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Sleep timing is controlled by the circadian cycle, working as a inner timekeeping, temperature controlling device, and the part of the body that act as a transmitter associated with wakefulness. "Sleep duration is also controlled by circadian rhythms; that is, the time one goes to sleep influences sleep duration." (Zimbardo, and Richard 143). A consistent pattern of cyclical body activities, this cycle constantly working on restoration and conservation of our bodies take place. "About a third of your circadian rhythm is devoted to that period of behavior quiescence called sleep.” (Zimbardo, and Richard 141)
Sleep proceeds in cycles of Rapid Eye Movements (REM) and non-REM (NREM) sleep, cycling through the first for stages in intervals of approximately 90 minutes, Stage N 1, Stage N 2, Stage N 3, and Stage N 4, all of which are NREM sleep. Lasting for around 10 minutes, you then enter REM sleep, the amount of REM sleep increases later in the sleep cycle. Stage N 1 is sometimes referred to as somnolence or drowsy sleep, can be identified by sudden twitches, jerks, and loses some muscle tone. Some experience hallucinations during this stage and have little conscious awareness of the external environment. This stage can be identified on an EEG with the displays of theta raves. Stage N 2 can be seen by muscular activity measured by EMG decreases, and the EEG displaying sleep spindle and k complex. During this stage conscious awareness of environment disappears, occupying 45–55% of total sleep in adults. Stage N 3 can be filled with parasomnias like night terrors and sleepwalking, this stage can be seen on an EEG the delta waves will be slightly smaller those in Stage N 4. Rapid eye movement sleep, or REM sleep a rapid low-voltag...

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... theories argue that general cognitive processes language acquisition and that the end result of these processes is language-specific phenomena, such as word learning and grammar acquisition. In learning grammar we learn a phoneme is the smallest part of speech, the sound letters make, syntax is how to put the words together, semantics what the words we are putting together mean and pragmatics being the rules we use when we are in a conversation. "A child's first step in acquiring a language is to take note of the sounds that are use meaningfully in that language." (Zimbardo, and Richard 314) Some language acquisition researchers believe that language acquisition is based primarily on mental structures facilitating the comprehensions and production of language. Children developing a belief as to what words mean, the same way scientist try to develop a hypotheses.

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