Science Fiction: The Making of a Super Soldier Essay

Science Fiction: The Making of a Super Soldier Essay

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If you’re in love with comic books, with cartoons or read science fiction books about superheros. I’m pretty sure you’ve read or saw one about a super soldier. The idea of having a super soldier in real life would be surreal. What you could use the soldier would change war and battle strategies. Forcing soldiers to come up with different strategies. It would also force the enemy as well to change its battle plan or probably fleeing back. Super soldiers are those who are strong and able to resist anything and anyone. Its part of the genre science fiction because it is dealing with the imagination of a creator to create such thing that is so powerful. With a enhanced technology of course.
Many armies could use a soldier that is intimidating, strong, patriotic, and frightening. In battle that could be really helpful to make the enemy to turn the other way and fleeing back and making sure they wouldn’t come back. In Marvel comics there have been plenty of cases where that has happened. Such as the well known character, named Captain America (aka Steven “Steve” Rogers). He was a human that joined the military and volunteered for the experiment to create the world’s first superhero. The results turned out well and he became a super soldier, the first of its kind in the Marvel Universe. He was created during WW2 to defeat the Nazis. Steve’s friend James Buchanan Barnes (aka Bucky or The Winter Soldier ) He was also turned into a superhuman. He was created, because he was in a terrible accident in battle and the enemy found him and they engineered him to become an assassin to get rid of their enemies. He has super strength and they gave him a bionic arm. ( Since his real arm was amputated off. ) Bruce Banner (aka The Incredible Hulk), ...

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...t was really real then pretty sure they will die.
The hardest part of making a super soldier would be training them physically or mentally. Which doesn’t really pop out in movies until this year 2014. An example can be the Divergent book and movie. The Erudite teamed up with some bad Dauntless leaders. Injected a mind controlling serum to all the Dauntless group, which created a super army that cause a war in the story. Without the Dauntless group knowing they were under control.
Super soldiers are strong and created either by an accident, or for a purpose to use them. Capable of resisting anything and/or anyone in their way. Popular within our culture today, especially within the children and some teenagers. Many may be wondering if there are such a thing of super soldiers or if its just in our science fiction imagination in movies and comics. Who knows?

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