Essay on Science of Management and Business

Essay on Science of Management and Business

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I am very glad to apply for admission in Masters Degree in Management offered at HEC – Ulg. My interest in management arose early during my education and later when I decided to work after graduation in health care industry.
In middle 2008, I was fortunate enough to get appointed as sales representative in sales and Marketing Division at Hikma pharmaceutical company in Saudi Arabia. In middle 2011 after three years of successful working there, I decided to slightly change the career to medical device sales and fortunately I was hired as a product specialist in Johnson and Johnson; the biggest and most diverse medical device company in the world.
I have been involved in several activities inthe organizations that I have worked with ranging from planning sales strategies and executing it, conducting market research, launching of new products and the training of newly employed candidates. And this combined with continuous development of an exceptional knowledge and skills in budget management, negotiating, presentation and many other management activities as illustrated in my Curriculu...

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