Science And Sociology Behind The Cold War Essay

Science And Sociology Behind The Cold War Essay

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The Cold War marked the first time that whole world stood on the balance of a nuclear holocaust. Having just finished the Second World War, the remnants of the chaos fell into the vacuum of the two superpowers: the United States and the Soviet Union. As both sides began to vie for global supremacy, tensions began to rise as both sides began to compete for influence, wealth, but most notably, weapons and arms manufacturing. The science and sociology behind this behavior is best studied using an economic phenomenon called game theory. In this essay, we will discuss the environment in which both superpowers felt increased tensions, touching upon their political ideologies and the Iron Curtain, the technology available to them, and the increasing rivalry between the two nations. This will be followed by the introduction of game theory into the scenario, and how economics is able to be applied to the events of the Cold War. Finally, I will discuss how the Cold War was able to settle down in terms of tensions and armament. Through all this evidence and analysis, we will then look at the common game attributed with explaining the cold war: the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Looking at the end result, it is clear that basic game theory types, specifically Prisoner’s Dilemma, were not able to completely tailor the Cold War, as evident by the fact that we are still alive. Hence, Prisoner’s Dilemma is an incomplete way to look the Cold War events.
At the end of WWII, as the Allied forces continued to press towards Berlin, Russian and Western forces continued to conquer German territory and govern for temporary order. Once Berlin was conquered by the Russians, it was time to begin negotiations on how to divide up the previously Nazi-occupied land in E...

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...ts matched their American counterparts, with Stalin obsessing about replicating the Americans to the exact detail. However, they seemingly took the lead by skipping over aerial drops straight to rocket technology, and in 1957, developed the first Intercontinental Ballistic Missle, or ICBM, called the “Lucky #7.” Not to be out-classed, the Americans quickly responded with the “Atlas” in 1957. The story continued as both sides looked to increase their arsenal to match the other side. What we see here is a continual choice by both sides to arm themselves with more and more deadly weapons, each more deadly than the previous weapon. However, both sides had the option of not arming at all, yet both sides did! What could lead to such a certain phenomenon? This is where the Americans (and Soviets, but primarily the Americans) would turn to game theory to set their policies.

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