Schools Are Responsible For Helping For Academic Success Essays

Schools Are Responsible For Helping For Academic Success Essays

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Many people believe that urban schools are failing to educate all of the students they serve, but in reality, they are only failing a portion of them. Reports and observations give off the perception that these schools students achieve less, retain less material and the student’s success after the schooling process is over, is low. Some of the students are failing because they are lacking things like school readiness, a basic understanding of the English language or simply because they are not engaged. Schools need to find a way to incorporate each student in their own education and not forget about those who are struggling. Academic success hinges on many different factors that the families, students and schools are all responsible for helping.
Academic success relies on many different factors like classroom engagement. Schools are responsible for fostering an environment in which all children feel safe to express themselves and find something that they are intrigued by. Engagement can be encouraged, but this is not something that can be forced. You will lose the students existing engagement in activities if you try and force engagement. By having different things to engage students, you can reach the full community. Most students are comfortable in certain environments because they understand what is expected of them and how to operate. Therefore schools should learn that students might become more motivated and engaged if things they can relate to surround them. “The Nature and Conditions of Engagement” provides us with the idea that schools can build a sense of inclusion, but ultimately cannot fully help students who believe they are underprepared or do not value school enough. By creating an environment that includes the c...

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...emic careers play a bigger role than most think. By have strong lines of communication between all three parties, the likelihood the child succeeds is much higher. The more likely the child is to succeed, the more they are going to want to learn and spend time in the classroom. Children, who lack engagement, lack it because of many reasons like poor examples of academic success at home or lack of school readiness. Urban schools are not failing; they are struggling in certain aspects like teaching to every student. Each student deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential and if they are not prepared for school, this might not happen. School readiness and engagement begins in the home and continues in the schools, and if schools are not prepared to teach every student, we will continue to see the downward spiral of specific children.

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