Essay on Search For Help Around A Community College Campus

Essay on Search For Help Around A Community College Campus

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Searching for help around a community college campus can be difficult, especially to students who do not know what resources and services a school has to offer. Community colleges offer resources and services to incoming and current students to allow them to have a better experience at school. The purpose of having resources and services at a college is for students who need help in anyway can seek that help and not have to feel like their college experience is going to be horrible. Some students would never even consider to ever look for any help around campus, for the reason that many believe it’s a waste of time and will not benefit them in anyway. However, many students at Fresno City College do not know about the beneficial resources and services the school has to offer. Knowing the services can mean the difference between success and failures.
During a student’s college experience, the student might stumble upon an academic struggle in where he or she might need help in a class assignment, an essay, or even when preparing for a test. At Fresno City College students are encouraged to visit the tutorial center that is located in the library. The tutorial center is a place where students can go in to receive help in any subject that they are struggling in. The tutorial center offers a variety of tutors that are willing to work with any student who need help with their assignments. However, the tutorial center offers different kinds of tutoring services. For example, upstairs of the tutorial center there is the writing and reading center. This specific center offers services to students who seek help in writing essays by giving them tips in how to brainstorm, how to write the basic elements of an essay, how to revise and edit e...

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...ege expenses. Whenever students feel stressed out or having anxiety about what is going on with them in school or personal life, and just need someone to hear them out, then they are more than welcomed to visit the psychological office. The psychological services will provide assistance how to cope with these personal and interpersonal experiences. Psychological services are provided to students for the health and well being of the student. Fresno City College offers health services to students, who are in need of first aid, if they are hurt, but also provides limited health services like immunizations and screen testing. As a high school graduate, I did not really know what Fresno City College had to offer, but know that I am a freshman, I am able to find out what resources and services are beneficial to me to have a successful experience and career at this college.

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