The Science of Management Throughout History Essay

The Science of Management Throughout History Essay

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Management Thought
Management - is one of the areas of modern economics, aimed at the creation, planning and implementation of development plan for businesses, organizations, and firms in order to maximize the potential profit of the company, creating a sustainable enterprise management system (Drucker, 1993). Management helps companies to achieve a certain goal step-by-step. In order to achieve targets companies demand managers. “A Manager is the person responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals, monitoring their work, and taking corrective action when necessary” (Reh).
The origins of management roots back to the time of ancient Egypt, where they started build the pyramids. Obviously, they needed to have some kind of management in order to divide the workforces and organize the stages of building. However, many scientists believe that the modern management was developed to the stage of science during “The Industrial Revolution (1750- 1900)”. Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth and nineteenth century brought a lot of changes in human history, also in the science. During the industrial revolution technology shifted from human based to machine based, in other words the efficiency of machine tools were matchless. One of the main differences between the pre-industrial and industrial society is to reduce the role of agricultural production and the rise of the secondary sector (manufacturing, construction). This structural transformation of the economy for the first time took place in England, and the United Kingdom rightly became known as "the first industrial nation." This transformation, some economists define as "the emergence of modern industry."
Throughout history of the science of managemen...

... middle of paper ... of people contributed in conformation of scientific management. While, Adam Smith stated the economy should have laissez-fare free market, Frederick Taylor developed the four principles of scientific management and managers. The management example of clearly shows that the companies should have good managers. Managers are not meant to just control (make them work) the workers, they also have to have skills of leadership, planning, organizing.

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