School Uniform Policy Vs. Public Schools

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Uniforms are distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or body or by children attending certain schools. Many districts can help make their schools safer by requiring uniforms. Studies shows uniforms have the most impact, but how did uniforms get involved with public schools? In 1980’s public schools were often compared unfavorably to Catholic Schools, some public schools decided to adopt a school uniform policy (Humanist 59.2). Factually, private schools principally require uniforms, back far as the 16th century in England. According to the most recent findings from the Scholastic Scope. The 60% growth in uniform requirements at school comes despite the fact that research on their effectiveness for safety and school climate is inconclusive. Overall, more than half of public schools enforce some sort of dress code. About 57% of schools now have a "strict dress code," researchers found, up from just more than 47% a decade earlier. Students need to understand uniforms are more than just dressing alike, but also help with bullying, identifying intruders, gangs, and improve school spirit. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceive power imbalance. Almost 30% of youth in the United States (or over 5.7 million) are more than likely to be involved in bullying as either a bully, a target of bullying, or both. In a recent national survey of students in grades 6-10, 13% reported bullying others, 11% reported being the target of bullies, and another 6% said that they bullied others and were bullied themselves (Toronto Sun). Bullying includes making threats, making rumors, or even physical attacking someone. What attracts them? Anything, bullies can be jealous of... ... middle of paper ... ... are cheaper than the alternative (Humanist 59.2). Can you think of some reasons school uniforms would be a good idea? Uniforms for dress code at school is an excellent idea. Districts in at least Mississippi should definitely enforce this dress code because, it would be easier to pick out clothes in the morning, there would not be any back-to-school shopping hassles, and kids won 't be judged by how they dress. One reason is, it would be easier to pick out clothes in the morning. When you have a uniform, you do not have to decide on anything but the pants. Another reason is, it won 't take as long to get dressed, and you won 't be late to school. Also, you won’t have to buy as many new clothes. Your parents won 't have to go to the store and buy you new shirts; they will only have to buy pants and shoes. Therefore, school uniforms should be worn by every school in.
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