The Scientific Investigation Of The Behavior And Mental Processes Of Humans

The Scientific Investigation Of The Behavior And Mental Processes Of Humans

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Psychology is the scientific investigation of the behavior and mental processes of humans. Data is gleaned using quantitative and qualitative research methods. Quantity is more about the numbers and statistics while quality is the meaning of the data. Psychologists use different methods based on what they need to find out. Quantity is more scientific but the quality of the results matter as well. The research process starts with forming a hypothesis, then it has to go in front of the American Psychological Association to determine if the study is ethical, which means that the collection of the data will not harm any person taking part of the study. Once it is approved, the researcher has to collect the data using the scientific method and once the data is accumulated, it is analyzed and discussed. The hypothesis is then accepted or rejected based on the results.

Love is an emotion that people feel everyday. Some people believe it 's an emotion that the brain controls but others believe that it 's the body 's physical attraction.

Love does not discriminate. The beast gets the beauty, the ogre finds his ogre princess, the peasant finds her prince. Fairy tales are told to wide-eyed children who rush to grow up. Pre-teens to senior citizens search for the “happy ending” they were told about when they were children. The question is, does anyone actually find their “happily ever after” or just settle for what they believe their “true love” is? There are plenty of cases in which partners cheat yet say that they “love” their significant other. If they really loved their partner, shouldn 't they be completely satisfied with them, and not go elsewhere for what they are missing? Why do couples who claim to love each other b...

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...weat, their heart races and their mouth goes dry. The third stage is attachment, it is the bond that maintains the couple’s relationship enough for them to create a family. Scientists believe the primary hormones involved in attachment are oxytocin and vasopressin. These are released when couples cuddle and have sex.

Psychologists have many different theories about love. They strive to figure out why and how humans feel this emotion. Zick Rubin was a psychologist who believed that love was like a pyramid and the longer the relationship, the more in love a person could feel. The first level was attachment, caring and intimacy. Attachment is earned by receiving affection, validation, and physical contact with a person. Displaying care for a partner begins a lasting impression that leads to the approval of the partner which builds up to intimacy, attachment and love.

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