Essay about The Scientific Study Of Crimes And Criminal Behavior

Essay about The Scientific Study Of Crimes And Criminal Behavior

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Criminology is the scientific study of crimes and criminal behaviour. Criminological theories and research aim at giving us an understanding of the reasons and factors that influence why people commit crimes. There are two main types of crime: Blue collar crime and white collar crime. Blue-collar crimes is the term used to describe crimes that are committed primarily by people who are from a lower socioeconomic class while white-collar crime is usually committed by people in a higher socioeconomic class. The main difference between the two is “white-collar” crime is usually considered to be a victimless crime in which there is no one directly made to be in a worse situation than what they were in before . An example of the more common street crime is the group of 20 people who were charged with the theft of 11 motor-vehicles and 16 house break-ins in July 2015. The youngest charged was an 11 year old boy. Cars were stolen from all around Adelaide with it being suspected that the group of 20 worked in smaller groups to maximise the amount. Using theories of numerous criminologists the reasons behinds these crimes can begin to be explained.
There is a common theme in criminological writing. This theme is the effect of city life has on the people who reside there. Many inner cities have a reputation for larger street crime rates. Writers in the 19th century, such as Dirkheim, had stressed how influential the pressure of industrialisation and suburbanisation on the breakdown of communities, claiming that urban living would lead to a rise in selfishness and individualism . This societal factor shows the increase in deviance in inner city areas. These areas were also largely discussed in the zone of transition. It was hypothesized that...

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...ld ensure a child being directly taught the adverse behaviour would, in turn, be highly likely to repeatedly engage with the same behaviour themselves.
Over the past two centuries criminologists have been trying to discover the reasons people commit crime. Some claim that its biological while other claim cultural influences that have been discussed above are more likely. However, the fair more likely cause of crime is a combination of all of these theoretical ideas. In the case of the burglaries and car thefts that occurred throughout Adelaide last year it is highly unlikely that one set reason could be found for all 20 members of the criminal group. Some would have economic motives while it’s possible some do it for the thrill and adrenaline crush reported from criminals. These theories merely give us an insight into the criminal mind and the motives behind crime.

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