The Scientific Article ' Climate Cycles Didn 't Shape The Ocean 's Abyssal Hills ``

The Scientific Article ' Climate Cycles Didn 't Shape The Ocean 's Abyssal Hills ``

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In the scientific article “Climate cycles didn’t shape the ocean’s abyssal hills” by Carolyn Graming, Graming explains that the creation of new oceanic crust and particularly the large hills in the oceanic crust reaching up to heights such as two-hundred meters are not driven by climate-driven cycles but rather by faulting action and steady. The article mentions two papers that were published earlier this year suggesting that long term climate cycles could be modulating the amount of erupting magma on the seafloor. This process would result in the spiking of the amount of erupting magma at certain times in the cycle. As a result, some cycles might cause erupting magma to form into hills that are large in size. One of these two papers went into further detail stating that a certain climate cycle called the Milankovitch cycles can be linked to a certain distribution of hills at the mid-ocean ridge. The Milankovitch cycles consist of three main cycles which take place every 23,000, 41,000 and 100,000 years. However, Jean-Arthur Olive, a geodynamicist at Columbia University, doubted this hypothesis because the oceanic crust should not be able to record something as sensitive as the change in magma supply. To test this he created three models to prove that climate cycles were not related to the abyssal hills and certain patterns in the ridges. In the first model, the researchers tested the strength of the tectonic plate. The goal of the first model was to test if the pulses of magma would create a crust strong enough to warp the surface. The simulation would check if the surface of the oceanic crust would change as the new crust is formed at the bottom of the tectonic plate. However, the model showed that this is not possible because...

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..., the hypothesis linking the climate cycles to the creation of large hill within the mid-ocean ridge resulted from these studies. While not all studies are accurate, the questions and data the studies bring will be able unveil new information regarding the mid-ocean ridge. With the information we know now, the mid-ocean ridge tells us that the Earth’s polarity changes within certain time periods because the new oceanic crust shows us that the polarity of the crust changes within certain time period. Through this information, scientists and researchers were able to determine that the Earth changes the polarity of its magnetic field over time and this process continues even today. Therefore, more advanced research might be able to confirm if there is a link between the climate cycles and the structure of the mid-ocean ridge or discover new information about the ridge.

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