Science of Sports Therapy Essay

Science of Sports Therapy Essay

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Questions about human body are always fascinating me and I am constantly reading more from the subject. I am keen in wanting to develop my knowledge in physiology and nutrition and I believe that studying sports science would give me a good start towards my future career in sports therapy. My future goal is to be part of the future where health care is about prevention, not only healing.

During my sixth form most of my optional courses were physical education but as a contrast to practical work, theoretical courses, human biology and psychology, helped me to develop my understanding in the science behind sport. A research assignment was included to one of my course, my subject was about dancer's injuries, how to prevent them and how to treat them. Because of the assignment I understood the background of my own sport and through that knowledge I improved my own training.

I started gymnastics at the age of six and because of performing from an early age I became confident in being public. My motivation towards exercising has kept me on practicing a variety of sports for example ath...

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