Search Engine Optimization / Seo Essay

Search Engine Optimization / Seo Essay

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Search engine optimization is basically the technical regulations that allow search engines to browse web pages more efficiently and accurately. It is usually abbreviated as SEO. With the widespread use of internet, SEO is gaining more importance day by day. Being aware of this fact, webmasters are determining their strategy in consideration of SEO. Therefore it is important to have a grasp of SEO in order to better understand and use the internet search engines. This paper aims to demonstrate the basics of this popular phenomenon SEO and by this way the reader will have a better comprehension of internet search engines.
What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO?
To begin with, SEO is the proceeding of getting traffic from any kind of search result on search engines. All leading search engines namely Google, Bing, and Yahoo have a sorting system that organizes web pages and other content, with which any internet user is likely to encounter when using a search engine, such as videos, images, and news. By organizing these content, the search engines make it possible for their ...

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