Essay about Science And The Study Of Religion

Essay about Science And The Study Of Religion

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Science and the study of religion have existed in society for hundreds of years and have agreed and disagreed on many of the same topics. When it comes to solving problems and figuring out complex phenomena we can use both science and the study religion to get answers. While religious studies are not intended to solve problems it can be used and is used just like science to solve problems we have in society. Science is based more on reason and evidence while religion is based more on philosophical ideas and faith. Science is meant to answer problems that require reason and evidence while religion is not.
First we should look at science and some of its topics. Science can be defined as knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observations. We know that science uses the scientific method to answer all of the questions it is presented with. In science we create a hypothesis and then do experiments and studies in order to obtain evidence to either prove or disprove the hypothesis. The best evidence we have for science being correct is the fact that people use scientific methods all of the time and we have the laws of science. In class we have learned many different things about the laws of science as well as different laws in science. For example the laws of Quantum Mechanics describe the strange behavior of photons, electrons, neutrons, and other particles that make up the universe. How do we know this? At one point in time the laws of Quantum Mechanics was a hypothesis it needed to be proved either true or false. This hypothesis was put through the scientific method and was proved to be true. In class we also learned about the Doppler effect. The Doppler effect is the change in f...

... middle of paper ... attempt to explain why it is reasonable to believe in God. He does prove that religious studies can answer this question. But as I previously mentioned this question can be answered with both science and religious studies and Craig was trying to answer the science part of he question. Since he was trying to answer the science part with religious studies he was unable to answer the question. So, instead he would make up his own evidence or make statements that could not be proven false. All of this proves that science is meant to answer its own questions that are reason and evidence based, while religious studies can answer questions despite the fact that that is not its main function. Science and religious studies are connected because not only did the lead to the discovery of the universe but they continue to work together and lead to the discovery of much more.

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