The Sea Level Will Increase Global Sea Levels Essay

The Sea Level Will Increase Global Sea Levels Essay

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Imagine you are taking a picture somewhere in San Trope on a very nice beach, and after some time this beach has gone forever… There is not beach anymore because of the humans mistake and indifferent to our planet. It’s sounds very sad. So why does it happen? It happens because in Antarctica the ice is melting. Probably in 24th century cities like London, Oslo,Helsinki, half of Denmark, many cities in Italy, Greece and many more will go under the water. How is it possible to bring so much damage? Antarctica holds 90% of the frozen water. So how much could Antarctica and Greenland raise global sea level? The scientists sure that the sea level will rise up between 50cm and 130cm higher by the end of this century, if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced rapidly. This data also comes in line with the predictions made by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that sea level will rise by 50cm to 100cm by 2100. By the end of the century the rise of the level of the oceans seriously edits the map of the world. By the end of the century the rise of the level of the oceans seri...

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