The Science And Technology Of The Blood Transfers Essay

The Science And Technology Of The Blood Transfers Essay

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To illustrated, how Science and Technology can benefit both humans and creatures to survive for a long lasting lives, buy giving us the communication, the vaccination, the information, and the situation of our survival of the fittest. Within stands, Dracula presents the science and technology of the blood transfers. Next is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde presents potions, or in other words pills and medications that help mental illnesses to separate both good and evil. Finally, Maximum ride presents the mutations that helps people to live longer in their lives.
In the book Dracula Dr. Van Helsing and Dr. Seward use science and Technology to help their patients in a lot of ways. Dr. Van Helsing “There must be a transfusion of blood at once” (Bram Stoker) pg.130. This is Van Heling using blood transfer to help Lucy because she was losing a lot of blood, making her look sick. “Van Helsing took some things from his bag and laid them on a little table out of sight” (Bram stoker) pg.131. The technology Van Helsing used was to take 5out the blood was a needle, Tub to take the blood out and pouch to hold the blood so it can go to the other person.
Dr. Seward is some who test his patients to find out what wrong with the person is and how to fix them. “Dr. Seward diary (Kept in Phonograph)” (Bram stoker) pg.65. Dr. Seward keeps his diary in a phonograph witch is an early recording device. The science that he’s using is “chloral, the modern Morpheus—C2 HCI3 O. H2O! Must be careful not to let it grow into a habit” (Bram stoker) pg.109. Jack Seward, could just dose themselves if they had trouble sleeping, it could help Seward sleep, but the bad thing is that it could be addictive for him to keep taking it without stopping.
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...t could cure them from their infections. This site even talks about how they could find ways to help you when you’re sick or having problems.
Site: (CDC)
What it was like for people way back before we came about and had the cures for diseases and etc. “technological change in western society began to quicken”. (National Academy of Sciences). They had technology that could help someone somewhat, like when they are wounded, they put some alcohol on the wound and put a bandage around it. “Automobile and the airplane changed not only travel, but the nature of our cities and towns” (National Academy of Sciences). How we advance from walking to be able to travel on vehicles to places without having to walk to your home, business or school your able to get to them faster.
Site: (National Academy of Science)

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