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Assignment #4
School is an institute for educating children and adults that wish to gain success and become
enriched. However, schools everywhere are shutting down extracurricular activities and cutting out
classes such as art, ceramics, band, choir, orchestra, and dance that give students potential to thrive in
their lives. People claim that they want their kids to be well-rounded, confident, and smart, but are
dismissing classes that are essential to building any of those. Schools should not cut the fine arts
programs because this can lead to students becoming less socially confident, experience difficulty with
motor skills and spatial intelligence, and lack creativity later in life.
Art is nearly everywhere: in homes, supplies, human souls, and even in the food people eat. It
gives people substance to their lives and a feeling of excitement. Society unknowingly pushes young
adults to get creative, but it is becoming difficult to do so now because these people are lacking skills
and talent that are essential for innovation. In the book, Strong Arts, Strong Schools, by Charles
Fowler, he says, “Although the American public tends to underrate the arts industry as minuscule and
insignificant, in reality it is one of the primary engines of the economy” (17). Fowler conveys the
significance that arts have in American society because it is thought of as a commodity in modern times.
A performance or piece of art, for example, are “sold” to observers and patrons. This art enriches the
lives of the purchasers and is often the livelihood of the producer of the art. Art is timeless. It changes or
becomes “historic”; the patrons of art preserve it in paintings, recordings, photos, and so forth. With
more exposure to the ar...

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