Essay on Science And Mechanical Engineering : My Future

Essay on Science And Mechanical Engineering : My Future

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Do you remember what it felt like to be a teen and wonder what your future would become? That is right where I am at. As a freshman in high school, I have begun thinking about what my future in life will be. Which school, what career path, and where? All of these options are very overwhelming. At the moment, I would like to follow the path of engineering, manufacturing, and technology, and pursue college degrees in computer science and mechanical engineering. In order to achieve my dream, I can use background career knowledge, ACT test requirements, and habits designed to help you get to where you want to go.
To begin, I would like to go to college. I am not quite sure where, but I know I will attend college. The fields that interest me are in Science, Technology, and Engineering. As a mechanical engineer, I could end up designing or fixing machines. I may have to design in CAD, and also be an overseer or builder of machines. As a software engineer, I would find problems within a computer program and fix them, or build applications from scratch. I could even have to develop a larger computer system. The career pathway for mechanical engineering requires 4 years, and a software engineer requires 4 years. On average, these educations need a minimum of 24. Engineering and programming jobs would be good for me because I like to work with CAD and programming. Going to a camp during summer really sparked my interest in coding, and engineering has also always been an interest of mine. I also really enjoy the challenge that problems give me. Right now I am taking CAD I, and am learning the basics of what a mechanical designer needs to do. In the future, auto shop might be a good class because of all the mechanical parts and repair...

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...ive my body. I love to find humorous jokes, and funny pictures, so renewing my heart was never a big problem. Replenishing my soul is kind of difficult. I like just relaxing, but my definition is different from the book’s. I like to play video games, or read. In the end, I am alright at “Sharpening the Saw”, but I could still improve.
All said, my dream is to become a software or mechanical engineer. I will someday go to college, and goals to improve on the ACT will undoubtedly help me get there. My dream of becoming an engineer can also be helped by The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. There are some habits that I am ok at, and numerous habits that really need to be improved. The 7 habits can help me accomplish my dreams, and what happens beyond that. In the end, any dream can be accomplished if you simply put in a little time, effort, and work towards improving.

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