School Shooting Gun Crazy Animals Essay

School Shooting Gun Crazy Animals Essay

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Most common headlines heard on the news “Attack on Muslim women in New York City subway”, “ Muslims targeted at airports” and “Mosque burned down in hate crime” Why are these headlines starting to become the new norm? Americans have a tendency to blame and discriminate against a race or religion based on events that no one could predict or control. Sadly, on 9/11 Muslim terrorist flew two planes into the Twin Towers. Americans have used this tragic event to base their hatred towards Muslim Americans but does that mean that every tragic event in the world is justification for hatred. If that’s true we should hate Americans for being school shooting gun crazy animals. Neither one of these statements are justified because not every American is going to shoot up a school and not every Muslim wants to blow up a city. Why you think that not one DNA is the same because everyone no matter they’re not the same person, they don’t the same. In every tragedy we all mourn not just a specific religion, race or gender because the world is our true family. Every human was granted rights by the United Nations and discrimination against anyone is a violation, however throughout United States history people have had their natural born rights taken away. The United States government needs to develop further steps to end this problem.
The United States loves to judge and exclude others during World War II Japanese American were being treated like criminals because of Pearl Harbor. Yes Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack by the Japanese but, that doesn’t mean every Japanese person in the world planned or carried out this heinous attack. Japanese Americans were forced out of their homes thrown into camps like and caged up like animals. It didn’t matte...

... middle of paper ... come back to their homeland and fall into ISIS mindset. If Muslims felt more accepted in other countries they’re less likely to want be part of ISIS or fall into extremist. Nobody is born a terrorist or an extremist they’re trained to be like that. So to stop not only ISIS but to improve discrimination against the power 5 needs to work on advocating for teaching peace and be more accepting of others because they’re always going to be different people but we 're all human. Unless their is alien invasion will cross that bridge when we get there but for now we all fall under the United Nation Declaration of Human Rights so the power 5 need to start enforcing these rules because they were created after World War II and the holocaust so, if we continue down the route of discrimination against others another holocaust or World War in not far in the future more like near.

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