Search and Seizure that People See in The Media Essay

Search and Seizure that People See in The Media Essay

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Most encounters to seizures and searches are shared events a person sees in the media or news. The constitutional rights to basic privacy have frequently controlled to clashes between several private citizens and the officers of the law. An officer performing their duties will sometimes have to make fast decisions which at times may not seem to be thought out thoroughly. Many people engaged in criminal actions, and as long as there is people who engage in these action there will always be officers there to do their jobs.
In the scenario, Officer Smith is doing her normal road patrol at night and notices the vehicle in front of her riding with a broken tail light that appears to have colored tape over it. Officer Smith signals the car to pull over for the broken tail light. I believe that Officer Smith did have reasonable suspicion to pull the vehicle over because; the scenario stated that the vehicle appears to have a broken tail light covered with colored tape. With the vehicle having a broken tail light that is considered a traffic violation. Black’s Law Dictionary states that reasonable suspicion is, a particular and objective source, supported by detailed facts, to have doubts of a person wrong actions (Garner & Black, 1999).” In further words, if the officer thinks or sees someone’s behavior is suspicious, and the officer can explain the behavior; the ordinary person would agree that the behavior is not right, the officer would have reasonable suspicion.
As Officer Smith walks to the vehicle to obtain the driver’s license and registration and to advise the driver of the traffic violation, she remembers the vehicle fits the description of a vehicle that was involved in a road side killing of a fellow officer. This gives Of...

... middle of paper ...

...n tail light and performed a regular traffic stop. Had the suspect just given Officer Smith her license and registration, some of these procedures would have not happened and I believe if any charges would have occurred they would not have been as bad as the one’s the suspect is now facing. With learning the meanings and relating how they apply in this case, many individuals would have come up with the same conclusion.

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