Essay on Screen Casting Apps

Essay on Screen Casting Apps

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The Educreations Interactive Whiteboard (Educreations, 2013), Show Me (Learnbat, 2013) and Explain Everything ™ apps are examples of screen casting apps suitable for a wide range of learners. These applications are both a web-based app and a device based app. Simply defined, screen casting is capturing all of the action on a screen while you are narrating. In addition to the previously mentioned apps, screencasts can be made with many computer programs such as Jing, screenr, Goview and even Smart Notebook. Our Blackboard sessions are also an example of a screencast. When using an iPad, students can write on the screen, insert images and describe their thought process. Depending on which app they use, students can save their work to the iPad’s camera roll, upload it to a website, or replay it directly from the app. These three apps also provide a hosting service, which allows users to both share their creations online and view lessons uploaded by other users.
How it works
Making a screencast is as easy as taping the record button and working with the tools provided to demonstrate your thoughts, knowledge, skill, etcetera… If you would like to add narration simply speak as you manipulate the action on the screen. All of the action and the sounds will be recorded. Lastly, the screencast is saved to the desired place and can then be uploaded and shared privately and publically. The three apps I have chosen have varying degrees of difficulty based on the tools the user has access to. Here are some relatively short tutorials explaining the basic functionality of each app.
To watch a 4 minute tutorial (Dakinane, Educreations Tutorial 1) on how to use Educreations please follow this link:

... middle of paper ...
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