Essay on Scientific Inquiry : Qualitative And Quantitative

Essay on Scientific Inquiry : Qualitative And Quantitative

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If research and theory are inextricably linked, then one cannot understand the ‎nature of theory without first understanding the nature of research. There are two types ‎of research design in the scientific inquiry - qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative and ‎quantitative research designs are the basis of the scholarly study utilized regarding the ‎purpose of the research and recourses available for investigation. There are situations ‎when researchers apply both types of design, as in cases when it is important to enhance ‎internal and external validity, credibility, and reliability of the results. Both qualitative ‎and quantitative designs have advantages and disadvantages that can either benefit the ‎study or jeopardize the research if implemented incorrectly. Additionally, both research ‎designs contribute to theory differently. ‎
The quantitative research design is implemented when the researcher aims to ‎analyze collected data with the help of statistical tools. It is important to mention that ‎this research design is the most prevalent among scientists. Quantitative research design ‎applies in case of different studies relying exclusively on information collected during ‎the experiments and surveys (Duffy & Chenail, 2008). The distinguishing feature of ‎quantitative research is its ability to analyze the relationship between variables. Yet, it ‎does not explain why a phenomenon or event happened. ‎
The aim of the quantitative approach is to reveal the relationship between the ‎variables and to test a particular hypothesis. Quantitative research design can contribute ‎to theory by detecting the connections or lack thereof between variables. The purpose of ‎quantitative design is to prove or disapprove a hypothesis. Such ...

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...implemented incorrectly. A mixed methods design includes both qualitative and ‎quantitative designs, and has the ability to enhance internal and external validity, ‎credibility, and reliability of the results. ‎
‎ ‎ Regardless of the method chosen, research often advances theory in multiple ‎ways. Research can test theory, identify relationships between variables, or provide ‎additional meaning (Ellis & Levy, 2008; Anders, 2009). One of the main constructs of ‎both theory is that it advances the body of knowledge. Therefore appropriate research ‎should advance theory. It should answer a question or help solve a problem. Research ‎should open a new dialogue with the current understanding of a theory within a field. ‎Inherent researcher bias or failure to identify all the things not researched can severely ‎limit the expansion of new knowledge (Anders, 2009). ‎

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