The Search for Gratification Essay

The Search for Gratification Essay

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The human condition is the experiences of being human. A big aspect of the human condition is the search for gratification. The search for gratification is seen constantly. A said by the famous actor, Chuck Norris, “anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way and you’ve got to have that drive and determination to overcome those obstacles”. The search for gratification is journey in which people look to accomplish their goals. The search for gratification is one aspect of the human condition revealed by writers and artist in their works.
Authors use the human condition to connect with the readers emotional sides. The human condition can also be consider a common characteristic in the world. An interesting aspect of the human condition is the search for gratification. Everyone in their life aspires to or for something. It is our nature to set goal and and fight to get to them. In the book Mice of Men there are many examples of this. Mice of Men is a story about a man and his slow and lovable cousin who drift from town to town looking for jobs. Their ultimate intention is to get enough money to retire in a little farm by themselves. While thinking about retirement Lenny says,”George how long’s it gonna be till we get that little place to live on the fatta lan”.(John Stienbeck Pg 56). This is a great example of the quest for satisfaction because George and Lennie are working hard to acquire the funds need for their retirement. This is part of the search for gratification because George and Lennie are like many people today that are working hard to accomplish their goals. The search for gratification can also be described as journey of self satisfaction. George and Lennie are looking for their satisfaction in retirem...

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