Essay on The Science of Positive Psychology

Essay on The Science of Positive Psychology

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A man with a deeply troubled look sits on a black couch while a doctor, who is out of his sight, attentively listens to him. As the troubled man speaks, the doctor scribbles on his pad. Oh my, how am I going to nail this? I seriously need to hit it out of the park for this project. I mean, I cannot be such a failure right? This is something that really matters to me and I really want to pull this off… The good doctor puts the pen down, taking advantage of the patient’s break in his speech, and says, “I see that you talk a lot about being a failure. Do you feel like a failure often?” and, the deep scrutiny to find out what is wrong inside the troubled man goes on session after session.
Based on this situation, one could infer that this is a session of some type of psychological therapy. It is, indeed, psychotherapy, which comes from psychoanalysis. The name psychoanalysis may ring a bell about a man named Sigmund Freud, a neurologist from the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century who, influenced by his colleague Josef Breuer, came up with a theory that stated that human actions and thought are driven by past traumatic events stored in their subconscious (“Sigmund Freud Biography”). Thus giving birth to psychoanalysis, a field in psychology that studies the subconscious part of the psyche and believes past experiences mark it and have a deep influence on a person’s current behaviors.
The early twentieth century was shaped by two shattering wars that brought in traumas to the human mind. War scars the brain with its showcases of human brutality. This caused a shift in psychology’s focal point from understanding the human mind to curing those post-war scars, leading the way for people like Freud. With a new century...

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