencies within the government, a meeting was called in the Oval Office. Those in Attendance: Richard Nixon, J....   [tags: President Richard Nixon]

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Chile and US Anti-Communism Affairs

- In the 1960s America, the pope of democratic faith, preached to the world about the evils of communism. When Marxist Salvador Allende lost by three percent in the Chilean election of 1958, the United States decided that the next election of 1964, could not be left in the hands of democracy. The United States began to work to stop Allende from becoming president. They went so far as to create projects to help train and organize so-called anti-communists among the peasants, laborers, students, and the media....   [tags: Foreign Affairs Communism Chile]

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- History of Coca Cola Coca Cola a company founded in 1885 by John Pemberton and his partner Frank Robinson has had a historic era in it's growth till 1970 passing through two owners and a number of people, managing it at the top which made Coca Cola what it is today. The company in the early 70's was at its critical stages of loosing its pre eminent position as the No.1 cola drink in U.S.A. to it's erst while competitor Pepsi Cola. The company was owned by Ernst Woodruff since 1919 and was run by his son Robert Woodruff....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Jezza The Great

- Jezza the great - Matt Posaner For many Carlton supports, the greatest player, bar non, in recent memory is Alex Jesaulenko. He represented all that was mercurial and brilliant in football; he was a player people came to watch because the unbelievable on a regular basis, and the unexpected 10 times a game. Like Mozart, the greatest composer of all time, Alex Jesaulenko was born of Ukrainian parents in the Austrian city of Salzburg. He came to Australia as a young boy and grew up in Canberra. There are a couple of persistent rumours about the young Jesaulenko, which lend an aura to his particular genius....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Solidarity movement in Poland

- The Solidarity movement in Poland The Solidarity movement in Poland was one of the most dramatic developments in Eastern Europe during the Cold War. It was not a movement that began in 1980, but rather a continuation of a working class and Polish intelligentsia movement that began in 1956, and continued in two other risings, in 1970 and 1976. The most significant of these risings began in the shipyards of the 'Triple City', Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia in 1970. The first and by far the most violent and bloody of the workers revolts came in June of 1956, when at least 75 people died in the industrial city of Poznan....   [tags: European Europe History]

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Computers and The Increase of Labor and Wage Inequality in The 1980’s

- Computers and The Increase of Labor and Wage Inequality in The 1980’s Although computer technology dates back to at least the 1940’s, microprocessors were first introduced on a wide scale in manufacturing in the 1970’s. It has been noted that mainframe computers started to be used in business in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Computers have seemed to grow more rapidly ever since the Apple II was born in 1977 and the IBM PC in 1981. PC (personal computers) spread rapidly in the 80’s and 90’s and have been upgrading ever since....   [tags: History Technology Essays]

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Literature of the 1970s

- Literature of the 1970s The literature of the 1970’s contains a divergent amount of writers and genres. Poems, novels, and short stories are the main forms of expression, and these were produced by writers from around the world. “Many of the books in the 1970’s revolve around a general theme of man’s alienation from his spiritual roots”(Gillis). One author of the seventies is John Updike. He portrayed his characters “trying to find the meaning in a society spiritually empty and in a state of moral decay”(Gillis)....   [tags: essays papers]

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Cosmos TV Show, a Sinopsis

- Cosmos TV Show Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the cosmos TV show. Introduction I.Attention Material: Cosmos is a great and appealing TV show which explains and breaks down the science of the cosmos and earth, and Carl Sagan and his wife Ann Duryan started this amazing shoe in the 1970's; however, today Seth MacFarlane and Neil deGrasse Tyson run the show which brings more creditable claims and amazing visuals. II.Credibility: I got my sources for this speech from CNN, USA Today, and watching Cosmos on Hulu....   [tags: Science, Neil DeGrasse]

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Media in the Seventies

- Media in the Seventies Media has forever changed the way people live today and it changed lives in the seventies. In the seventies the media was important because they were able to show what happened in Vietnam and the people that wanted to forget the war could listen to music to get away. In the seventies there also was a lot of new shows that became popular along with big bands. One of the first major bands to appear in the seventies was named Chicago. There first album was in sixty-nine, but they never really got noticed until there second album called Chicago....   [tags: American America History]

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Annexation In Texas

- The legal authority of Texas cities to annex, and the reasons Texas has been a liberal annexer as well as why the pace of annexation has slowed since 1970 are numerous. In retrospect, this paper will discuss and bring to the table some of the finer points of these statements. Annexation was, for a long time, a typical proceeding in Texas. Everything from anthropomorphic ideologies to governmental necessities is typically discussed amongst the municipalities and councils that govern and operate Texas cities, as to why a specific place should be annexed....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Organizational Culture in Turkish

- Organizational Culture in Turkish Örgüt kültürü ile ilgili çalýþmalarýn 1970’li yýllarda baþladýðý ve 1980’lerde ise aðýrlýk kazandýðý görülmektedir . Bunun sebeplerinden ilki, örgütte çeþitli kültürlerden gelen insanlarýn oluþturduklarý alt kültürlerin birbirleri üzerinde kurmak istedikleri iktidar mücadelelerinden kaynaklanan olumsuz çatýþma ortamýný engellemek için bir üst kültürün tanýmlanmasýna ihtiyaç duyulmasýdýr. Böylece örgüte gelen çalýþanlar kapýdan içeri girerken dýþarýdan getirdikleri kendi kültürel kimlik ve deðerlerini týpký paltolarýný askýya asar gibi dýþarýda býrakacaklar ve iþ önlüklerini giyer gibi örgütün üst kültürel kimliðini takýnacaklardýr....   [tags: Foreign Turkey Turkish Essays]

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A Look into House Music

- A Look into House Music House music was first and foremost, the direct descendant of "Disco". Many older and wiser Chicago, New York and New Jersey House dj's will agree with me on this. They will acknowledged that fact that it was due to New York's, huge Disco club and music scene that helped to create the music of House and Garage and its culture within Chicago, Usa. Frankie Knuckles, the acknowledged "godfather" of Chicago house, got his start as a Dj via Manhattan, New York, Usa. Whilst there he was spinning Disco, Philly Soul records during the early 1970s with another legendary deejay figure, the late, great Larry Levan, New York....   [tags: House Music Disco Essays]

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The French Economy

- The French Economy (graphics not included) Macroeconomics from any country will be complicated and France is no exception. There are various factors which will give the analyst an Idea as to how healthy a countries economy is. The first, and arguably the most important, factor is GDP. GDP, also known as gross domestic product, refers to the total output of a country at any one time. Below is a time series of the GDP of France from 1970 until 2008. As you can see the French GDP seems to never be in the same place twice or, at least, has not held a steady course in the last 38 years....   [tags: France Economics Business]

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Robert Bolt

- Robert Bolt Over his lengthy, distinguished career, British screenwriter and playwright Robert Bolt has been thrice nominated for Academy Awards and has won twice for Doctor Zhivago (1965) and A Man for All Seasons(1966). Born and raised in Manchester, Bolt served in the British Air Force during WWII and afterward attended Manchester University. Following graduation, Bolt became a teacher of English at the prestigious Millfield private school in Somerset. He remained there between 1950-58. In his spare time, Bolt wrote radio and stage plays, but gained little recognition until he penned the script for his play Flowering Cherry (1957)....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Jimi Hendrix

- Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix, possibly the greatest guitarist in rock history changed the sound of rock. In 1967 The Jimi Hendrix Experience rocked the nation with their first album Are You Experienced?. Hendrix had a short life because of drugs in 1970 when he was only 27 years old. In a few years, rock and roll changed a lot and Jimi’s guitar playing was a big influence. Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle Washington on November 27, 1942. When he was just a kid he would play along with his R&B records whenever he could....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Role of Women in the Family

- The Role of Women in the Family INTRODUCTION I have taken some extracts from the following authors and their books, to bring you my version of the roles of women in the last fifty years and how it's changed. A Oakley Sex, gender and sexuality. N Dennis and co Coal is our life P Wilmott and M Young Family and class in London suburbs Also The Symmetrical family C Turbull The forest people And last but not least an article from the guardian paper based on inequality at home....   [tags: Papers]

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Ferris Beach: Automobiles and Motorcycles as Symbols

- Ferris Beach:   Automobiles and Motorcycles as Symbols          During adolescence, one makes a transition from a child to a young adult. It is common for an adolescent to be confused and frustrated with new ideas regarding morals and beliefs. People, places, and experiences teach adolescents about life and how to handle different situations., and the environments of the individuals become instrumental for their development. In the novel Ferris Beach, Jill McCorkle provides an example of the learning process of an adolescent girl in the 1970's....   [tags: McCorkle Ferris Beach Essays]

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Free Handmaid's Tale Essays: Life and Times of Margaret Atwood

- The Life and Times of Margaret Atwood Three Sources Cited Atwood was born in Ottawa, Ontario, on November 18, 1939. She lived in a cabin in the Canadian wilderness for most of her childhood (her father was a forest entomologist), and that is where she gained her love for books and reading - probably from boredom. She also took up writing during this time, at the age of six (Margaret Atwood). Sshe came to want ot be a writer her senior year in high school when she says, "all of a sudden a big thumb came out of the sky and touched my head and a poem was formed." Who would have thought that the young girl who lived in the woods would grow to become a prominent female writer and po...   [tags: Handmaid's Tale Essays]

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Political Policies Between The United States and The Soviet Union During the 1970s

- Political Policies Between The United States and The Soviet Union During the 1970s One can not effectively interpret world political policies of the 1970's without the inclusion of the relationship known as détente, and the breakdown there of. The breakdown of the 1970's détente can be attributed to many different issues and events. In researching these events the varying opinions from both world superpowers which would establish the failure of détente in history, as a breakdown in communication and talks between the United State's White House and the Soviet Union's Kremlin with the collapse of détente marking the end of the 1970's....   [tags: American America History]

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Chile - The Pinochet Era

- Chile - The Pinochet Era Background: Salvador Allende Gossens was elected the first Marxist president of Chile in 1970. He governed Chile from 1970 until 1973, the year of his death. The Allende government was not very successful. It approved sharp increases in the minimum wage whilst attempting to prevent price increases in consumer goods, in an effort to end Chile's economic slump. This resulted in disaster for the country, as inflation soared, strikes became common and opposition towards the Allende government increased....   [tags: American America History]

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CIA’s 50 Years of Corrupt Drug Trafficking

- CIA’s 50 Years of Corrupt Drug Trafficking The CIA’s 50-year history of smuggling drugs into America is generating hatred for the United States throughout the world. Like Pontius Pilate, CIA washes their hands of the human tragedies and the corruption of government offices. They do this by remaining and by refusing to recognize the evidence, supporting corruption. For the past 50 years, the CIA has abused its power by deliberately drugging and corrupting America; and therefore should be prosecuted....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Papers]

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The First Artificial Heart Transplant

- The First Artificial Heart Transplant History was made on December 02, 1982 when Barney Clark became the first recipient of an artificial heart transplant, which was performed by the medical staff at the University of Utah Medical Center. Although Barney Clark was the center of attention, there were many events that led up to this historical moment. The development of the artificial heart began in the early 1950’s. The initial prototype, developed in 1970’s by the artificial developmental staff at the University of Utah, allowed 50 hours of sustained life in a sheep....   [tags: Barney Clark Health Medical Essays]

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Fashion in the 1960's and 1970' s

- Fashion in the 1960's and 1970' s The sixties were a time of growing youth culture and youth fashions, which had already begun in the late fifties. In the west, young people were benefiting from the postwar industrial boom, and had no problem finding work. With extra cash in their pockets, they were able to spend more and had begun to refashion themselves accordingly. This higher demand in the fashion business brought out a new generation of designers. The freedom of extra cash meant room for more imagination and creativity, bringing out new and provocative fashion ideas....   [tags: Papers]

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The Student Union Development in 1960's and 1970's

- The Student Union Development in 1960's and 1970's In the 1960's the USA was benefiting from post war affluence. People had more money because their wages had increased. This meant that parents were able to give their children "pocket-money". Children were then able to spend this money on the things that were available at the time. These were things like going to the cinema. In the cinema they could see films made by Hollywood about daredevil young men living on the edge. The films gave the impression it was good to live for the moment, "live fast, die young" This was just what happened to young film star James Dean, he died while driving a very fast car....   [tags: Papers]

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British Women's Gain of Independece in 1960's and 1970's

- British Women's Gain of Independece in 1960's and 1970's At the end of the 1950's women still had many disadvantages to men in almost all areas of life, and they were not equal. The man was still seen as the main earner for the family. Although after the Second World War progress had been made in employment and women were able to get jobs, they were very much secondary to men. At the beginning of the 1960's there was a huge boom in popular culture which was accounted for by the huge amount of young people as a product of the 'baby boom'....   [tags: Papers]

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Use of Police Force and its Evolution from the 1970’s to the Present Time

- Since modern policing started almost 200 years ago criminals most of the time never surrender on the first contact. Police and the use of force needed to subdue the suspect have seemed to always and will forever be under the microscope. This essay will be looking at the drastic changes from the 1970’s to present time and the correlations that might have caused the increase or decrease in effective means of force. The 1970’s was statistically a dangerous time for society. There was a lot happening in the world both politically and physically, between the Vietnam War ending and political movements stateside....   [tags: Crime,Brutality, Paperwork]

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- Introduction Clostridium tetani more commonly known as Tetanus is an acute infectious disease. Tetanus is not contagious and is a neurotoxin produced by Clostridium tetani. It is characterized by muscular spasms that mainly involve the voluntary muscle groups. Tetanus can affect horses, goat, swine, cat, dog, sheep, cattle and many other domestic animals. In cattle the disease is relatively rare, but in some cases can spread through a herd causing substantial economic loss. Clostridium tetani is a gram-positive anaerobic bacteria that can be found in the soil, intestines of many animals and therefore it is also naturally found in the feces of most animals....   [tags: Health, Diseases]

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Critical Social Theory and Critical Education Theory

- Chapter 2: Theoretical Framework: Critical Social Theory and Critical Education Theory Many social issues occur in public and private schools concerning race, class, and gender. These social issues can be analyzed using the lens of critical social theory and critical education theory. These theoretical frameworks capture the social issues that occur in public and private schools and relate them to the society as a whole. More specifically, the critical social theory and critical education theory considers the relationship between social change and social struggle (Clark, 2006)....   [tags: Social Issues, Quality Education]

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Certified Public Accountants

- Certified Public Accountants Certified Public Accountants are expected to conduct themselves at a higher level than most other members of society and are held to the highest of ethical standards. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants provides general accepted auditing standards and the code of professional conduct as a framework of guidance for CPAs to follow in performing audit procedures. The following audit case demonstrates potential problems that can occur when the client, Mattel, and the auditing firm, Arthur Anderson, are both at fault....   [tags: Papers]

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The Occupational Safety and Health Act

- The Occupational Safety and Health Act Just imagine working in an environment where there are very few safety regulations, and little safety equipment. Think of how it was for employees of a steel manufacturing plant to work where there are almost no safety regulations and safety hazards all around you. This is how the work environment was before 1970; there were only few laws or regulations that required employers to maintain certain safety standards or working conditions for employees. However in 1970 President Richard Nixon sought to change all of this by signing into law the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)....   [tags: Workforce Safety Regulations Employment Essays]

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Biography of Robert Burns Woodward

- Biography of Robert Burns Woodward Robert Burns Woodward was born in Boston on April 10th, 1917, the only child of Margaret and Arthur Woodward, of English antecedents. Robert's father Arthur died in October of 1918, at an early age of only thirty-three years old. Robert Woodward was attracted to chemistry at a very early age, and indulged his taste for the science in private activities throughout the period of his primary and secondary education in the public schools of Quincy, a suburb of Boston....   [tags: Papers]

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Defined Roles: Hazardous or Beneficial

- Throughout the 20th century, women were labeled by their gender roles in society. These roles isolate women from men in many aspects of life. The role of women during this time was centered on being an excellent mother and caretaker of the house. Women that achieved their gender role in this society were honored, but those who failed where subject to isolation from both classes. The play Trifles illustrates some of the common gender roles associated with women and how it affected their interactions together....   [tags: Gender Roles, Trifles, The Yellow Wall-paper]

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The 1970's

- The 70’s: not the 1770’s and not even the 1870’s, but the 1970’s included several important new aspects toward the American culture and civilization. During the 1970’s, the fastest way to travel was the electric train (Gaff 27), Apple II was the first ever successful personal computer (Bondi 475), Australopithecus aforensis (otherwise known as Lucy because of the Beatles song played during the excavation) was discovered in Ethiopia, and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory officially began running experiments (486-489)....   [tags: American History]

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The 1970's A Time of Awareness

- The 1970’s was an era of political, environmental, and technological awareness. This era provided the American people with information and inventions that would positively shape the future of the United States. Awareness brings about optimistic thinking and change. This is exactly what happened in the 1970’s. Political awareness brought about accountability for the government and politicians. Environmental awareness brought about consumer and governmental accountability in energy usage. Inventions in the 1970’s were the platform for technology age that Americans currently rely on daily....   [tags: Watergate scandal, accountability of politicians]

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The Dance Revolution of the 1970’s

- The Dance Revolution of the 1970’s Contact improvisation is a modern dance form where two people move while maintaining a connection. It originated from portions of Steve Paxton’s movement studies, which he began in 1972 at Oberlin College. As with every major event that happens in the world, the introduction and investigation of contact improvisation affected everyone in society one way or another. Many people associate the 1970’s as the “hippie era” in American history. Due to this, the majority of society was open to new ideas....   [tags: Sociology Culture Essays]

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The United States During the 1970´s

- War, corruption, scandal, sounds like the theme for a movie. Actually it describes the atmosphere of our country during the 1970’s. The decade of the 1970’s was a decade filled with political, social, and environmental issues that have had a lasting impact on America today. Some of the issues that affected our country in the first half of the 1970’s carried over from the decade before. One of the first notable events was the Kent State massacre. The year was 1970 and President Richard Nixon stated in a television speech that the United States had invaded Cambodia....   [tags: politics, watergate, corruption]

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The Issues Of The Equal Pay Act 1970

- In this essay, I will be discussing the issues of what kind of discrimination women face in terms of equal pay. I will also explore the various methods in preventing such practices focusing on the public sector and comparing it to the private sector using the Equality Act 2010 and its predecessor the Equal Pay Act 1970. Historically, it can be argued that women were always paid less than men and society’s perception of women being able to do the job of a man was due to the skills or experience required....   [tags: Gender, Employment, Discrimination, Equality]

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Opioids And Other Substances Act Of 1970

- Opioids (also known as opiates or narcotics) are available by prescription as powders, tablets, capsules, liquids, injectables, skin patches, suppositories, and preparations sprayed or dissolved in the mouth. The DEA enforces The Controlled Substances Act of 1970, which classifies opioids and other potentially addictive or dangerous substances (but not alcohol or nicotine) on a schedule ranging from 1 to 5. (Marijuana is on this list as a Schedule 1 substance.) Schedule 1 opioids are illegal to prescribe because they have no acceptable medicinal value or have a high potential for abuse (   [tags: Morphine, Opioid, Heroin, Opium]

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Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970

- Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Created to help employers and employees reduce on the job injuries, illness, and death. Since OSHA was created work place deaths have decreased by 60%, injuries and illness have been decreased by 40%. It has beneficially lowered training cost due to fewer replacement workers, and overtime has also been decreased. OSHA directs national compliance in occupational Health and Safety. Workers compliance Insurance cost, medical cost, and decreased payouts to Return- to- work programs all reduce when Employers / companies stay safe and healthy in the work environment....   [tags: industrial and workplace safety and security]

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Changes in the Roles of Women

- The roles of women changed drastically between 1950’s and 1970’s due to the political, economic, and social issues, but women’s lives also stayed close to the way they had always been. The lives of women changed in a plethora of ways throughout the years. “We believe that women can achieve such equality only by accepting to full the challenges and responsibilities they share with all other people in our society, as part of the decision-making mainstream of American political, economic, and social life” (Statement of Purpose, 1966)....   [tags: 1960's, 1970's]

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Analysis of Music in the 1970's and 1920's

- “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent (Hugo, 2007).”Whether you grew up in the Roaring 20’s or in the Disco 70’s, music was a strong source of fun and entertainment. It is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. If you ever heard the phrase “Do the Hustle” you would most likely be referring to the disco era of the 1970’s compared to the “jazz age” of the 1920’s....   [tags: jazz, music, disco]

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1970’s American Culture and the Impact on Dance

- 1970’s American Culture and the Impact on Dance The freedom of the American life and culture of the 1970’s overflowed to make a major impact on music and dance during this period. American culture flourished. The events of the times were reflected in and became the inspiration for much of the music, literature, entertainment, and even fashion of the decade. Choreographers wanted to motivate the dancers to leap into the unknown and experience the contact of dance in their own way. Free love and the idea surrounding it helped break down barriers from traditional dance movements....   [tags: Sociology Essays]

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Johnny Carson in the 1970’s (Historical Context)

- Johnny Carson is one of the most renowned performance artists of recent time, being one of the most recognized icons in the United States through his night talk show, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. His fame was already present in the late 1960’s, but his peak of influence was during the early to mid 1970’s. This period of time was host to a lot of turmoil and change in the culture and views of the United States, which is reflected in Carson’s comedy. To understand the Carson’s comedy, one must reflect on the United States at this period of time....   [tags: television industry,tonight show,carson's comedy]

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Photographer of 1970's Stars and Legends, Mick Rock

- Mick Rock was a really cool photographer. Mick Rock was born in London, England in 1948. He went to Cambridge Arts College. He first became interested in photography during college. He is well known for photographing people like David Bowie, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Queen, The Ramones, Syd Barett, Joan Jett, Motley Crue, The Talking Heads, Crossfade, and Blondie. He was important to the creation of a lot of other rock images, including album covers for Queen’s “Queen II” and “Sheer Heart Attack”, Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock’n’Roll”, Iggy and the Stooges’ “Raw Power”, Syd Barett’s “The Madcap Laughs”, the Ramones “End of the Century”, and Lou Reed’s “Transformer”....   [tags: era, culture, memorable]

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Architecture and Design of Gas Stations Prior to 1970

- Gas Stations Before 1970 Building design, scale, and location for a commercial store can have a great effect on its consumer. Having a roadside structure that makes it easy to access and purchase a product is something that is very important, especially when it is trying to market a very common and indispensable product like gasoline. In the early 1920s, companies advertised their gas stations by using distinctive logos, colors, slogans, and building shapes. A very common vernacular gas station style that used these methods of advertisement was the house style....   [tags: Cars, Oil, Construction]

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The Workplace Accident Safety And Health Act Of 1970 ( Osha )

- Every year, more than 4.1 million workers suffer a serious job-related injury or illness(OSH Act of 1970). To prevent accidents in the workplace employers and employees must work together to eliminate the problem. Whereas employees should be responsible for their safety and take the necessary actions to do so, employers are responsible for a workplace accident given that employers should provide a safe workplace for their employees. Explanation of Issue: On June 7th employee John Schmidt seriously injured has hand in the production shop while pushing a large piece of wood through a table saw....   [tags: Occupational safety and health, Safety]

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Nancy Romero 's Adam And Eve 3 ( 1970 )

- Nancy Romero’s Adam and Eve 3 (1970) is an illustration describing the story of Adam and Eve written in the book of Genesis. There are six key symbols in this painting connected to the story of Adam and Eve. The centerpiece that holds the fruit, the snake on the table, the monkeys, the toys on the floor, and the open door of the house are all symbolic to the story of Adam and Eve. The centerpiece on the white table holding the fruit represents the tree of knowledge that bares the forbidden fruit....   [tags: Adam and Eve, Book of Genesis, Garden of Eden]

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Comparing The 1970 's Hosted The Acceleration Of Change Toward Personal Computers

- The 1970’s hosted the acceleration of change toward personal computers. Frank da Cruz a student then staff of Columbia University from the mid 1960’s to 2011, believes that 1971 to 1972 was the “the Golden Age of the Computer Center, reflecting an unparalleled degree of collaboration between the faculty and the Computer Center and the accomplishment of much work that might well have had an impact on the real world — medicine, social research, physical sciences, engineering, every field was represented.” IBM introduced IBM’s self service card readers, almost like a user account, that gave users much greater security for their decks(programming cards) at both submission and retrieval of jobs....   [tags: Personal computer, Computer]

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Biological Warfare in Africa during the 1960’s and 1970’s

- Biological Warfare in Africa during the 1960’s and 1970’s Throughout my research in many different books, reports on Biological warfare in Africa during the 1960’s and 1970’s, I have found a number of things. They include South Africa’s Chemical and Biological Warfare Program and the beginning of the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and the Ebola virus. Biological warfare is defined as “the use of harmful living things (such as germs that cause disease) as weapons in a war” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)....   [tags: harmful living things, ebola virus]

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Riot Policing at the Kent State Riot of May 4, 1970

- Riot Policing at the Kent State Riot of May 4, 1970 Twenty-five years ago this month, students came out on the Kent State campus and scores of others to protest the bombing of Cambodia-- a decision of President Nixon's that appeared to expand the Vietnam War. Some rocks were thrown, some windows were broken, and an attempt was made to burn the ROTC building. Governor James Rhodes sent in the National Guard. The units that responded were ill trained and came right from riot duty elsewhere; they hadn't had much sleep....   [tags: Papers]

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Success of Black Americans In The Civil Right Period Of 1950 - 1970

- During the period of 20 years between 1950 and 1970, black Americans were able to improve their level of civil rights. Therefore, it is logical to say that they were at least partly successful in achieving their civil rights. This was accomplished through a variety of ways, two commonly used techniques being legal strategies and non-violent direct action. However, because they were unable to attain complete equality, there must have been factors that worked against the civil rights movement. One of these factors was the use of violence as a means of protest....   [tags: Civil Rights Movement]

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How the Movies of the 1970’s and 1980’s Reflected America’s Mood and Culture

- Have you ever had one of those days that were so bad that you desperately needed a night at the ice cream or candy store. The 1970’s was that really bad day, while the night of self- indulgence was the 1980’s. Americans love to escape from our daily stress, and of all the products that allow us to do so, none is more popular than the movies. Movies are key cultural artifacts that offer a view of American culture and social history. They not only offer a snapshot of hair styles and fashions of the times but they also provide a host of insights into Americans’ ever-changing ideals....   [tags: Film, Ronald Reagan, Rambo ]

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The Evolution of Corporate Welfare and Inequality in America since 1970

- Over the last forty years many people have claimed that the level of equality has risen to an all time high. The evolution of corporate welfare in the United States, aided by the spread of globalization has put a huge burden on many lower class Americans. Race is still an issue we face everyday, as many minority groups are in the lowest percentile of salary or are living in extreme poverty, in addition, residential racial segregation furthers the disenfranchisement of minorities due to the lack of opportunities available in areas with a concentration of poverty....   [tags: Equality, United States, Class System]

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The Market For Oil And Fuel

- The market for Oil and fuel OPEC stands for the company of the Petroleum Exporting countries. OPEC 's eleven member international locations encompass Venezuela, Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, and Indonesia. inside the fourth quarter of 2003 OPEC will produce 30.5 million barrels in keeping with day of the worlds projected general of 79.nine million barrels in step with day giving OPEC thirty-eight percentage of the sector 's overall production....   [tags: United States, United Arab Emirates, Petroleum]

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The Goals Of Intercultural Education

- The goals of intercultural education focus on the improvement of relations between individuals and groups, for it seeks to increase respect for the various individualized differences among diverse populations in order to strengthen a national identity (Giles, Ingram, & Pitkin, 1946). The objectives of intercultural education are theoretically connected to notions of inequality, discrimination, ethnic and cultural diversity, and national identity (Leeman & Ledoux, 2005). Through historical evaluation of intercultural programs, there is much disagreement on the perspectives, target groups, boundaries and key concepts of intercultural education....   [tags: Race, Ethnic group, Nation, Curriculum]

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Oedipus The King Of Oedipus

- In Oedipus Tyrannus, the cultural way of thinking has been challenged by Oedipus himself and also the queen of Thebes, Jocasta. Oedipus is a king of Thebes who claimed himself to be incredibly smart for solving the riddles and he has helped the city who happened to be falling apart from the missing of their king. While in searching for the murderer of Laius, Oedipus called upon the presence of Teresias – the blind prophet. Oedipus requested Teresias to inform him about the truth that he knew about the secrets of the heaven and the earth (Sophocles, 1970)....   [tags: Oedipus, Oedipus the King, Socrates, Crito]

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Bystander Effect After The Murder Of Kitty Genovese

- Bibb Latané and John Darley, two psychologists, studied the bystander effect during their experimentation after the murder of Kitty Genovese. The Bystander Effect refers to the effect that bystanders have during the intervention of an emergency. Latané and Darley used a series of experiments to look at different aspects of the bystander effect; The series of experiments included smoke, a lady in distress, hand in the till, stolen beer, “children don’t fight like that,” and fit to be tried (Latané & Darley, 1970)....   [tags: Bystander effect, Kitty Genovese]

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How The Clean Air Act Developed And Changed

- Laws are often changing. A law needs to keep up with the changing views and values of a society. Things like events and technology are just two examples of what may produce a law or a change to a law. A law would need to accommodate a technology to regulate it for safety and how it’s used. Events also need to be regulated by law for safety and if it was a terrible event (9/11), then a law, or laws, are needed to prevent it from happening again. Laws pertaining to the environment are always changing because human interaction with the environment is always changing, whether its pollution, hunting, or overusing resources, these things need to be constantly regulated....   [tags: Air pollution]

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Women 's Movement During The 70s

- The Women’s Movement in the 70s The Women’s Movement in the 70s had been just a continuance of the 60s, women pushed and pushed for their rights and didn’t stop till they got what they wanted. There were several more protests and new laws passed due to these women. In 1970 at San Diego State University the first Women’s Studies department started. This was an on-campus group that formed a committee that included faculty and community members called the Ad Hoc Committee for Women’s Studies. They collected signatures on a petition supporting a Women’s Studies program....   [tags: Feminism, Feminist theory, Feminist art movement]

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The Health Problems Of The Air Pollution

- When most people think about what is wrong with the environment, they can think of many things wrong with it. The amount of pollution that has either enter the air, land, or the ground. The amount of pollution within the air has been constantly been caused by humans doing a lot of activities that release a lot of carbon emissions. Activities such as deforestation of trees, the uses of automotive cars, and factories producing so much smog on a daily basis. With all of these activities, much of the air quality is poor and can cause many health problems for humans....   [tags: Air pollution]

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The Impact of Gender on Student’s Instrument Timbre Preferences and Instrument Choices.

- I. Did you know that for boys, the flute is the fourth most popular choice, and females’ second most preferred instrument is the drums. Is this, in other’s mindset, a strange, unusual occurrence. Consider when an instrument is played, which gender most people picture playing such an instrument. Now what is the general age group of those who are visualizing a female playing the flute, or a male playing the tuba. In most cases, the gender typing of instruments tends to lean towards the older generation, but why is that....   [tags: mindset, gender stereotyping ]

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The Culture Of The 21st Century Vocational Education Student

- THE VOCATIONAL EDUCATION STUDENT The culture of the 21st century vocational education student and teacher must change to continue and improve upon their success in America and beyond our boundaries. The vocational education student for the most part, has always been viewed as a person who required more attention and multiple teaching styles to be successful. My experience in vocational education from the early 1970’s as a student and a vocational education teacher has encouraged me to offer changes to vocational education....   [tags: Higher education, Education, Vocational education]

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Analysis Of Octavia Butler 's Kindred

- The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same. The 1970’s were a time of free love, drug exploration and civil rights movements. During the 70’s the idea of race relations was a tricky subject, as it still is today, and though most can argue that race relations have improved since Americas creation to present day. Octavia butler’s kindred can be used to make a counter argument. That is, until the 1970’s racism, and race relations between white and black people in the 1800’s and 1970s were more similar than different in their practices and that not much at all had changed in that massive time span of what can be considered modern history....   [tags: Black people, White people, Slavery, Race]

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The Issue Of Equal Pay

- The first significant equality legislation in the UK was the Equal Pay Act 1970 . However, the issue of equal pay in the workplace can be traced back to the 19th century. This essay will analyse how economic and social factors of the 19th and 20th century were the reasons for highlighting the issue of equal pay in the workplace. However, with the gender pay gap standing at 19.2 per cent in 2015 , there can be no defining reason for equal pay in the workplace. Consequently, this essay will then discuss how equality legislation has challenged unequal pay in the workplace, but in its reactive approach has failed its objective....   [tags: World War II, World War I, United Kingdom]

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American Pie, by Don McLean

- Analysis of the song “American Pie”, by Don McLean The song “American Pie”, by Don McLean, was a major rock-and-roll hit in 1971. McLean portrays famous rock-and-roll singer and songwriter Buddy Holly, who died in a plane crash in 1961 by using many rhetorical strategies. The different possible interpretations of this song made it one of the most controversial songs from the 1970’s. Don McLean was a famous singer/songwriter who was popular in the 1970’s. His music is mostly classified into rock-and-roll....   [tags: Rhetorical Analysis]

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Religion vs. Women's Liberation

- Religion In the 1970’s, the influence of Mainline Protestant churches began waning, with more members leaving to join other religious groups or for new modes of worship. The events of the 1970’s greatly influenced the decline of the Mainline Protestant, such as the Vietnam War. Leaders were adamant against American involvement in the Vietnam War, and could influence the government better than the actions of the organized antiwar movement. As a result of the growing feminist movement, religious groups were pressured in the 1970’s to allow women into the ministry....   [tags: Religion ]

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The Role of The Knight

- During the Medieval era, lasting from the 5th century to the 15th century, warfare was considered a way of life. In warfare, the knights were recognized as one of the most powerful warriors on the battlefield. These knights, or mounted warriors, were considered deadly because they could move extremely fast and deal enormous damage to infantry by charging into them. Loyal only to their feudal lords, knights went on conquests, but also stayed in their castle defending their lords. This was important because in feudalism, the lord was at the top of the hierarchy....   [tags: Warfare]

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Happily Ever After

- Happily Ever After How important is the gender role in a happy marriage. Does the man have to be the bread winner and financial supporter. Does the woman have to keep the house and take care of the children for the marriage to succeed. Research has shown that “it is essential for both members of the couple to understand the gender role expectations of themselves and their partners throughout the course of the marriage” (Gender). This would indicate that even if the roles are not traditional, gender roles do play an important part in marriage....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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The October Crisis: Do You Have a Permit for That Freedom?

- The purpose of government is to create peace and order to maintain a functioning society. Legislation from the federal government of Canada is to do exactly that, but at what point does the law over state its presence and harm the people it attempts to protect. The October Crisis that occurred in 1970 under the Trudeau government is one such contentious issue: while it may have been supported by some it was highly criticized for damaging human rights in a democratic society. Essentially martial law was produced and the effects of the October Crisis caused a developed nation to take a step backward in their work to create and maintain a safe, functioning democratic state: a democratic state b...   [tags: canada, government, legislation, decision]

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Who Is Narcissistic? A Personality?

- One who is narcissistic cares more of what they are obtaining from “the relationship” rather than building a lasting bond with another. Brunell & Campbell (2012) suggested that this manipulation of another person in a relationship assists the narcissistic person “to regulate their narcissistic esteem” (p. 345). Although this concept sounds simplistic, it can take the form of unexpected expressions. When one calls to mind a grandiose person who is married to someone who they consider a ‘trophy spouse,’ the key concept is that the person is primarily fulfilling a perceived need....   [tags: Narcissistic personality disorder, Narcissism]

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The 1960s Of The Vietnam War

- The culture in America has changed dramatically since the 1970s. As time goes on different events occur that will change the American culture forever. If people never stand up for what they believe in, the American culture may have never changed. Woman were not treated with the same respect in the 1970 's like they are treated today. Just before the 70s, the Civil Rights Movement supporters stood up and made history. The country was in the Vietnam War until the middle of the decade. There are great examples of the culture differences in the film The Longest Yard in 1974 compared to the remake in 2005....   [tags: Barack Obama, United States, African American]

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