Scope Management Using Project Definition Rating Index Essays

Scope Management Using Project Definition Rating Index Essays

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Article Review: “Scope Management Using Project Definition Rating Index.” By Dumont, Gibson, and Fish

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Article Review: “Scope Management Using Project Definition Rating Index.” By Dumont, Gibson, and Fish
The article “Scope management using project definition rating index” presents a project definition rating index (PDRI) tool that can be used for scope management. The researchers consider scope management as vital to the success of projects, but they highlight it as an ignored concept by contractor companies mainly due to the misconception of cost implications. They consider other cases of improper scope definition as ignorance of the project participants about the requirements for an adequately defined scope of work. The article draws its conclusions from results of 40 pilot projects, which demonstrate confidence in the use of PDRI for scope management.
The significance of scope management in project undertakings cannot be over-emphasized. The concept is vital considering the organizational and technological changes that necessitate project delivery at reduced costs and schedules. Scope management calls for effective scope planning, definition, and control. The researchers present a PDRI tool for scope management developed under the guidelines of the Construction Industry Institute (CII). The tool is, basically, a “checklist that identifies and precisely describes each critical element in a project scope definition package” (Dumont, Gibson, & Fish, 1997, p. 54). From a precise definition of these elements, a project team can easily identify the constraints of a project and note possible risk factors before execution of the project.
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The PDRI tool streamlines the construction industry to enhance compliance, quality delivery, and efficiency by providing detailed guidelines for project undertakings and providing a clear framework for scope management. The tool reduces project cycle times and enables contractors to initiate multiple small projects that can be independently done and then integrated into the main project. Its simplicity is also a plausible aspect that makes it a better solution to scope management. However, the success of a project equally requires sound business planning and proper team cooperation. Use of the PDRI tool within a sound business framework enhances the success of the project.

Dumont, P. R., Gibson, G. E., & Fish, J. R. (1997). Scope management using project definition rating index. Journal of Management in Engineering, 54-60.

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