Scrapping Away the National Service in Singapore Essay

Scrapping Away the National Service in Singapore Essay

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After reading the supporting article, Revisiting Military Conscription (aka National Service) in Singapore by Bernard F W Loo), I understand that our National Service (NS) is an essential military force that helps us to maintain a well-balance relationship with Malaysia. In order to ensure that Singapore receive sufficient supply of water from Malaysia, Singapore have to put up a threat by showing a strong military force which of course have to begin with enforcing a compulsory NS. In the year 2011, Singapore had recruited a number of 21,000 soldiers while Malaysia’s soldiers have significantly noted to be weakened through the years, this is pointed out by a Lieutenant-General Muhammad Effendi Mustaffa saying that “Gone are the days when they (‘they’ referring to the soldiers) used to be tough when they signed up to serve the country,” (Muhammad E M, 16 October 2007). Therefore, I believed that the growth of our Singapore Armed Force (SAF) will definitely give Malaysia a second thought whenever they intend to violate the water agreement. This has proven the importance of our military force and shows us the needs of maintaining the good progress in our SAF.
However, despite of having all the professional naval components and most well-equipped air forces in Southeast Asia region, Singapore still remain small and powerless compared to huge countries such as Indonesia and China. In a recent news, the Minister of People‘s Welfare of Indonesia, Agung Lakson, had accused Singaporeans of being childish towards the issue of haze. He even said that they will not consider putting off the flame without more than a million dollar from our Singapore government. The strength of our military force shows no threat to them and it seem like money ...

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... our country’s safety and peace, more importantly there are too many important values that we cannot neglect if we want to establish a strong and united nation.

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