The Scientific Method Of Criminal Justice Field Essay

The Scientific Method Of Criminal Justice Field Essay

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The scientific method in criminal justice field is valuable information from physical evidence that
investigators take from the crime scene. With scientific methods it helps investigators to produce a
probable explanation for the crime event in which they are investigating. For experts they use the
scientific method for things such as DNA samples from hair and body fluids, fingerprint analyses and
weapons or clothing fibers. They use the scientific method in systematic way to observe, think and
resolve problems. With the scientific method you have four steps to follow which include defining the
problem, formation of hypothesis, data collections by observing and experimenting. At all stages of the
investigation you have to constantly evaluate if the evidence supports the hypothesis that a person
committed the crime. If for some reason anything says they didn’t do it then you must form a new
hypothesis and start over. Forensic experts are frequently summoned to court for these expert witness
on their scientific observations relation to criminal trials. Scientific methods restructure crime scenes for
analyzing physical evidence which helps to reduce the quantum of misapprehension and manual
inaccuracies or human error. Investigators and detectives frequently use various scientific methods to
help identify suspect, evidence and collect information when doing a criminal investigation. With all this
they use it to convict criminal offenders. When studying physical evidence related to crimes they use
physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. Without the scientific methods in the criminal justice field
many cases would go unsolved which would leave many criminals on street to keep committing more

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methods? Many crimes and cases in the world would go unsolved. If forensic experts had no scientific
methods when examining crimes scenes or looking at evidences in labs then many cases would be lost in
court. They wouldn’t have the evidence to back their case up. Experts in the criminal justice field
wouldn’t have answers or have leads to criminal cases if they didn’t have ways to figure it out. The
scientific method is a search of knowledge for the experts of the crime. With the scientific method they
can follow the steps to examine the evidence and prove the guilt of the suspect. With have the scientific
method it also helps support and back up there observations as to what they are saying happened. So
without the scientific method in the criminal justice field a lot of crime would go unsolved and criminals
would be walking the streets freely.

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