Essay on School Uniforms Should Not Be A Requirement Or Not For School?

Essay on School Uniforms Should Not Be A Requirement Or Not For School?

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Uniforms: Should they be a requirement or not for School?
“Children are supposed to be benefiting equally from a free education. Children are being penalized and denied their right to an equal education simply because their parents cannot afford the basics.” (Waterman, 2014) While in a perfect world many educators say that school uniforms are an asset, however, school uniforms are seen to be financial hardship on low-income families, make students a target for bullying, infringe on a students’ freedom of expression rights and they teach students a negative lesson about conformity. This paper will show the argument of why students should not be required to wear uniforms to school. A student should be able to express themselves with what they wear, it often gives a clue to how the student is feeling and shows what may be going on in his/her personal life.
One opposing side of why school uniforms should not be mandatory will be how the uniform cost is a financial hardship on low-income families. In the commentary, “Should school uniforms be mandated in elementary schools?”, It explains how “Low-Income families have to decide whether or not to pay their utilities, rent, or other necessities to ensure that their child has the uniform(s) that he/she needed.” (King, 1998) Low-income families have always been treated poorly or teased because they are too poor to afford the required uniforms. Some students are choosing to stay away from school to keep from being penalized for not being able to afford to wear uniforms. In the madness to make the student adhere to the rule, “A lot of students are suspended or sent to ISS when they do not wear the required uniform to school when this happens the student loses more valuable class time due ...

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...te laws, case law at all levels, and regulatory language from federal and state agencies, establishes this expectation, which can be very difficult to meet.” (Caruso, 1996) The few pieces of statistical data that has been compiled are from small groups and they did not show all the schools that had the school uniform policy active. What would you want your parents, teachers or school would you want someone else telling you what you “had” to buy for your child? How would you feel if it were your child being penalized for not wearing a uniform to school? As one eighth grade student of Robert M. Finley Middle School stated with mixed emotions about the school uniforms, “I don’t like the idea, I’m really not the skirt type. I just like to wear jeans.” (Saslow, 1998) There is no clear answer to the issue of school uniforms, both sides of the issue do have valid points.

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