Screenplay Excerpt from Nightmares Essay

Screenplay Excerpt from Nightmares Essay

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Screenplay Excerpt from Nightmares
[Nightmare sequence: Angelica steps forward, her flashlight flickering in the darkness of the cluttered room. Her feet trip over a broken chair, she falls to the ground with a dull thud. Her flashlight slips out of her grasp, and rolls away. It skitters to a stop several feet away, next to a man. He lays face down on the floor, his eyes lifeless. Blood pools out of the wound in his throat. She screams.
Angelica scrambles away from the corpse. In her haste, her hands unwittingly become coated in the victim’s blood. Noting this, her agitation grows. The teenager blindly stumbles forward. A shadow appears by her side, and a clawed hand strangles her.
Angelica struggles against her assailant. She kicks him in the shins. The claw releases her throat. She stumbles to the ground, gasping for breath. The attacker advances towards her, knife in hand. The assailant lunges, and Angelica screams as she’s pulled away from the blades trajectory. A teenage boy with burgundy hair shoves her behind him. The teenager tackles her assailant. The knife slices the boy’s forearm, and falls to the ground. Her vision blurs.
Honk! Honk! Honk! ]
[Angelica wakes at the sound of a loud horn.]
BUS DRIVER: Hey Kid! Are you going to sleep there all day or get off my bus?
ANGELICA [Her eyes shift around, as she takes notice of the empty vehicle. She regains composure. Her voice raspy]: Sorry sir, I didn't mean to fall asleep.
BUS DRIVER [annoyed]: Yeah, yeah, yeah, just get going kid.
[As Angelica grabs her backpack, she notices blood on her hands and shirt. Her eyes widen.]
BUS DRIVER [gruffly]: Hey Kid! Sometime today would be nice.
[Her s...

... middle of paper ...

...he arm, and begins to drag her towards the Reed residence.]
TRISTAN [irritated]: Oh, no you don't! Mom forced me to bring you. We’ve gotten you this far and there's no way in hell I'm just going to let you stay in the car.
ANGELICA: But you don't -
TRISTAN [angry]: Look, we both don't want you to be here. Now, because of you I have to spend a perfectly good Friday night babysitting you. If I have to suffer, so do you. You're going in, deal with it.
ANGELICA [scared]: You don't understand!
TRISTAN [exasperated]: No, you're right, I don't understand. Why don't you explain it to me? [The two stop at the entrance of the house. Tristan releases his hold on Angelica and crosses his arms in a sign of annoyance. Angelica remains silent, Tristan rolls his eyes.] That's what I thought. [He shakes his head, grabs her arm once more and forces her through the entrance.]

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