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Science And Religion By John F. Haught Essay example

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Science and Religion dialogue has been a bitter-sweet topic for many people over the years. The controversy is not only common between one sole community, but affects a variety. The beliefs held about these topics has the potential to personally effect an individual, whether it be positively or negatively. In the United States, we draw only a fine line between religion and science, often failing to realize that the two benefit each other in copious ways but are not meant to interpreted in the same way. Due to this perspective, people seem to be influenced to pick one or the other, when in reality we should treat both science and religion with the same respect and recognize that they are completely separate from one another, along with having individual purposes. John F. Haught, a distinguished research professor at Georgetown University, published a book titled, “Science & Religion: From Conflict to Conversation”. In it he evaluates each side, persuading the reader that the truth is that both realms may benefit from each other despite the differences emphasized. John F. Haught introduces his audience with four approaches on Science and Religion. Haught’s third approach, contact, is of major significance to aid in the response of: “Does Science Rule out a Personal God?”
John F. Haught’s models for relating Christianity and Science begins with recognizing the conflict. Haught refers to conflict as the ruling that science and religion are definitely irreconcilable. This points to the beliefs that there is not room for understanding or agreement between the two. It is the controversy that arises when there is a belief that one cannot be both scientific and religious. Contrast follows conflict, in this state conflict intends to be no...

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...the contact approach determines, both religion and science may come to an agreement in order to ease conflict and gain the comfort of relating with a personal God.
In order to fully comprehend the benefits of Haught’s contact approach, we much first dissolve the common belief that religion and science cannot be put into the same bin. Even though they each have different purposes and answer radically different questions, they are meant to be intertwined in a way that we can, without conflict, openly discuss and relate to them. Most importantly, we can decipher the similarities in order to achieve

a greater comprehension that cosmology provides support for a divine being, and also realize that theology manages to have a great influence on new scientific developments. As Albert Einstein once said, “Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”

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