Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Essay

Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Essay

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Part of being a rehabilitator means you need to know the different species of sea turtles and how endangered they are. Sea turtles are becoming very endangered animals; some species are endangered more than others. There is eight different species of sea turtles that all look and live in different places around the world. The Kemps Ridley is the smallest of the sea turtle species, and they are a critically endanger family. Kemps live in shallow coastal areas, bays, and lagoons. Baby Kemps are between either a grey or black solid color. Then as adults they will have olive green to gray color shells that is either broadly oval or heart shaped. Kemp Ridleys have has 5 costals and 5 vertebrals. Kemps usually nest from April to August; they nest during the daytime. When Kemps nest they lay on average about 100 eggs, and nest two or three times each season. The Olive Ridley is the next smallest sea turtles species. Olive Ridleys are endangered in Mexico and are threatened in other places. Olive Ridleys live in tropical and subtropical coastal bays and estuaries. The overall color of their shell is olive green. The Olive Ridley have 5 to 9 costals and 7 vertebral scutes. When the Olive Ridley goes to nest they normally lay about 110 eggs. Atlantic Green Sea Turtles are endangered in Florida, Pacific Coast of Mexico, and threatened everywhere else. The Atlantic Green is normally found in shallow waters along reefs, in bays and estuaries. The adult's shell ranges from a rusty reddish brown to light brown with darker mottling. The Atlantic Green’s name comes from the color of their fat. The one distinctive characteristic is the two large oblong preocular scales between their eyes. When Atlantic Green nest they lay from 75 to 150 eggs each t...

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