School Shootings Are The Leading Death By A Fire Arm Essay

School Shootings Are The Leading Death By A Fire Arm Essay

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School shootings are the leading death by a fire arm in the United States. What motivates these people to want to kill others? Acts of violence at schools is not a new thing. School shootings date back to the 18th century. However, school shootings are growing more common in this day in age. What motivates these people to want to kill others? With social networks more and more people are being bullied, which results in more kids snapping and shooting up their school. Bullying isn’t the only reason for school shooting, now smart kids are snapping under the pressure of unrealistic standards set for them by their honors teachers. In high school teens get the choice to take honors classes, or regular classes. The biggest difference in these classes is not only the difficulty of the work, but the mass amount of homework given to them. Some of the smartest kids can snap after going through four plus years of these classes. That is enough work to make anyone go insane.
The Columbine High School massacre is the deadliest massacre in Colorado history, and the deadliest school massacre in US history. 15 people were killed, including the two shooters, while 24 were injured. The shooters in this massacre were two boys who attended the school, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, and were believed to be motivated by bullies, but that was never proven. The pair of teens originally took two propane bombs into the school that were rigged to explode. Once the bombs failed to detonate they began shooting people. Violent video games and bullying were the two leading suspicions for the reasons of shooting. Harris and Klebold were also both suspected of being in a cult that told them to do shoot the school.
The Enoch Brown school massacre is the earlie...

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... other reasons a person could want to harm others, like: being abused as a child, having violence in their home, anger at the girlfriend whom broke up with them and broke their heart.
School protection has come a long way since the 1990’s. Schools used to not be locked all day. Now schools all have the the buzzers with cameras so a secretary will let you into the school and that is only for students. Parents have to walk into the office to try and get into the school which makes it harder for random strangers to come into the school. The issue of students coming in with a gun is only fixed in the schools that have metal detectors to walk into it. For the schools without metal detectors students could walk into the schools with a gun in their backpack, and just start shooting. Or the student could show up late and get buzzed in with a gun hidden then start shooting.

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