Science Teachers and Professors Should Not Teach Creationism Essay

Science Teachers and Professors Should Not Teach Creationism Essay

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Where do we come from? How did this world, this universe originate? Questions that philosophers probably first of all, and successively scientists, dogmatists, little children, and imaginably almost the whole population of the Earth have at least once asked themselves and tried to answer, sometimes with convincing or satisfactory results, but presumably more frequently with no different outcome than numerous new interrogations. However, today we do have several answers, different according to areas of the world, distinct cultures and various religions, and each individual can choose what to believe; so the actual question, which remains unsolved, is the following: what should public schools teach to their students?
The answer to this query is extraordinarily obvious and uncomplicated: although it is true that as former President George Bush once said “Both sides ought to be properly taught so people can understand what the debate is about,” it is up to the school to teach evolution, while families or other educators should inform their children and students about creationism or any other type of creation myth or legend.
As a matter of fact, a transparent explanation for this tenet efficiently emerges: the “sides” of the debate are more than two; therefore, there is no reason to consider evolution and creationism, but not the Chinese principle of “Yin and Yang” or the Greek philosophers’ ideas that all the population of this planet come from water – as Thales thought –, rather than from the four roots – fire, air, water and earth – which is Empedocles’ doctrine. Consequently, what students should learn from public schools, in science classes, is only the Theory of Evolution, a concept introduced by Charles Darwin in 1859 with com...

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