School Systems Should Be Taught Essay

School Systems Should Be Taught Essay

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America’s youth spends most of their adolescence in school, learning how to comprehend different varieties of Maths, English, Science, and Social studies. These subjects are taught and lengthened from elementary school all the way to high school, however, there are many other skills that students will need to understand before heading out into the world by themselves that are not an option in all high schools. Not all high schools have courses that teach information such as how to do taxes, home economics, home care, healthcare, and much more that every person will use in their daily lives. While some schools do offer personal finance as a class, it is not a class that is mandatory and is more commonly used as a filler class instead of one that should be taken seriously. As such, home economics is another class that is can be found in high school, yet it is not an option in every single high school in America. School systems should make classes available to students that teach skills that will be used later on in life alongside the usual academic studies.
Life skills that need to be taught in general public American high schools can range from taxes, financial support, job research and applying, car repair, home management, and cooking. Each of these individual skills has different elements within them as well as a huge importance to surviving as a functioning adult. Yet, with such great significance to a person’s life, these skills are brushed aside during a student’s time in high school.Teenagers are essentially forced to lunge into a the unknown while not being educated of even the most fundamental of life knowledge. In a realistic circumstance, in this personal account from an anonymous high school sophomore student, as an af...

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...ences in real world situations and jobs.
All American high school students should be give the option to have life training courses in their high school education. Adding optional classes to a high school system will aid students later on in their peaking adulthood and minimize the struggles they will encounter without proper knowledge of these skills. There have been steps in the right direction with the vocational programs and having personal finance, home economics, and carpentry available in some high schools. But there must be a push further into adding these skill classes into the high school systems. With the classes students will be given the chance to learn about daily things such as cooking, shopping, and sewing, make smart choices, and even be given the a bit of experience before they are forced to make life choices at the end of their high school career.

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