School Uniforms Shouldn 't It Make It A Better One? Essay

School Uniforms Shouldn 't It Make It A Better One? Essay

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School Uniforms

Want to know a fun fact did you know only twenty three percent of schools in the United States have school uniforms .What is the history of school uniforms how did they come to be and do they really improve school district with academics and behavior ? Would you ever think that they violate any rights children and young adults should have ? How does it benefit parents,guardians or teachers? Most Importantly are school uniforms helpful for children and young adults ? All these questions were asked carefully thought through to make this decision. Well, even if a decision is made doesn 't it make it a better one ?
School Districts believe if you give children and young teens uniforms in their learning environment that it will improve their academic achievements and behavior in school . But does it really help in article by Marian Wilde says “A 2005 study, on the other hand, indicates that in some Ohio high school uniforms may have improved graduation and attendance rates, although no improvements were observed in academic performance.’’so do they really help in academic performance ? School uniforms have had a failure so far one because some uniforms are not affordable uniform shirts range up to thirty to forty dollars not including the slacks and nice dress shoes . School districts say if you give students ' uniforms that it will decrease the violence rate in a school itself .How you might ask well uniforms are supposed to help with gang violence, but, many schools, especially city schools base their uniforms on school colors so imagine if there was a school that had a red and blue spirit colors well that separates groups depending on their gang colors so unifo...

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...ot to worry about if the uniform is right or not that takes away from learning time . Uniforms in schools when created were supposed to make all these problems better and improve school districts, but instead had only made it complicated and worse for parents students and teachers. In the end school uniforms aren 't always the answer.

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