Schools Where Everyone Belongs Curriculum Review Essay

Schools Where Everyone Belongs Curriculum Review Essay

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As an educator you may encounter many obstacles and have to overcome several hurdles, but they all key to you being successful at your job. One thing that Administrators and Educators face alike is the constant occurrences of bullying in schools. No matter what school or where it is, bullying has the potential to occur and most likely is already present. The Schools Where Everyone Belongs is curriculum that can be used to effectively teach Administration and Educators how to understand, and deal with bullying.
This curriculum guideline is structured sequentially. It begins by discussing bullying, dispelling the myths about the subject and then moves on to teaching techniques to deal with this behavior in schools. This book takes an instructional scaffolding approach. The scaffolding techniques included in this curriculum include activities and suggestions to help everyone understand, activating prior knowledge about bullying, modeling the appropriate behavior by teachers and Administration beforehand, as well as introducing empowerment techniques to pique student interest. The book gives guidance on implementing interventions and building discipline systems to help resolve the conflicts.
This guide is a holistic approach. It helps teach the concept of building a better dialogue between administration, parents, teachers and students. The way this model is presented, the pace of the instruction should be ongoing. The strategies in this book can be taught in the beginning of the school year, but a consistent and on going dialogue is done throughout the entire school year. The reason this is an ongoing model s because it allows for techniques and strategies to be discussed and curtailed as necessary.
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... to keep students on track to becoming the best student they can be. The guidelines for how teachers mirroring the desired behavior are integral to getting the students on board. The discipline process is also essential for teachers’ reaction to instances and reports of bullying. Having the know how to intervene can help tremendously and keep a situation from escalating. I think the weakness of this guide was only that it did not provide any actual lesson plans teachers could use in the classroom. Aside from the practice exercises for teachers to get an understanding, there were not any actual lesson plans given in the book. I would have liked to see a lesson plan with each exercise that teachers, once they learned the technique, could use to demonstrate or review n their classrooms. Over all this curriculum was very insightful and definitely something I would use.

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