Science Is Important For Medical Studies And Technology Essay

Science Is Important For Medical Studies And Technology Essay

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Science is important because it is the ultimate tool in the progression of humankind. The point that I thought most connected to my path in life was the fact that science is important in medical studies and technology. Science helps us not only improve medical technology but also to become aware of diseases, their causes, and possibly find a cure. Also, science can help us make technology that spots something before it becomes a deadly disease or even prevent it completely in the first place. Now anthropology in basic terms is something that tries to answer one fundamental question- what it is to be human? Of course the answers to that question is infinite and ever changing as we live in an ever changing world made up of many different ways of thinking about that world. But in order to try and think about what it is to be human is you can think about various ways that anthropology may approach the relationship between humans and animals. What’s the difference between humans and animals, being one of the big questions that have concerned philosophy and anthropology throughout the ages.

After reading The Worst Mistake in the History of Human Race by Jared Diamond. I can say this was an interesting read. I can agree with Diamond on many points. He stated how for “For most of our history we supported ourselves by hunting and gathering: we hunted wild animals and foraged for wild plants. It 's a life that philosophers have traditionally regarded as nasty, brutish, and short. Since no food is grown and little is stored, there is (in this view) no respite from the struggle that starts anew each day to find wild foods and avoid starving”. In essence for much of history this was our human instinct upon survival. We gather in families, tr...

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...out in the field trying to sell the product. Trade liberalization has often had the effect of increasing the production of export crops, while increasing imports of food crops that compete with locally produced crops and therefore depress their prices. This affects men and women differently, as women are usually small-scale food-crop farmers, while men are typically more actively engaged in the production and marketing of agricultural commodities traded in regional and international markets.

In conclusion agriculture is extremely critical extension of economy for the dominant part of advancing nations. Creation of the agriculture items is the principle wellspring of cash for advancing nations. Agriculture had affected peoples health, there were changes brought about the development of agriculture and how agriculture affected social inequality between men and women.

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