Se Habla Espanol By Tanya Maria Barrientos Essay

Se Habla Espanol By Tanya Maria Barrientos Essay

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“Se habla Espanol” wrote by Tanya Maria Barrientos. She is growing up in Texas, but she was born in Guatemala. That causes she cannot speak Spanish like Latina. In the article, she talked about what the feeling as a Lantana without the ability to speak Spanish so well. Her parents give her a few of knowledge about speaking Spanish. Because, she grew up in a special era, which Mexican Americans were considered dangerous radical. Nowadays, this theory is politically incorrect. The author wants to find some people that like her, does not fit in Spanish culture and help them, giving them a big mental supporting. I’m from China, growing and living in different places, which have different language and culture habit.

The different between America and China attitude to foreigner is show the country’s power or culture. The writer said “it sounds politically incorrect now” (Barrientos, Tanya p.63). That show the writer growing up in that time, while a part of culture citizen wants to drop and ignore their own culture to embrace American. So the author learns a few of knowledge about her own culture. The author believes that there are many of people like her, influenced by the policy. In China, the citizen will feel the foreigner is cool, maybe will give them more respect than native citizen. Maybe that is created by China culture, a famous Chinese, said: “To have friends coming in from afar, how delightful.”, or because modern Chinese fight, which let the citizen feel the foreign is stronger. In my living place, people could meet foreigner frequently, so no one will feel surprising.
The culture and language problem in both author and me have teach me some important things. The article shows her ideas with a specific focus on ...

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...ogether in order to face and solve problems. Racial stereotypes cannot define citizens who do not have white skin and blue eyes, about who they are. And they, facing racial problem, will not judge other people because of their backgrounds and histories. In China, a part of officer is Embezzle money and engage in corrupt practices. People will look for other people. They will find other people not have a good reflect about telling low-office the corruption. Then, they will keep silence. If there are some guys to stand out and report the corruption event to law-office. Maybe they who stand out will lose money and social status, even go to prison, therefore, most people want to keep silence. People who keep silence is like the Latina people who do not stand out. It is an important determine for every Latina and people who want to stand out and report corruption events.

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