School Uniforms are a Negative Influence to Society Essay

School Uniforms are a Negative Influence to Society Essay

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If compared to previous generations, the students living in the 21st century should have a bright future ahead of them. To create that future one must first go to school. Is the main purpose of school having to deal with oppression and injustice or is it to give children a proper education and an opportunity to learn? Mandatory school uniforms are a very controversial issue. Clothing impacts a student’s daily life. The clothes they choose to wear, makes them who they are. A student may choose to express who they are or who they want to become through the clothing they wear. It gives them a taste of freedom and choice; a feeling that every individual living in a democratic society should have. Uniforms in school oppose that feeling. Many private schools and some public schools require students to wear a uniform but the majority of schools do not. The school boards need to understand all the bad things uniforms have to offer. School uniforms are useless because they do not help fix any major problems, are very expensive for the less fortunate families, and oppose the rights every Canadian is entitled to; therefore, must not be mandatory to wear in school.
School uniforms lack effectiveness. They don’t help fix any problems. Many believe that school uniforms take away the students distraction towards clothes and appearance and enhance academic performance. However, it does not take a genius to realize that wearing a uniform does not automatically make a student more attentive or hard-working. There may be several other reasons as to why a student lacks focus or is distracted. Those reasons may include problems at home, with other students or even with teachers. Schools should do everything they can to help students with those proble...

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