Essay about Scientific Research For Medical And Cosmetics Research

Essay about Scientific Research For Medical And Cosmetics Research

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Moreover, animals that are bred to be used in experimental research for medical and cosmetics research. Companies like Charles River Laboratories, test on animals for other companies to gain a profit. Companies show the research being done on animals as being beneficial as it is not harming the “health of human beings” (Dog ̆an 475), as it saving the lives of human beings. Who is not affected by the testing of products. Charles River Laboratories uses rats, monkeys, and other types of medicine such as depression pills, and pain killers. These creatures are usually put in harsh conditions to test the effects of the medicine, for example, Charles River Laboratories killed a group of monkeys by leaving them in the oven too long while testing a new drug.
Also, companies like MAC and Dove use their health care products such as creams and other makeup products. To see what effects they have on animals, before sending it out to be used by the general public. These companies fear a lawsuit from users of their products, so they test each product with great details to check. At the same time ...

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