School System Of A Strategy For Identifying And Selecting Academically Talented Students

School System Of A Strategy For Identifying And Selecting Academically Talented Students

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“Impact in the school system of a strategy for identifying and selecting academically talented students: the experience of Program PENTA-UC” by Arancibia, Lissi, and Narea. Arancibia and Lissi are Ph.D.’s in Psychology and Narea a Ph.D. in Social Policy. Each of these doctors is very respected in their fields and is experts on children in school. This article talks about the development of programs in schools to help those who are talented, gifted and rise above the rest. Individuals that place above the normal curve are the talented ones. The student’s mental ability is counted as “g” or intellectual factor (Arancibia, 2008, p. 54). This intellectual factor accounts for a lot of different elements. Gifted students have a problem with Low EQ, staying attentive, and fitting in.
One of the biggest problems with talented children is a problem commonly referred to as “low EQ.” This Low EQ accounts for talented children’s negative side effects. Teachers and peers can treat them differently because of their different behavior. In some cases, the talented child presents as not being a good student. The way that these talented kids operate in school comes off as they aren’t an attentive student or they don’t get the material. Now is this the case with all students that are talented? No, this just happens to those who have a better idea of what is going on around them. Telling a student that they aren’t doing well in school can be troubling to both the parents and the student, but this doesn’t mean that every student who is doing poor is solving a complex problem in their head. A lot of the time, it is just a student who doesn’t do well in school and has a hard time adjusting, because only about 7-15% of the population that attends school...

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..., but teachers said the students returned to being normal and fitting in with the students like before.
As a result of the tests, it could be determined that the test helped schools who were apart of the program but had no negative effect on the entire school system. These results came back as something that would definitely work in schools. Although good, the only problem I saw was the selection process being a negative item on the school. In one hand it shows students that some kids in your class excel, but it also shows students that do excel that they are above the rest and now they have to perform to stay in the talented and gifted program. One good thing that the study showed is that it allowed students to attend university level courses at the age of 11, which definitely showed that students in the program would be able to perform at a higher functionality.

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