Science and Students: The World of Tomorrow Essay

Science and Students: The World of Tomorrow Essay

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Everyone says this generation is the future, the people and the citizens of tomorrow’s society. Except if this generation is not educated to grow and progress with the planet and learn how to help it, there will be no “next generation”; the earth simply will not be able to sustain our life forms. This is why science education is important to the future of our lives and our planet. Where if not for the innovation of science and its cures, we would still be living in the Dark Ages where the simple flu would have killed a family, and smallpox and other diseases caused epidemics and panics. Every day science classes are educating kids on the basics and the higher levels of science. Out of all these kids a few are bound to become doctors and research biologist that will help cure cancer, the planet of harmful pollutions, and more. One might say that science was the one that started the pollution in the first place, but as you can see, it has started to help fix the damage it has caused. Also, science education (although thought impractical by some) surrounds our everyday life and is need to understand some of nature’s simplest things. This is why science education is so important in the 21st century.

Right now science education plays a very significant role in the improvement of the medicinal field. Hundreds of thousands of educated doctors in the US are helping patients with anything from the flu to cancer. It is not just doctors though: science education is enlightening kids to be researchers, scientists, and more. If science was not taught, this world would be full of unanswered questions and wrong answers. Science is so amazing that if we didn’t pass down this knowledge of what we have gained, all our hard work would be for noth...

... middle of paper ... fully developed and made some of the most important things in our lives today. Inventors such as Albert Einstein would have never reached his full potential and may not have ever even made the light bulb if not for his interest and his schoolings science.

In closing, science education is like an invisible force that pushes everything forward. It is not always noticed, but the results of teaching science in schools could be world-changing. Science has helped in so many different industries such as the medicine field where it has been helping throughout the ages to save lives. In addition, if earth science is taught, everyone will live in a world with cleaner air, because more people will be educated to make the right decisions and help this planet. With that it is clear that teaching science education in classes is extremely important for everyone’s future.

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