Scientific Belief and Religious Faith Essay

Scientific Belief and Religious Faith Essay

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Scientific Belief or Religious Faith
One can argue that there are many conflicts between science and religion, but the question at hand is whether or not it is true. Is it possible that it may very well be a conflict between the two? What if science and religion are in cahoots with each other? After all, aren’t scientists trying to find the answer to how everything has come to be; while educating society their theory in regards to evolution of all plant and animal species. Scientist has been trying find the answer toward the creation of the universe and many others for millennium. But the only information that they can come up with involve the makeup of DNA in plants and animal, evolution, new information about medicine, and so on. On the other hand, the bible is a book that (at one time) was regarded as a book of myths, until later when the events documented in the bible can became known as historical facts. In all actuality, if one were to take a deeper look into both science and religion, one can see that there really is not much of a conflict between the two. It is people who make the topic about science and religion a conflict, and not the evidence at hand.
The conflict between religion and science is a topic that has been addressed many times by many people over the centuries. The Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, the Macedonians, the Athenians, the Persians, and many other civilizations had to deal with the conspiring conflict during the B.C. era. During our present day, there are atheist, like Jerry Coyne, who believes that there is a battle between creationism and evolution. (Hannam, 2009) Before the topic can be addressed, one must know and understand the difference between science and religion. What are they exact...

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