Science And The Modern Environmental Crisis Essay examples

Science And The Modern Environmental Crisis Essay examples

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1) York claims that “if we are to understand the world in which we live and to bring about a sustainable and just society, we must grapple with both of these aspects of science: its power and its horror.”
a. How has science played a role “in generating the modern environmental crisis”? Provide examples.
Without science we would not have as many weapons as we do, such as the atomic bombs. Without science global warming would not be accelerating at such a high rate. We wouldn’t be testing new products on animals. We wouldn’t be dumping so much toxic waste everywhere, because without science many of the inventions we have would not have ever been invented. Science leaves out moral and ethical questions.
b. If science is complicit in creating the modern environmental crisis, how can science also be part of the solution to the modern environmental crisis?
c. What is the difference between science-as-problem and science-as-solution?
2) According to York, “we must follow a fine line between two extremes: on the one hand, the outright rejection of science, and on the other, the uncritical valorization of the scientific establishment.”
a. What is the difference between the “logic of science” and the “scientific establishment”? Provide examples of each.
“Logic of science” is gaining knowledge about the world based on the rational analysis of empirical evidence, evidence that comes from our senses. It’s the philosophy of science. Like if you say that the leaf is green, but your color-blind so your senses aren’t always trustworthy, scientifically it is possible to rationally look at the empirical evidence and realize if you are right or wrong. “Scientific Establishment” is the actual use and practice of science. I...

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...l effects? Are the negatives as bad as their critics claim they are?
The scientific research always varies depending on where the information is from. If a scientific research group has stock in one type of energy resource it may look only at the positives of that, while looking at the negatives of the competition. It’s a very biased market and the scientists looking and researching are often biased too, even if they are environmental scientists, then they may only look at the positive of renewable resources and not looks at the negatives or costs as much. They may only look at the harm to the environment that nonrenewable resources and not the economic hardship that would happen if we just stopped using them all together. Sometimes the negatives aren’t as bad as critic say, sometime they are even worse because they are hiding things because they are trying to profit

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