Schools Are The Source Of Problems For Students? Essay

Schools Are The Source Of Problems For Students? Essay

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People say that school is a source of many problems for students not doing well, but if the home is reinforcing school concepts would schools still be known as the source of problems for students?
I think that a child’s home life has a more significant effect on their education than their time spent at school. With children spending a majority of their time at home, it is important that their parents and caregivers provide them with as much assistance and motivation as possible to help them excel in the classroom. As long as the home is reinforcing school concepts, schools should not be considered the source of problems for students. This belief reflects the findings of several researchers including James Coleman, Barbara Heyns. Coleman found that differences between schools in terms of quality had a small role in the variation of students’ academic skills, while home life had a much greater effect. Heyns found that after testing students in the fall and spring that students had similar gains in academic skills between the fall and spring, but that over the summer, gaps quickly grew between students in math and reading skills. In addition, the authors of the textbook found that when comparing charter schools to public schools, we must be cautious children from charter schools are more likely to have parents who are motivated to see them succeed. However, despite this research, I believe that schools can still be a source of problems for students under certain circumstances. For instance, when an administrator or teacher is not doing their job properly or a student disrupts the structure of the school, it can prevent students from reaching their full potential. Additionally, because every student learns differently, some...

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...ular school that they will have more positive attitudes towards education. For instance, because the students had a say in where they wanted to attend, I believe it is more likely that they will be motivated to do well. Meanwhile, because parents also had a say in where they wanted their child to attend, I think that they will be more involved in their child’s education as well as the school community. Also, parents and students would have a better opportunity to find a school that better suits them. For instance, some students and parents may find one school more conducive over another because of its class size or its offerings in the realms of art, music, and athletics. It also puts more pressure on teachers to ensure students are getting the best quality education possible since it would be easier for parents to take their children out of a struggling school.

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